Part 7


1.     bend someone’s ear 对某人喋喋不休

2.     bend over backwards to do… 费力去做……

3.     be beside oneself 大动感情,忘乎所以

4.     bet one’s bottom dollar 完全相信

5.     bet the farm 那全部家当做赌注

6.     bet one’s boots 没错儿

7.     big bucks 一笔大钱

8.     big house 监狱

9.     give someone a big head 是某人飘飘然

10. big bug 显要人物



1.      be fed up with… 讨厌……

2.      get sick of… 厌倦……

3.      talk one’s head off 唠叨个没完,没完没了地讲

4.      a barking dog 没心没肺的人

5.      get buttonholed 被缠住

6.      a chatterbox 爱唠叨的人

7.      be unfair to… 对……不公平

8.      A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难之中见知己。

9.      take one’s shirt off one’s back 竭尽权力

10.  see light on… 领会……

11.  lend a willing ear to… 洗耳恭听……

12.  babbling 胡诌

13.  get a great kick 得到很大的乐趣

14.  Barking dogs do not bite. 爱叫的狗不咬人。

15.  sleeping dogs 阴险的人

16.  a person with few words 少言寡语的人

17.  crave… 渴望得到

18.  one’s sixth sense 某人的第六感

19.  one’s soul mate 某人的精神伙伴

20.  an indication of………的暗示

21.  share weal and woe 同甘共苦

22.  be beside oneself 感到飘飘然

23.  the sun is shining on… 红星高照在……

24.  have luck going for one 某人的运气来了

25.  feel like a million dollars 感觉特别开心

26.  sing someone’s praises 大加赞扬某人

27.  touch the tender spot 哪壶不开提哪壶

28.  give someone his due 给某人以应有的承认

29.  go to one’s head 冲昏了头脑

30.  Money sometimes unmakes its makers. 有时钱能毁了赚钱的人。

31.  be caught red-handed 当场被抓住

32.  risky business 危险的生意

33.  should have something coming on one 某人罪有应得

34.  regret about… 后悔……

35.  doom one’s own life 毁了自己一生

36.  be commonly regarded as… 常被认为是

37.  make big bucks 赚大钱

38.  Money doesn’t grow on trees. 钱来之不易。

39.  the root of all evil 万恶之源

40.  remind someone of… 提醒……

41.  make sure… 保证……

42.  be off the beams 步入歧途

43.  That sounds more like it. 这还差不多。


Dialogue for Practice

A=Sandy                B=Mark

A: You seem to be fed up with(讨厌)Sue.

B: Yeah. I get sick of (厌倦)her. She always talks her head off(唠叨个没完)with me.

A: She is a barking dog(没心没肺的人). But she means well.

B: But I don’t like to get buttonholed(被缠住)by such a chatterbox(爱唠叨的人). She would bend my ear about what she thinks.

A: There’s nothing wrong with that. That shows she is interested in you.

B: But I don’t like anyone who would drive me crazy by telling me what to do.

A: You are unfair to(对……不公平)her. She is a very nice girl, you know?

B: I know she is a helpful girl, but the way she talks to you is simply unbearable.

A: But a girl like her may bend over backwards to(费力去做……) bail you out when you are in trouble. This is what we call a friend in need is a friend indeed(患难之中见知己)

B: Well, she is very helpful. And I know that she would take her shirt off her back(竭尽全力)when her help is needed.

A: I’m glad you see light on(领会)her worth.

B: But the trouble is that she would be beside herself when you lend her a willing ear(洗耳恭听)and listen to her babbling(胡诌). She even doesn’t know who she is, sometimes.

A: Maybe she gets a great kick(得到很大的乐趣)out of talking. She must be a very talkative girl.

B: Too talkative, I’m afraid.

A: But there’s nothing to complain about that. Barking dogs do not bite(爱叫的狗不咬人).

B: I know barking dogs are not as harmful as sleeping dogs(阴险的人). But you can bet your bottom dollar that most people like neither of them.

A: Maybe you’re right, but barking dogs(没心没肺的人)may help you a great deal at times.

B: I still prefer to be together with girls of few words(少言寡语).

A: It’s human nature that you crave(渴望得到)what you do not have.

B: I can bet the farm that you will regret about your feelings of her. You cannot find a better friend.

A: How can you be so sure? You haven’t been together with her, have you?

B: No. But I’m sure she is a good girl. My sixth sense(第六感觉)tells me so.

A: I only hope that she will not bend my ear(唠唠叨叨)about her opinions.

B: It’s silly of you to dislike her opinions. I don’t think she likes to talk her head off(没完没了)with other guys. Maybe she’s your soul mate(精神伙伴).

A: I’m not sure. But she does seem to care more about me.

B: That’s an indication of(暗示)her devotion. You can bet your boots that she will fully support you when you are in trouble. She will share weal and woe(同甘共苦)with you.

A: But she never says she love me.

B: You men are too slow to understand girls.

A: You seem to be beside yourself(飘飘然)today. What has made you so happy?

B: I made some big bucks last week. I didn’t expect that I could make so much money.

A: The sun is shining on(红星高照)you. You must have had luck going for you(你的运气来了).

B: Yeah. I indeed feel like a million dollars(感觉特别开心).I’ve never been happier.

A: There must be reasons behind your luck.

B: Sue helped me. I wouldn’t have made such big bucks(赚大钱)without her help.

A: Are you still blaming me for singing her praises(为她唱赞歌,大加赞扬)?

B: Stop touching the tender spot(哪壶不开提哪壶). I didn’t say you were wrong.

A: But you were wrong. You should have given Sue her due(给以应有的承认).

B: I now realize what is really meant by a friend in need is a friend indeed(患难之中见知己).

A: I bet my bottom dollar that you’ll become a big bug if Sue is always on your side.

B: I hope she will be on my side. I’m indeed grateful to her.

A: But don’t let success go to your head(冲昏你的头脑). Money sometimes unmakes it makes(有时钱能毁了挣钱的人)。

B: I know. A friend of mine is now in the big house. He was caught red-handed(当场被抓获)for selling cocaine(卖可卡因).

A: That’s a deadly risky business(致命的危险生意). He should have it coming on him(罪有应得).

B: He must be regretting about(后悔)having done the business.

A: I bet he is. He doomed his own life(毁了自己的一生).

B: But that is commonly regarded as(常被认为是)the quickest way to make big bucks(赚大钱).

A: And that’s the quickest way to throw yourself into(把自己扔进)the big house, too. Indeed, the lust for money gives many people a big head. They are almost beside themselves when making big bucks(赚大钱).

B: Money doesn’t grow on trees(钱来之不易), of course. It’s indeed the root of all evil(万恶之源).

A: I hope money doesn’t give you a big head.

B: You can bet your farm that it never will.

A: I’m glad to hear that. But you must always remind yourself of(提醒)the danger.

B: Thanks for your advice. I’ll certainly make sure(保证)that I’m not off the beams(步入歧途).

A: That sounds more like it(这还差不多).


The End of Part Six

To be continue...................