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Part 32


1.     I’ll drink to that. 这个我同意。

2.     fluky 没有把握的;难以预料的

3.     fold 失败,告吹

4.     be in a jam 陷入困境

5.     be in a sweat 紧张,害怕,烦躁

6.     in cement 坚定不移的,不妥协的

7.     in business 在操作过程中;在进行中

8.     be in high gear 全速地

9.     be in hot water 遇到麻烦

10. be in line for something 即将得到某物

11. in someone’s pocket处于某人的绝对控制之下

12. be in tall cotton 很成功,运气非常好

13. be in the black 不欠债;挺过来了

14. in the bag 十拿九稳,有把握的

15. be in the bucks 很有钱

16. in the dark 不了解情况

17. in the flesh 亲自

18. be in the know 消息灵通

19. in the picture 消息灵通,了解情况

20. in the hopper 正准备着,正在进行



1.      pick someone’s brains 请教某人

2.      be bogged down in…深深陷入……

3.      be in the red 出了赤字 ,亏损

4.      bail someone out 解救某人

5.      buy in bulk 成批购买

6.      keeps changing 不断变化

7.      in bad demand 急需

8.      a drug in the market 滞销的产品

9.      think twice 三思

10.  on the rocks 玩完,没指望了,没戏了

11.  be on edge 坐立不安

12.  play a role 起作用

13.  stay informed 知情

14.  keep pace with… 跟上……的步伐

15.  have the jitters 心里很紧张

16.  live up to… 不辜负……

17.  go up hill 走上坡路

18.  have someone eating out of one’s hands 使某人服服帖帖

19.  in full swing 全力进行

20.  be engaged in… 从事……

21.  not count one’s chickens before they are hatched 不要高兴得太早了

22.  crop up 突然出现

23.  bite the bullet 咬紧牙关

24.  the worst thing to happen 最坏事情的发生

25.  I can’t agree more 完全同意 (再同意不过)

26.  be on the alert 处于警觉状态

27.  maturity 成熟

28.  Like father, like son.有其父必有其子。

29.  the spitting image of… 和……一样

30.  be beside oneself 忘乎所以

31.  go to one’s head 冲昏头脑

32.  go to the dogs 破产

33.  Pride goes before a fall. 骄兵必败。

34.  a grief lesson 沉痛的教训

35.  turn the tables 反过手来

36.  turn for the better 向好的方向转化,好转

37.  chalk something up to experience 得个教训

38.  Wit once bought is worth twice taught. 一次亲身经历胜过名师

39.  guard against… 警惕不要……

40.  be prone to…易于……

41.  at a pass 在关键时刻

42.  Money sometimes also unmakes its makers. 钱有时能毁了赚钱的人

43.  have one’s head screwed on the right way 头脑清醒

44.  be bound to… 注定要……

45.  in apple-pie order 井井有条

46.  working morale 工作情绪

47.  be through with… 干完……

48.  trade on… 利用……

49.  Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。

50.  poke one’s nose into… 乱打听……

51.  beefing 发牢骚

52.  be hunky-dory 挺不错的

53.  pop the question 求婚

54.  play the field 玩弄别人的感情


Dialogue For Practice

A=Frank                     B=Thomas   

A: I think I need to pick your brains(请教)about something.

B: What is it? You must be bogged down in(陷入)financial difficulties.

A: You have taken the words out of my mouth(你说了我想说的话). My company is now in the red(亏损). I need some funds to improve the situation. Could you bail me out (解救)by lending me some money?

B: I’ll drink to that. But let me know what you use the money for before I give you the money.

A: I’d buy some materials in bulk(成批购买)and increase production.

B: That sounds to be a good idea. All right. I’ll get you the money tomorrow. One thing I have to remind you.

A: Yes? Something about the way to spend money again?

B: No. It’s about the stuff you’re going to buy. Don’t make a fluky purchase unless you are totally sure of what you’re doing.

A: You’re right. But I have studied the market(研究市场)and I have confidence in the purchase.

B: You must also know that the market keeps changing(不断变化). What is in bad demand(急需)today might become a drug in the market(滞销的产品)tomorrow. You’ll have to think twice(三思)about that.

A: Yes, Dad. A friend of mine had the blow(打击). He misjudged the market’s needs and he soon folded(失败). He didn’t expect judged the market’s needs and he soon folded. He didn’t expect that his business would land on the rocks(玩完,没戏)so soon.

B: That’s not unusual. Many companies are now in a jam. Your uncle’s business is slack(不景气), too. He’s on edge(坐立不安)now.

A: There’s a lot to do with chances. Opportunities are decisively important, though correct management plays a role(起作用).

B: Knowledge is another important factor. A businessperson must stay well informed(知情,消息灵通). He must keep pace with(跟上步伐)changing market. To tell you the truth, when you asked me to lend you the money you need, I was actually in a sweat. I had the jitters(心里紧张)that I might have made a wrong investment.

A: Do you still have the jitters?

B: Sort of yes. But I trust your ability. You seldom let me down. I place much confidence in you.  That’s why I am always behind you and give you my full support.

A: Many thanks for your confidence in me. I owe much to your understanding and support. I am actually trying to live up to (辜负)your expectations.

