Part 21


1.     fashion plate 穿着很讲究的人,衣冠楚楚的人

2.     fast buck 不义之财

3.     fast talk 花言巧语

4.     fat cat 富翁 很有钱的人

5.     in fat city 称心如意

6.     fellow traveler 事业、信仰的同路人

7.     to a fault 过分

8.     the fickle finger of fate 命运的捉弄, 倒霉

9.     fiddle with… 瞎摆弄

10. be filthy with dough 很有钱

11. the filty

12. be finished 完蛋了的

13. a flash in the pan 昙花一现

14. flex one’s muscles 显示自己的实力

15. be flim-flamed 被骗



1.      be dressed to the nines 穿得特别漂亮

2.      a clotheshorse 讲究穿着的人

3.      a man filthy with dough 很有钱的人

4.      live pretty 享清福

5.      a fat cat 富翁,很有钱的人

6.      be rolling in money 很有钱

7.      have money to burn 钱多得几乎花不完

8.      see through… 看透……

9.      not her sort 不是她那号人

10.  dream of… 梦想着要……

11.  be after… 追求……

12.  Money makes the mare go. 有钱能使鬼推磨。

13.  Money sometimes also unmakes its makers. 钱有时能毁了挣钱的人。

14.  a sense of pride 一种骄傲得意感

15.  walk on airs 得意洋洋的

16.  Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚。

17.  look up to… 高看……一眼

18.  think light of… 看不起……,轻视……

19.  be frowned upon 为人所唾弃的

20.  not have a good opinion of… 对……没有好感

21.  have another think coming 大错特错

22.  be on the gravy train 机遇好

23.  not see the writings on the wall 没有看见危险信号

24.  be bound to… 一定会……

25.  drool over… 眼谗……

26.  Ill set, ill get. 恶有恶报。

27.  live like fighting cocks 生活得特别阔

28.  have a price 有个代价

29.  something to pay 不妙的东西

30.  empty feeling 空虚感

31.  hit the nail on the head 把话说到点子上

32.  marry oneself off with…  把自己嫁给……

33.  thanks one’s lucky stars 感到万幸

34.  a sugar daddy 用好处骗少女的老头子

35.  be long-lived 长命的

36.  have a rude awakening 如梦初醒

37.  crave… 渴望

38.  be at the beck and call of… 惟某人的命是从

39.  girls of easy virtue 轻浮的

40.  eat dirt 忍辱

41.  show off… 显示,炫耀……

42.  seduce… 勾引……

43.  splash one’s money about 挥霍钱

44.  be wet behind the ears 太没经验

45.  be conned 被骗

46.  be ripped off 被骗

47.  get in with… 和……套近乎

48.  rise to the bait 上钩

49.  on the watch out for… 警惕……

50.  make a bet 打赌


Dialogue For Practice  

A=Lucy                B=Mark 

A: Look at Sandra! She’s a plain fashion plate(讲究穿着的人). She always dressed to the nines(穿得特别漂亮).

B: Yeah. She’s a clotheshorse(讲究穿着的人). She buys the most expensive clothes.

A: She married a man filthy with dough(很有钱的人). She can live pretty(享清福)with him all her life.

B: It becomes a fashion for girls to marry rich people. And Sandra’s husband must be a fat cat(富翁).

A: Yeah. he’s rolling in money(很有钱). He has money to burn(钱多得几乎花不完), you know?  He’s been making fast bucks these years.

B: That’s for sure, or Sandra wouldn’t tolerate living with such an old man.

A: One day when we were at a dance, she said that she wanted to have a good talk with me.

B: She’s up to no good(不会干什么好事的), I suppose. What did she say to you?

A: She said that she wanted me to live like a rich lady. She urged me to marry a rich man, too. And she was going to introduce a rich guy to me.

B: What did you say? Did you fall for her fast talk?(花言巧语)

A: Of course not. I could see through(看透)her. I am not her sort(不是她那号人), I told her.

B: Many girls like her are dreaming of (梦想着要)living with a fat cat. Some would even marry a man old enough to be her father. It’s a strange thing.

A: Nothing surprising. Many people are after(追求)nothing but bucks.

B: But money doesn’t mean everything, though it’s not convenient without it.

