Part 25


1.     God’s medicine 毒品

2.     go for the long ball 为图大利而冒风险

3.     go haywire 茫然失策,不可收拾

4.     go hog-wild 行动放肆

5.     go into one’s dance 背诵准备好的措辞

6.     go native 入乡随俗

7.     be gone over someone 爱上某人

8.     get the goods on someone 掌握某人的罪证

9.     good-time Charlie 爱吃喝玩乐的人,乐天派

10. goof around 消磨时光;漫不经心

11. go off half-cocked 轻率作出反应

12. goof-proof 防止出差错,杜绝错误的发生

13. go out of one’s way 特意;尽力

14. go over big  大获成功;大受欢迎

15. go steady 经常(与异性)约会



1.      front-page news 头版头条新闻

2.      be charged with… 被指控犯有……罪

3.      drug trafficking 毒品走私

4.      go through fire and water 赴汤蹈火

5.      get rich quick 很快发家

6.      rack it in 捞钱

7.      word hand in gloves 秘密勾结

8.      give green light to… 同意,给……开绿灯

9.      be rotten to the core 烂透了

10.  Laws have long arms. 法网恢恢,疏而不漏。

11.  be caged 被囚禁

12.  be on the take 贪污受贿

13.  take bribes 接受贿赂

14.  the thin edge 开头事小,后果严重

15.  not let someone go Scot-free 不会轻易饶了某人

16.  go easy on… 对……手下留情

17.  get away with 逍遥法外

18.  a love scandal 桃色新闻

19.  be caught red-handed 当场被捉获

20.  call girls 应招女郎

21.  get feminine favor 占女人的便宜

22.  play the filed 玩弄感情

23.  Forbidden fruit is sweet. 禁果最甜。

24.  the jitters 忐忑不安

25.  be done for 完蛋了的

26.  chance the duck 好歹试一试

27.  cook one’s own goose 自取灭亡

28.  get addicted to… 沉醉于……

29.  on the up and up 正直地

30.  be frowned upon 被唾弃的

31.  Ill set, ill get. 恶有恶报。

32.  Reap as one sows. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。

33.  No pains, no gains. 没有耕耘就没有收获。

34.  be hot-tempered 脾气暴躁的

35.  like a bear with a sore head 脾气特别坏的

36.  at the drop of a hat 动不动就

37.  keep someone at bay 不让某人接近自己

38.  keep someone at arm’s length 远离某人

39.  jump down someone’s throat 让人受不了

40.  keep away from… 避开……

41.  be goofed on 被捉弄

42.  pains in the neck 烦人的人或事

43.  to the minimum 到最低点

44.  sticky things 棘手的事情

45.  steer clear of… 避开……

46.  on the watch out for…提防……

47.  Easier said than done. 说来容易做来难。

48.  God helps them that help themselves. 自助者天助。

49.  Fools may have a fortune. 傻人有傻福。

50.  have someone eating out of one’s hands 是某人服服帖帖

51.  hand around 鬼混

52.  Beggars match with beggars 什么人嫁什么人。

53.  Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚。

54.  be in bad company 与坏人来往

55.  Beauty is only skin deep. 不能以貌取人。


Dialogue For Practice  

A=Bob               B=Ted    

A: Have you read today’s paper? There’s front-page news(头版头条新闻).

B: What is it about? On Election again, I guess?

A: Something to do with God’s medicine. A high-ranking government official(高级政府官员)is charged with(被指控有罪)a case of drug trafficking(毒品走私 .

B: There are always people who would go through fire and water(赴汤蹈火)in order to get rich quick(很快发家).

A: Yeah. They go for the long ball. They want to rack it in(捞钱). But it’s a risky business.

B: Bad things always have the greatest temptations(很大的诱惑). People ignore everything else.

A: Who is being charged? How could he have anything to do with (有牵连)drug trafficking?

B: It’s the Mayor and a Customs Officer. They worked hand in gloves(秘密勾结)and gave the traffickers the green light(开绿灯). Now the case is going haywire. It involves several other officials.

A: They are rotten to the core(烂透了).

B: But laws have long arms(法网恢恢,疏而不漏). They are likely to be caged(被囚禁).

A: Some government officials have been going hog-wild.

B: Yes. They are all on the take(贪污受贿)and take bribes(接受贿赂). They defy even principles(无视原则).

A: They must be punished, or their wrong doings will become the thin edge(无法收拾的结果).

