Part 29


1.     have a bone to pick with someone 对某人有意见

2.     have a case on someone 迷恋上某人

3.     have a clue about… 知道……, 了解……

4.     have a crush on someone 迷恋某人

5.     have a lock on something 对某事胜券在握

6.     have a prayer 有希望

7.     have a red face 面红耳赤

8.     have a tiger by the tail 骑虎难下

9.     have something coming out of one’s ears 绰绰有余

10. have eyes for… 贪恋,渴望

11. have it had for someone 坠入情网,一往情深

12. have it both ways 两边兼顾,左右逢源

13. have someone’s number 知道某人的底细

14. have something on the brain 着迷于……

15. have rocks in one’s head 没头脑



1.      give someone a freehand 让某人自由行事

2.      be fooling around 鬼混

3.      take pains 吃苦

4.      go astray 步入歧途

5.      get on someone nerves 让某人心里着急, 发烦

6.      play the field 玩弄某人的感情

7.      go steady 好好和某人相处

8.      a black sheep 败家子

9.      fall for… 爱上……

10.  hit it off 合得来

11.  give someone the air 抛弃某人

12.  have little in common 没有共同之处

13.  equal to… 等于……

14.  talk back 顶嘴

15.  tell on someone 告发某人

16.  Actions speak louder than words.事实胜于雄辩。

17.  let bygones be bygones 让过去的事过去吧

18.  take someone for a ride 玩弄某人的感情

19.  remain glued to… 与某人形影不离

20.  aim at the same goal 目标一致

21.  a common sense 常识

22.  be sure of … 确信……

23.  It takes two to have a marriage.婚姻取决于两个人。

24.  jump down each other’s throat 相互争吵

25.  insist on… 坚持要……

26.  not see eye to eye 看法不一致

27.  bend 让步

28.  cope with… 处理……

29.  give in 投降

30.  bargaining chips 讨价还价的资本

31.  put out a feeler 试探某人的反应

32.  a job to do something 干某事决非容易

33.  Love me, and love my dog. 爱屋及乌

34.  stick to one’s own guns 固执己见 

35.  get in someone’s hair  惹某人生气

36.  That sounds more like it.这还差不多

37.  blot one’s copybook 毁坏某人的名声

38.  give someone the air 抛弃某人

39.  blow hot and cold 朝三暮四

40.  heavy dates 重要的约会

41.  have it good 自在地生活

42.  down-to-earth 脚踏实地的

43.  no joking matter 不是儿戏

44.  sit pretty 享清福

45.  a joint commitment 共同的责任

46.  go through fire and water 赴汤蹈火


Dialogue For Practice

A=Mark                 B=Mary     

A:Why do you always seem to have a bone to pick with me? Can’t you be more sensible and give me a freehand(自由行事)in doing what I like?

B: Give you a freehand? You have been fooling around(鬼混)all these year and your dad and I have been taking pains(吃了苦)in preventing you from going astray(步入歧途). You keep getting on our nerves(让我们心里发烦).

A: What have I done wrong to get on your nerves? I am no longer a small kid. I know what I am doing and where I am going.

B: What have you done wrong to get on our nerves? Think about the girls you have been playing the field(玩弄感情)with! Can’t you go steady(好好和一个人相处)with the one girl of your love? A: You can’t be fooling around(鬼混)like this. We don’t want a black sheep(败家子)in the family.

B: I don’t , either. Besides, I am not playing the field with anyone.

A: But you do seem to have a case on someone.

B: That’s right. I fell for(爱上)Lucy. She is a nice girl. We hit it off(合得来). There’s nothing wrong with my loving her.

A: But I have got a clue about what you have been doing recently. Don’t think I was born yesterday(我不傻).

B: Tell me what you know about me. I haven’t done anything wrong.

A: Haven’t done anything wrong? What about Jane? What about Marie? You played the field(玩弄感情)with them and you gave them the air(抛弃).That’s unfair!

B: Do you mean to say that I must marry the one whom I dislike? I admit that I was going out with them, but I soon found that we had little in common(没有共同之处). But that doesn’t equal to(等于)playing the field.

A: Of course there’s nothing wrong with loving anyone, but it’s wrong to have a crush on every girl you meet. How many girls have you been going out with?

B: There’s nothing wrong with the number of girls I am going out with.

