Part One


1.     number-one 最好的,一流的

2.     an apple-head 缺心眼的人,笨蛋

3.     apple-pie-order-and-motherhood 十全十美的,万无一失的

4.     apple-polish 拍马屁

5.     angle-bargle 无关宏旨的争论

6.     cost an arm and a leg 价格昂贵;宰人

7.     the army game 一场骗局

8.     be around the bend(on something) 完成最艰巨的任务

9.     an article 机灵的人

10. ask for it 自找麻烦,自讨苦吃


1. class-A 一流的

2. up-to-date 最新的

3. second to none 最好的

4. pay someone a visit 拜访某人

5. make a mention of 提及……

6. keep something under the hat 保密

7. keep something from 向……隐藏某事

8. have someone’s number  知道某人的底细

9. let the cat out of the bag 泄密

10.            be head over heels in love with 深深地爱上……

11.            A bird told me. 这个我偏不告诉你!

12.            be all over someone 深深地迷恋上某人

13.            fall for someone 爱上某人

14.            an apple-head 缺心眼

15.            a false alarm 虚惊一场

16.            have butterflies in one’s stomach 心里紧张得不得了

17.            be at ease 放心

18.            get rid of 摆脱

19.            the jitters 忐忑不安

20.            be in two minds 举棋不定

21.            jump ship 跳槽,换工作

22.            put the cards on the table 摊牌

23.            object to 反对

24.            have no guts 没骨气

25.            peacemaker 和事老

26.            stir up trouble 引起麻烦

27.            apple-polish 拍马屁

28.            let things drag along 让事情拖延下去

29.            see how the cat jumps 看看形势再说

30.            go from bad to worse 越来越糟

31.            keep tabs on 注视

32.            get out of  hand 无法控制

33.            be in a bad mood 心情不好

34.            talk sense into 开导,谈心

35.            take a pick 挑一挑

36.            pay through the nose 让别人敲竹杠

37.            insist on 坚持

38.            cost an arm and a leg 价格昂贵,宰人

39.            let one’s money go down the drain 让钱打水漂儿

40.            buy affections 收买感情

41.            play the army game 设骗局

42.            take advantage of  利用,乘机……

43.            play the field 滥交情人

44.            take…too much to heart 过分注意……

45.            get on someone’s nerves 使某人心烦

46.            no fool 不是傻瓜

47.            see through… 看透……

48.            rid oneself off… 排除

49.            be around the bend  完成了一大半

50.            cope with…  对付……

51.            quite an article 机灵的人

52.            twist men around their little fingers 任意摆布男人

53.            get in Dutch with…  得罪……

54.            fools for women  色鬼

55.            Not an inkling.  一点也不知道

56.            give someone a good piece of one’s mind 好好教训某人一顿

57.            be really something  真了不起

58.            get the goods on… 抓到……的把柄

59.            throw in the towel 服输

60.            grin and bear it  强作笑脸

Dialogue For Practice:

A:  Mark            B: Lucy

A: Have you ever been to Grand Hotel? It’s services are absolutely number-one (一流的).

B: I’ve heard a lot about the hotel. Every one says it is class-A (一流的)

A: It certainly is. Facilities are up-to-date, and their service is almost second to none (最好的).

B: Do you often go there?

A: Once in a while I pay a visit to (拜访) a friend of mine.

B: A friend of yours? You have never made a mention (提到) of that.

A: No, I must keep it under the hat. (保密)

B: Trying to keep something from me? (对我隐瞒) Well, I’ve got your number (知道底细)。

A: What do you know? I’ve never let the cat out of the bag (泄密), you know?

B: You are head over heels in love with a girl in the hotel.

A: How do you know? Who told you so?

B:A bird told me (我就不告诉你). But there’s nothing wrong with that.

A: But there is something wrong with someone else.

B: What’s the trouble?

A: The department manager is all over (深深地) her. He says he loves her.

B: What about your friends? Did she fall for (爱上) him?

A: Of course not! She thinks he’s an apple-head (缺心眼的人). She doesn’t like an apple-headed man, you know.

B: It was a false alarm (虚惊一场) to me. Now you don’t have the butterflies in your stomach (心里紧张), do you?

