Part 17


1.     dig dirt about 讲某人的坏话

2.     a dime a dozen 多如牛毛

3.     dime dropper 告密者

4.     dimwit 笨蛋

5.     dingbat 新发明的玩意儿

6.     dinky 小型的;不合标准的

7.     dirt cheep 非常便宜

8.     air one’s dirty linen 家丑外扬

9.     a dirty shame 可耻、可鄙的人或事

10. dish the dirt 说三道四



1.      come down on… 申诉,责备……

2.      take one’s gloves to… 对……不依不饶

3.      speak evil of… 诽谤 ……

4.      hit below the belt 背后使坏

5.      give someone a dose of his own medicine 以其人之道还治其人之身

6.      give someone a good piece of one’s mind 好好教训某人一顿

7.      give someone a punch 给某人一拳

8.      get a great kick 得到很大的乐趣

9.      throw mud at… 给……脸上抹黑

10.  Evils bounce back. 恶有恶报。

11.  not care a dime 一点也不在乎

12.  crack down on… 整治……

13.  egg someone on 怂恿某人

14.  throw in the towel 认输

15.  blow the whistle on… 揭发……

16.  gang up on… 合伙对付…

17.  be beaten black and blue 被打得鼻青脸肿

18.  chalk it up to experience 记住教训

19.  Can the leopard change its spots? 本性能改变吗?

20.  Fools have a fortune. 傻人有傻福

21.  Fools are still fools. 傻瓜毕竟是傻瓜。

22.  a knowing card 机灵鬼

23.  be a brain 特别聪明

24.  fall together 走到一起

25.  Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚。

26.  have something in common有共同之处

27.  have something to do with… 有关

28.  a lot of fun 很好玩

29.  cost an arm and a leg 花一大笔钱

30.  can’t be cheaper 不能便宜了

31.  a good bargain 很便宜

32.  get one’s money’s worth 钱花得值

33.  to one’s taste 合某人的口味

34.  take a liking of… 喜欢上……

35.  be a stick in the mud 墨守成规

36.  old-fashioned 过时的,思想老化的

37.  have an eye for… 有……的眼光

38.  be at odds 不和

39.  a skeleton in the closet 家丑

40.  be ashamed of… 对……感到耻辱  

41.  be on the sly 办事狡猾

42.  fool around 鬼混

43.  a black sheep 败家子

44.  splash one’s money about 挥霍钱

45.  Like father, like son. 有其父必有其子

46.  be rotten to the core 烂透了

47.  be after… 追求……

48.  twist men around one’s little fingers 任意摆布男人

49.  have sticky fingers 爱偷东西

50.  turn one’s stomach 使人恶心,使人呕吐


Dialogue For Practice

A=Dick                 B=Lisa   

A: Why did you come down on(申诉,责备)Bob like that? You didn’t have to take your gloves to(不依不饶)him.

B: He is trying to dig dirt about(讲某人的坏话) me. He spoke evil of(诽谤)me behind my back. He even hit me below the belt(背后使坏). He spoke evil of(诽谤)me behind my back. He even hit me below the belt(背后使坏).

A: That’s very bad of him. You should give him a dose of his own medicine(以其人之道还治其人之身).

B: That’s why I gave him a good piece of my mind(好好教训某人). I was even going to give him a punch(给某人一拳).

A: There’re indeed many guys that take a great kick(得到很大的乐趣)out of throwing mud at(给……脸上抹黑)other people.

B: A dime a dozen. They should know that evils bounce back(恶有恶报).

A: They don’t care a dime(一点也不在乎). They blink the fact that other people would do the same to them.

B: We must crack down on(整治)them. We can’t egg them on(怂恿)by throwing in the towel(认输).

A: Does Bob speak ill(说坏话)of other people?

B: Worse than that. He often blows the whistle on(揭发)other people. He’s a dime dropper, you know?

A: There must be a time when other people gang up on(结伙对付)him.

B: He has had that lesson. Last year several of the company’s clerks ganged up on him. He was beaten black and blue(被打得鼻青脸肿).

A: That served him right. He should chalk it up to experience(记住教训).

B: Can the leopard change its spots(本性能改变吗?)?

A: Of course not. Such a dimwit can never become sensible.

B: But the thing is that he’s stupid only in something. He’s shrewd in other things.

A: That reminds me. Fools have a fortune(傻人有傻福).

B: Strange enough, isn’t it?

A: Yes, it is. But fools are still fools(傻瓜毕竟是傻瓜). But I hear that Bob’s girlfriend is a knowing card(机灵鬼).

B: Oh, yes. She is quite a brain(特别聪明). She’s as clever as clever can be.

A: How can God match people that way?

B: Yeah. There’s something, I mean a sort of dingbat that you can never tell. People just fall together(走到一起)like that.

A: But how do we explain the fact that birds of a feather flock together(物以类聚).

B: Despite their differences, they must have something in common(有共同之处).

A: But I can’t understand why good husbands all have a dinky wife.

B: Something to do with(与……有关)one’s fate. Maybe this is what we call ‘the balance of nature’.

A: Maybe. By the way, I’ve heard that you have bought a new car. Is that so?

B: Yeah. It’s a dinky one. It is a lot of fun(很好玩). I’m very proud of it.

A: It must have cost you an arm and a leg(花了一大笔钱).

B: No. I bought it at Christmas sale. It cost me 2,000 dollars.

A: That’s dirt-cheap! It couldn’t be cheaper(不能再便宜了).

B: Yeah. It’s a good bargain(很便宜). I feel I got my money’s worth(钱花得值).

A: I still remember you telling me that you depended on your father’s opinion for everything you did. Did your father like the car?

B: Well, it’s not to his taste(不合他的口味). But he seldom takes a liking of(喜欢上)a new thing.

A: He must be a stick in the mud(墨守成规的人).

B; I don’t want to air my dirt linen, but he’s rather old-fashioned(思想老化). He objects to many things we do. He doesn’t have an eye for(没有……的眼光)modernity.

A: That’s the case with my parents. We are always at odds(不和)on new things.

B: Well, let’s stop airing our dirty linens(家丑).

A: Talking about one’s dirty linen, there always seems to be a skeleton in the closet(家丑)of every family. Almost no family can claim that they do not have something they are ashamed of (感到耻辱).

B: Every family is the same, though each of their skeletons(家丑)is different. Take Bob’s family for instance, his father is a dirty shame for the family.

A: His father? I know nothing about him.

B: He’s on the sly(办事狡猾). He fools around(鬼混)with several women.

A: That’s a crying shame. His family must have a black sheep, too.

B: Bob’s younger brother is a black sheep(败家子). He splashes his money about(挥霍钱)on that sort of things, too.

A: Like father, like son(有其父必有其子).

B: I don’t like to dish the dirt about other people, but Bob’s family is indeed rotten to the core(烂透了).

A: What else do you know about his family?

B: I also hear that Bob’s sister is a dirty shame, too. She lives with several men.

A: She must be after(追求)their bucks. Many girls are doing the same thing nowadays.

B: But she is worse than most girls. She not only twists men around her little fingers(任意摆布男人), but also steals things. She has sticky fingers(爱偷东西), you know?

A: Let’s stop talking about her. It turns my stomach(让人恶心). I get sick of (讨厌)these things.


The End of Part 17

To be continue………………………………………………