A: You’re right. Many people believe that money makes the mare go(有钱能使鬼推磨) also unmakes its makes(钱能毁掉挣钱的人). To my surprise, Sandra seems to be very satisfied with her life. There’s even a sense of pride(一种骄傲感,得意感) on her face. She’s walking on airs(得意洋洋的), sometimes.

B: She may think she is in fat city a fat cat, but she does have her misery.

A: God knows. No matter how she seems to be, I do not envy her life. And it sometimes makes me feel sick, too.

B: But a girl like Sandra also seems to have many fellow travelers. They hang together and go out together, as if they were living the happiest life.

A: Birds of a feather flock together(物以类聚). But I don’t look up to(看不起)them. And many people think light of (看不起)them, too. I prefer a simple life than one that is frowned upon(为人所唾弃的).

B: I don’t have a good opinion of(对……没有好感)these people, either. They are carefree to a fault.

A: Yes. They’re money-mad to a fault. They must have another think coming(大错特错)sooner or later.

B: Unfortunately, they think they are on the gravy train(机遇好). They can’t see the writings on the wall(看不到危险信号).

A: They are bound to(一定会)curse their own fate, though they may think they are happier than other people.

B: Many young girls don’t see the point(看不到这一点). They envy them. They drool over(眼馋)their wealth, and they are trying to live a life like theirs.

A: They will get the fickle finger of fate, too. Ill set, ill get(恶有恶报).

B: Older people say that young people like to fiddle with their life. Can’t be truer, you know?

A: Some young girls are plain fiddling with anything. They even fiddle with the idea of living like fighting cocks(生活的特别阔)without making the least effort.

B: They can’t be more wrong(大错特错). Nothing comes so easily.

A: That’s right. Everything has a price(有个代价). And they should know there’s always something to pay(不妙的东西)for their ill lust.

B: I don’t know why bucks have such a great charm(很大的诱惑力)that a great many girls are after nothing else.

A: They are only after those who are filthy with dough. They think rich people are the only source of their happiness.

B: But many people that are filthy with dough don’t think they are truly happy. There’s always some empty feeling(空虚感)deep inside them.

A: You hit the nail on the head(把话说到点子上). Filthily rich people do have their share of worries. They are not as happy as many other people think.

B: If a young girl marries herself off with (把自己嫁给)a rich man, you bet she is just trying to make a bit of the filthy(钱).

A: Making a bit of the filthy? Well, rich people should thank their lucky stars if a girl is only content to make a bit of the filthy. There’s almost no end to their lust for(贪婪)bucks.

B: I know of such an ambitious girl. Her name is Sally. She was living with a sugar daddy(用好处骗少女的老头子)for two years and she thought she became the envy of other girls. But she couldn’t be more wrong. And soon she was finished. She was murdered.

A: Such things happen so often. I’ve heard about a man who was living with a girl about thirty years younger than he. He thought he could be the envy of other men. But soon he was murdered and the girl got much of the filthy.

B: Some happiness is long-lived(长命的), and some so-called happiness is but a flash in the pan(昙花一现). Some girls know what this sort of happiness means.

A: They should have a rude awakening(如梦初醒)that happiness built on bucks won’t last long.

B: You’re right. Upright people don’t crave(渴望)that sort of happiness, though it might be tempting to others.

A: The thing is that some men like to be at the beck and call of(惟某人的命是从)girls of easy virtue(轻浮的女子),and some girls like to eat dirt(忍辱)in order to get the filthy.

B: That’s true. Some rich men like to show off(显示)their wealth. They lose no opportunity to seduce(勾引)a girl who is readily in their service.

A: Yeah. Some rich men splash their money about (挥霍)like anything just to flex their muscles.

B: Some people are easily flimflammed. They can’t see through(看透)them.

A: Maybe they are still wet behind the ears(太没经验).

B: They are blinded with bucks. Blind people are more easily conned(被骗), of course.

A: Sure. Many people, including men and women, can be easily ripped off(被骗).

B: If someone tries to get in with(套近乎)you, you may rise to the bait(上钩), too.

A: I don’t know. At least nobody can fool me so far. I’m always on the watch out(警惕)for these people actually.

B: Don’t boast. Nobody can make such a bet(打这样的赌).


The End of Part 21 

To be continue.................................................................