Part 24


1.     get the hang of… 掌握干某事的诀窍

2.     get the jump on someone 先发制人

3.     get the last dance 得到最后的胜利

4.     get the picture 理解

5.     get the pink slip 被解雇  

6.     gimmick 花招

7.     give someone a tumble 和某人打招呼

8.     give someone lip 冒犯某人,和某人耍态度

9.     give someone the air 把某人给甩了

10. give someone the eye 眉目传情

11. give someone the fish-eye 冷眼相待

12. give someone the gate 开除,驱逐

13. give someone the glad eye 暗送秋波

14. glaze someone over 使人陶醉

15. go belly up 倒台



1.      be like a babe in the woods 不知所措

2.      be out of one’s elements 极不适应

3.      be still wet behind the ears 乳臭未干

4.      accommodate oneself to… 使自己适应……

5.      get accustomed to… 适应于……

6.      More haste, less speed.欲速则不达。

7.      Time and tide wait for no one. 时光不等人

8.      leg behind… 落后于……

9.      Failure is the mother of success. 失败是成功之母。

10.  Adversity is a great schoolmaster. 逆境锻炼人。

11.  Adversity has no friends. 人处逆境友人稀。

12.  Don’t panic. 不要慌张

13.  He laughs best who laughs last.谁笑到最后谁笑得最好。

14.  sell like hot cakes 卖得特别快

15.  be just like a drug 卖不动

16.  have someone eating out of one’s hands 使某人抢着买某人的产品

17.  use one’s noodle 开动脑筋

18.  fall behind… 落后于……

19.  take charge of… 负责……

20.  a big apple of someone’s eye 某人的掌上明珠

21.  gear up… 加速

22.  live up to… 不辜负……

23.  pick someone’s brains 向某人请教

24.  sort things out 把事情捋出个头绪

25.  turn the tables 反过手来

26.  put on airs 装腔作势

27.  be caught in two minds 左右为难

28.  regret about… 后悔……

29.  bear someone a grudge 对某人怀恨在心

30.  have butterflies in one’s stomach 心里忐忑不安

31.  not give someone a tumble 不理睬某人

32.  think light of… 瞧不起

33.  narrow-minded 心胸狭隘的

34.  bite one’s tongue off 后悔莫及

35.  take someone’s offense 生某人的气

36.  be broad-minded 心胸宽广

37.  measure others with one’s own bushel 以己度人

38.  thumb down one’s nose at… 瞧不起

39.  know someone from A to Z 十分了解某人

40.  feel guilty 感到内疚

41.  give someone an open-arm welcome 热烈欢迎某人

42.  not have the gall to… 没有勇气去……

43.  pluck up one’s courage 鼓起勇气

44.  call a spade a spade 有什么说什么

45.  blow the whole business 把整个事情搞糟了

46.  be bogged down in… 深深陷入

47.  be in bad need of… 非常需要……

48.  take the plunge 采取断然行动, 大胆地试一试


Dialogue For Practice   

A=Lora                     B=Dick

A: I don’t know why I’m still like a babe in the woods(不知所措)in front of many ‘sophisticated’ people. I seem to be out of my elements(极不适应)with them.

B: Maybe you’re still wet behind the ears(乳臭未干). But don’t worry. You’ll soon get the hang of dealing with them.

A: I don’t know how I can improve my communication skills. I can’t see through people and it’s very hard for me to accommodate myself to (使自己适应)their ways of doing things.

B: It takes time to get accustomed to(适应)other people and their ways of behavior. But more haste, less speed(欲速则不达).

A: I know. But time waits for no one(时光不等人). Other people may be able to get the jump on me in doing things. I can’t tolerate legging behind(落后于)them.

B: Failure is the mother of success(失败乃成功之母). You can learn a lot from your failures. Adversity is a great schoolmaster(逆境锻炼人).

A: I know. But that can be very costly. And, adversity has no friends(人处逆境友人稀), you know? And, adversity has no friends(人处逆境友人稀), you know? And in the sales business, other people always seem to go ahead of me.

B: Don’t panic(不要着慌). He laughs best who laughs last(谁笑到最后谁笑的最好). He’s the hero that gets the last dance.

A: Get the last dance? Their products are selling like hot cakes(卖得特别快)and mine are just like a drug(卖不动)in the market. They have the consumers eating out of their hands(抢着买他们的产品).

B: I understand that. But if you want to get ahead of the game, you’ll have to use your noodle(开动脑筋).