B: That’s not important. Keeping your business and making it go up hill(走上坡路)is my hope. Are you sure you are making the right decision to increase production?

A: The demand for my products is in cement. They’re badly needed in the market. I’m sure I will have my customers eating out of my hand(供不应求).

B: I’m glad of(为某事高兴)your confidence and the prospects of your business. But when do you think the production line (生产线)will be in business?

A: The preparation is already in business. I hope to put the production in full swing(全力进行)by the end of May.

B: What about the sales? The production must be closely connected with the sales. You need to work out some good sales strategies(销售策略).

A: You’re right. I’ve already made some arrangements and employed some people to be engaged in(从事)the sales business. When everything is ready, the production will be in high gear.

B: But don’t count your chickens before they are hatched(不要高兴得太早了). You must get well prepared(做好思想准备)for problems that might crop up(突然出现)on the way.

A: Thanks for reminding me. There might be problems cropping up here and there. But I’ll overcome them one by one.

B: You might be in hot water when production is in full swing(全部运行)with problems coming up one after another. If that is the case, don’t be scared. Bite the bullet(咬紧牙关)and everything will be all right again.

A: I think I have enough confidence to overcome whatever difficulties on the way. Of course, I always hope for the best and prepare for the worst(做最坏的打算).

B: Then you won’t be in line for a doom. You must get well prepared for the worst thing to happen(最坏的事情发生).

A: I can’t agree more(我完全同意), really. Even when success is in my pocket(在我的控制之下), I’m still on the alert(处于警觉状态). Nothing can bind me, sort of.

B: That’s the spirit! I’m glad of your sensitivity and maturity(成熟).

A: Like father, like son(有其父必有其子). Many people say I’m the spitting image(一模一样)of you . I have absorbed(吸收)much of your philosophy.

B: It reminds me of Robert. Two years ago, Robert’s business was in tall cotton, but he was beside himself(忘乎所以)and success went to his head(冲昏头脑). And his business fell on the rocks(完蛋)and finally went to the dogs(破产). Such stories abound almost everywhere.

A: Pride goes before a fall(骄兵必败). Success tends to blind people. I must always remind myself of that. Robert must have had a grief lesson(沉痛的教训). But did he turn the table (反过手来)later?

B: With the help of his friends and his in-laws, he was finally in the black (挺过来了). Things took a turn for the better(向好的方向发展).

A: He should have chalked it up to experience(的个教训). Wit once bought is worth twice taught(一次亲身经历胜过命师两次教诲).

B: You’re right. People do learn from their mistakes.

A: Few people could claim that the sun is always shining(总是红星高照)on them. Even if success is in their bag, they still guard against(警惕不要)imprudence and failures.

B: Yeah. Prudence is very important for people of all professions. Wise people seldom let success got to their heads(不让成功冲昏头脑). The bigger the success, the greater danger there might be behind the success.

A: It’s true that people in the bucks are prone to(易于)forget the darker side of(黑暗面)things.

B: And that is why they fail at a pass(在关键时刻). If you take a closer look at the ups and downs of some rich people, you may double believe that money sometimes unmakes its makers(钱有时能毁了赚钱的人).

A: They do not have their heads screwed on the right way(头脑不清醒). They are bound to(注定要)fail, of course.

B: But there’re many people who are still in the dark. They know little about the principles of life. They do not know that life is not all money.

A: They should have another think coming(大错特错). By the way, are you in the mood(有心情)for going to our factory and have a look? You may be delighted to see that everything is in an apple-pie order(井井有条). And the working morale is(工作情绪)very high, too.

B: Well, I am eager to see the working of the factory and want to see the workers and the workshops in the flesh. But my hands are tied. I have many irons in the fire these two days. Maybe I can come around some time next week.

A: I know you’re up to the ears these days. But do come when you think you can make it.

B: I’ll be through with(干完)my job in two days. I’m not engaged next Friday. Maybe your Mum and I will be able to come and have a look.

A: You must be proof reading(校对)the annual report(年度报告)for my uncle. I’m sick of him. He takes up too much of your time.

B: Don’t talk like that. I’m glad that I can be helpful. By the way, how do you know that I am reading the report? You always seem to be in the know (消息灵通)about everything I do.

A: I have a hunch that you are helping him again. He’s always been trading on(利用)your hospitality.

B: I don’t like you talking like this. Blood is thicker than water(血浓于水).

A: All right. I don’t want to poke my nose into(乱打听)it. But…

B: Stop beefing (别发牢骚). Just put me in the picture about your relation with Jenny. You seem to fall for(爱上)her.

A: Well, she is hunky-dory(挺不错的). But I don’t want to put you in the picture about our relations until I pop the question(求婚).

B: Are you sure of your affection? I don’t want you to play the field(玩弄他人的感情).

A: I’ve got a plan in the hopper(正准备着,正在进行). I might pop the question when I feel it’s time to do so.

B: Don’t blow(搞砸)it by pressing things. You need to think twice before you…

A: I know, I won’t pop the question until I’m totally sure of her and of myself.


The End of Part 32

To be continue…………………………………………………………