A:I won’t be at ease (放心)until the situation becomes an apple-pie-order-and-motherhood (万无一失)one. I must make sure that she is able to get rid of (摆脱)that guy.

B: The trouble is she’s working under him, isn’t she?

A: Yeah, She’s still working under him.

B: Well, you can hardly rid yourself off the jitters(忐忑不安)before she change her job.

A: That’s exactly what has been worrying me. I asked her to work in another hotel, but she’s still in two minds. She doesn’t want to jump ship, you know?

B: Maybe you can put the cards on the table (摊牌) and tell the guy what you think.

A: But my girlfriend object to my doing that.

B: You have no guts (没骨气) And you are a perfect peacemaker (和事老).

A: Maybe I am. But I don’t want to stir up trouble (引起麻烦).

B: And your girlfriend will have to apple-polish her boss.

A: She’s not an apple polisher. It’s her boss that tries to flatter her.

B: So you want to see things drag along (让事情拖延下去)that way?

A: I will soon sort things out and get her out of the trouble.

B: Does she think she’s in trouble?

A: Maybe she doesn’t. But I make her see what is going on.

B: Maybe she just pretends(假装)not to realize what is going on. Girls are actually more sensitive than men on that sort of thing.

A: She doesn’t like to make things unfavorable. And when I was talking about that, she seemed to treat the matter as an angle-bargle (没有意义的争论).

B: It’s angle-bargle for her, but not for you.

A: What I can do is see how the cat jumps(看形势再说)。 I wouldn’t allow things to go from bad to worse (越来越糟).

B: You should keep tabs on the situation, or it will get out of hand (无法控制).


B: You are in a bad mood (心情不好)today. What’s eating you?

A: I had an argument with Jenny. I asked her to go shopping with me and thought I could takethe opportunity to talk sense into her (开导).When I asked her to take a pick (挑一挑)at the fur coats, she refused to do what I liked her to do.

B: Maybe she thought fur coats are too expensive. Girls don’t like to pay through the nose (让人敲竹竿), you know?

A: But I told her I would foot the bill. She still insisted on (坚持)not buying a fur coat. She argued that items like that cost an arm and a leg (宰人).

B: She is a very good girl. If I were her, I would not let my money go down the drain (让我的钱打水漂儿), either. You should appreciate that.

A: But I just wanted to please her so that could sit down and have a good talk.

B: You can’t be more wrong. You can’t buy affections (收买感情).

A: I know I cannot buy affections, but I wanted to get a chance to talk sense into (开导) her. I wanted her to know that many managers nowadays play army game (设骗局) not only with their business counterparts, but also with their girl employees. They take advantage of their positions (利用职务之便) and play the field (滥交情人).

B: I understand that. But I think she knows what she’s doing and where she’s going. You don’t have to take the matter too much to heart (过分在意).

A: Her boss does get on my nerves (使我心烦). I really want him to take his hand off her.

B: Your friend is no fool (不是傻子) Most girls can see through a man like her boss.


B: How did you get on with your job. Mark?

A: Which job? Do you mean y job to talk sense into (开导)her?

B: Well, I mean the job to rid yourself off (使排除) the worries.

A: I think I have been around the bend (完成了一大半)on that.

B: What did you do?

A: I had a talk with her about the whole thing and she assured me of her diplomacy (策略) to cope with that.

B: So you think her boss won’t trouble her?

A: He will, but my girlfriend knows what to do.

B: I told you that she is no fool.

A: I know she is quite an article (是个机灵的人) but I was not sure of her ability to cope with a boss.

B: You men know little about girls! Most pretty girls know how to twist men around their little fingers (任意摆布).

A: But the man she confronts with is her boss.

B: Does that make any difference?

A: She can’t get in Dutch with (得罪)him. He’s her boss, you know?

B: But most bosses are fools for women (色鬼).

A: And do you know what happened?

B: Not an inkling.(一点也不知道). What’s happened?

A: My girlfriend gave her boss a good piece of her mind (好好教训一顿).

B: He asked for it (他是自找). I suppose.

A: Yeah, She is really something (真了不起).

B: But she will be in trouble.

A: No, she got the goods on him.

B: Do you think the boss will throw in the towel (服输)

A: He has to grin and bear it (强作笑脸).

The End of Part One 

To be continue-------------------------------------------------------------