A: Don’t talk back(顶嘴)to me like this! You know what you have done to these girls. Some of them have already told on you(告发). Your dad and I have your number(知道你的底细).

B: Listen, Mum. I was going out with some girls and I was serious with each of them. Only that I soon found that we had little in common, so I turned to Lucy. Through going out with her, I realize that she is the very girl of my dream, so I have been going steady with(正经地交往)her. I do have a lock on my love.

A: Actions speak louder than words(事实胜于雄辩). Well, let bygones be bygones(让过去的事情过去吧). Just go steady with Lucy. I don’t like my son to take any girl for a ride(玩弄感情).

B: I’ve been going steady with her. In fact, we remain glued to(形影不离)each other. We have a lot in common and we are aiming at the same goal(目标一致).

A: Then you have a prayer for a promising future. I have been worried about it, actually.

B: It’s a common sense(常识). I understand that. But don’t treat me like a small child. I know what I am doing.

A: Are you totally sure of(确信)your affection for Lucy? Do you think you can go steady with her till you get married?

B: I’m sure of my feelings, but I can’t be totally sure if we can get married. It takes two to have a marriage(婚姻取决于两个人), doesn’t it?

A: Yes. But why did you have a red face yesterday? You seemed to jump down each other’s throat(相互争吵).

B: Nobody can be sure that he never gets angry. We argued(争论)over where to spend the coming holiday.

A: I’ve never seen her looking as furious as she did. There must be something more than an argument.

B: Well, I’m actually having a tiger by the tail. She wanted to go to the mountains for the holiday, but I insisted on(坚持要)going to the beach. We couldn’t see eye to eye(看法不一致), you know?

A: Someone has to bend(让步)a bit. It takes two to come to an agreement, the same as it takes two to make a quarrel.

B: I do have a way to cope with(处理)the conflict coming out of my ears. But I won’t bend and give in(投降).

A: You will blow the relationship again, I’m afraid.

B: Depends on how I handle the matter. I know her pretty well. I bet she will give in.

A: What do you know her pretty well?

B: I know she has eyes for pretty houses and villas. I’d tell her how pretty the house are at the beach. By the way, she has never been to the beach.

A: That sounds like very good bargaining chips(讨价还价的东西). But what she stick to(坚持)her own preference?

B: I’ll put out a feeler(试探)and see how she responds.

A: Are you sure Luck has it bad for you? If she does, she will certainly bend and follow yours. But if she doesn’t , it would be a job(非常不容易)to change her.

B: I don’t know whether she has it bad for me, but she enjoys being together with me.

And do you really love her?

A: I think I do. I don’t think I can be happier with another girl.

B: If you are really head over heels in love with her, you should bend and follow hers. You can’t have it both ways, of course.

A: You mean I should please her by following her suggestion?

B: Yeah. Love me, and love my dog(爱屋及乌). And if you stick to your own guns(固执己见)and try to make her follow yours, it shows that you are not in true love.

A: Well, maybe I will change my mind. I don’t want to get in her hair(惹她生气), actually.

B: That sounds more like it(这还差不多). By the way, do you think she knows your past?

A: My past? I haven’t ever blotted my book(没有坏名声).

B: Well, if she happens to get your number she might give you the air(抛弃).

A: What do you mean? I haven’t done anything wrong, anyway.

B: I mean you used to play the field. Girls don’t like men who blows hot and cold(朝三暮四)and take other people for a ride (玩弄别人的感情).

A: I’ve got her number, too. She used to date two guys at the same time. And before we met, she was having heavy dates(重要的约会)with our boss’s son. But she loved none of them.

B: It’s good if you have her on the brain and she has you on the brain(着迷于……). Your Dad and I wish you have it good(自由地生活)and enjoy your future life.

A: I do not have rocks in my head. I’m a practical man.

B: It’s easy to say that you are a down-to-earth(脚踏实地的)man, but it’s not easy to do things down-to-earth. You may have rocks in your head from time to time.

A: I know. I’m not sure if I am in doing other things, but I am down-to-earth in the business of loving. Marriage is no joking matter(不是儿戏).

B: I’m glad of your attitude. I hope you to go steady with her and work hard to make her sit pretty(享清福). And also let her know that it takes two to make marriage a success. You’ve got to make it a joint commitment(共同的责任).

A: No worries, Mum. I will go through fire and water(赴汤蹈火)to make ours a success.


The End of Part 29 

To be continue……………………………………………