B: You bet the law won’t let them go Scot-free(不会轻饶了他们).

A: I don’t know what they can say when they are being questioned.

B: They will just go into their dance. They will certainly follow their lawyers’ hints.

A: Do you think the judge will go easy on them(手下留情)?

B: It’s hard to say. If the judge are also on the take, they will probably get away with it(逍遥法外).

A: I recently heard about a love scandal(桃色新闻)involving a government official and a film star. He was in the central government and was later transferred to work in another country. He went native(入乡随俗)and fell for(爱上)a local film actress.

B: There’s nothing surprising about that. Many government officials go to Thailand for that sort of thing.

A: Yeah. He was in Thailand as a diplomat(外交官). But he was call girls(应招女郎)before he got caught. I don’t think he was really gone over the film actress. He was only getting her feminine favor(占便宜).

B: Of course not. They play the field(玩弄感情)and try to quench their sexual thirst.

A: I can’t understand him. What pleasure does he get in doing that sort of thing?

B: Forbidden fruit is sweet(禁果最甜). Many people fall for(爱上) that sort of life.

A: That’s true. But they do have the jitter(忐忑不安). Once someone else gets the goods on them, they will be done for(完蛋了).

B: That’s a sure thing. But many people just defy that. They like to chance the duck(好歹试一试).

A: They are only to cook their own goose(自取灭亡)in the end.

B: Henry is a good-time Charlie. He gets addicted to(沉醉于)enjoyment. He abandons much of his time to pleasure and that sort of things.

A: There’re two kinds of good-time Charlie: one enjoys every minute of his life and does things on the up and up(正直地)while another are only pleasure-seekers. They can never have enough of the things that are commonly frowned upon(被唾弃的).

B: Ill set, ill get (恶有恶报). Different people end up with a different life.

A: That’s right. Reap as one sows(种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆). Those who spend much of their time goofing around will only end up (结果只会是)with time killing them.

B: Well said. If you goof around without being serious in doing things, nothing great will come to them.

A: Of course not. No pains, no gains(没有耕耘,就没有收获). Time will eventually kill those that are trying to kill time(消磨时光). And most of these people are hot- tempered(脾气暴躁).

B: Yeah. Most of them are like a bear with a sore head(脾气特别坏).They go off half-cocked at the drop of a hat(动不动就).

A: I always keep these people at bay(不让他们接近自己). I don’t want to have anything to do with them.

B: That’s the best way to avoid trouble. I keep them at arm’s length (远离他们), too.

A: It’s worth our efforts to goof-proof communication with them. I don’t want them to jump down my throat(让人受不了).

B: That’s right. Keep away from(避开)them and you’ll have no jitters(忐忑不安)of being goofed on(被捉弄).

A: But sometimes you can’t avoid being with them. They are indeed pains in the neck(烦人的人).

B: Certainly. But there’s always a way to reduce trouble to the minimum(降到最低点).

A: But sometimes these people would go out of their way to make trouble. They try to involve you in messy and sticky things(棘手的事). I don’t know how I can steer clear of(避开)them.

B: Just be on the watch out for(提防)them and everything you do with them. That’s the best way to avoid trouble.

A: Easier said than done(说来容易做来难). Sometimes you are involved without your knowing it. But sometimes these people may go over big in their wrong doings.

B: God helps them that help themselves(自助者天助). And fools may have a fortune(傻人有傻福).

A: That’s unfair. And, bad people sometimes enjoy a longer life.

B: Only some, not all of them.

A: There’s another thing I can’t seem to be able to understand. Sometimes, a bad guy who goofs around(消磨时光,漫不经心) always keeps very good girls. Bad people have good girls eating out of their hands(使某人服服帖帖). Some pretty girls seem to be just going steady with them.

B: That’s indeed a mystery. Some bad eggs(坏蛋)always seem to have a sort of alluring power(某种诱惑力). And some girls just enjoy hanging around (鬼混)with them.

A: I don’t know what pleasure they can get out of being with them.

B: Beggars match with beggars(什么人找什么人), you bet. Birds of a feather flock together(物以类聚), you bet.

A: I know it in principle, but in practice, good girls are usually in bad company(与坏人来往).

B: You can judge a person by the company he keeps(要看一个人怎么样, 看看他跟什么人来往就一切全明白了). You can bet your bottom dollar(尽管放心)that girls in their company are bad girls. Beauty is only skin deep(不能以貌取人), you know?


The End of Part 25

To be continue……………………………………………