A: You haven’t got the picture about my business, and if you were in my situation, you would be driven crazy(会被逼疯的).

B: I can understand you. I know that you are falling behind(落后于)other salespeople. But that’s not the reason for you to panic. You must work out better ways of selling things.

A: I’m depressed. You know that I take charge of(负责)the sales department. Our boss places much confidence in me. The pressure is high(压力很大).

B: But you do not have the worries of getting the pink slip. You must be a big apple of your boss’s eye(掌上明珠).

A: He depends on me, to some extent. I can’t let him down(让他失望). I must work hard and gear up(加速)on the sales.

B: Live up to (不辜负)his expectations. But you’ll have to work out ways of booming the business.

A: That’s why I’m picking your brains(向你请教). You must help me to sort things out(把事情捋出个头绪)so that I will be able to turn the tables(反过手来).

B: You must use a sales gimmick. Without it, you can never hope to have your customers eating out of your hands.

A: What sales gimmicks can I use? I have no idea of what techniques I can use.

B: Let’s find another time and have a good talk. Maybe we can come up with(想出)some good ideas. Do you know Frank? He’s an excellent salesman. We can have a talk with him. Maybe he will give you some good suggestions.

A: Well, I was actually thinking of going to him for some advice and he gave me the indication of coming to my assistance. But I didn’t give him a tumble(给某人大招呼). He must be hurt.

B: It’s your fault(是你的不对). But why did you put on airs(装腔作势)while you actually need his help?

A: I don’t know. I just don’t know. I was caught in two minds(左右为难).  In fact, I gave him lip when he offered to have a talk with me. I didn’t know why. I actually regretted about(后悔)that.

B: I don’t think he would bear you a grudge (对你怀恨在心). Just give him a buzz and you may be delighted to know that he still loves to help.

A: I have butterflies in my stomach(心里忐忑不安). What if he doesn’t give me a tumble(不理睬我)?

B: Don’t think light of (瞧不起)him. He’s not that sort of narrow-minded(心胸狭隘的)person.

A: I shouldn’t have given him the air. I could bite my tongue off(后悔莫及)whenever I come to think of what I had said to him.

B: But Frank wouldn’t take the offense (生你的气). In fact he’s a broad-minded(心胸宽广的)person. He might have forgiven you for what had happened.

A: I hope he’d forgive me. I’ll certainly apologize(道歉)to him for my being rude.

B: Girls are more narrow-minded. But don’t measure men with your own standard.

A: I seldom measure others with my own bushel(以己度人). I only hated men giving me the eye before we knew each other well. Maybe I was wrong.

B: You were wrong. Frank is not the kind of man who would give anyone the eye. Maybe he indeed fell for(爱上)you.

A: I know all that. But I simply couldn’t help it(控制不住). I gave him the fish-eye(冷眼相待).

B: Many girls do that, too. They thumb down their nose at(瞧不起)bad men. But Frank is not a bad man. I know him from A to Z(十分了解他).

A: Let’s stop talking about that. I feel guilty(感到内疚).

B: Just go and pay him a visit(拜访). He may give you an open-arm welcome(热烈欢迎)and give you the glad eye(眉目传情).

A: I know, but I still don’t have the gall to(没有勇气去)see him. I’m afraid that he will give me the gate as soon as he sees me.

B: How do you know? You can’t tell what will happen until you try. Pluck up your courage(鼓起勇气)and go. You may be surprised at how he will treat you.

A: What shall I say as soon as I see him?

B: Give him the glad eye before saying anything. If he asks you what he can do for you, you may call a spade a spade(有什么说什么)and put him in the picture(了解真情)about your difficulties.

A: It’s hard for me to call a spade a spade. I’d better tell him something else before coming down to that matter.

B: It’s up to you(那是你自己的事). I’m sure you know what to say. One thing is for sure: you may glaze him over if you give him the glad eye.

A: Hard to say. I might blow the whole business(把整个事情搞糟了)if I do that.

B: Trust me. You will succeed. He’ll certainly be glad to help you.

A: All right. I’ll go to see him in one or two days. What if he asks me about my business?

B: Tell him that you are bogged down in(深深陷入)difficulties, and that you are in bad need of(非常需要)help.

A: What if he says that he can’t help.

B: He won’t turn you down(拒绝). He doesn’t have the heart(不忍心)to see your business go belly up.

A: All right. I’ll take the plunge(大胆试一试 .

B: Keep your fingers crossed(期盼好运)that he will help you out of the situation.


The End of Part 24 

To be continue…………………………………………………