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Part 35


1.     make one’s blood boil 激怒某人;使人生气

2.     make light of… 不重视……;轻视

3.     make out like a bandit 大获成功;所向无敌

4.     make waves 掀起波浪;兴风作浪

5.     marry 使……结合; 使……在一起

6.     money from home 意外的收获

7.     mouth on someone 告发某人

8.     nifty 漂亮的;巧妙的

9.     nine-to-fiver 有固定的工作

10. nit-picking 吹毛求疵

11. nose around 专爱打听是非

12. no sweat 没有问题或困难

13. off base 离谱的, 不恰当的;多余的

14. get something off one’s plate 把某事一推了之

15. an old hand 内行,老手

16. old lady 老婆

17. one for the book 前所未有的;到了顶的

18. be on the ball 办事熟练,机灵

19. on the cuff 赊欠,免费

20. on the gravy train 有财运有赚钱的好机会



1.      enrage someone 把某人惹火

2.      a red flag 激怒某人的东西

3.      be in favor of… 有利于……

4.      be at a disadvantage 处于不利地位或状态

5.      salary raise 长工资

6.      the distribution of houses 分房

7.      be up in arms against… 奋起反抗……

8.      pull together 团结一致

9.      policy-makers 政策的制订者

10.  take side with… 偏向……

11.  get some payoffs 得到好处

12.  make a balance 使…… 平衡

13.  be in for… 招致……

14.  not let someone get away with 不会放过某人

15.  have the gall to… 有胆量干……

16.  stand up against… 站出来反对……

17.  think light of…轻视……

18.  be in the know… 知情的……

19.  get the goods on… 抓到……的把柄

20.  take cautious steps 采取谨慎步骤

21.  be enthusiastic about… 热衷于……

22.  take a false step 闪失

23.  work around the mill 老一套

24.  toy with the idea of… 心里盘算着要……

25.  be sick of… 讨厌…

26.  turn a blind eye 视而不见

27.  give one’s head for the washing 忍辱

28.  find fault with… 找……的岔子

29.  fulfill one’s quotas 完成定额

30.  do someone wrong 对某人不公平

31.  be at adds with… 与……发生争执

32.  speak highly of… 高度赞扬……

33.  be tolerant 宽宏大量的

34.  Experience bought by suffering teaches wisdom. 痛苦的经历可以使人增长智慧。

35.  one’s ups and downs in life 某人中生活的坎坷

36.  Experience is the best teacher. 经验是良师。

37.  Experience is the mother of wisdom. 智慧源于经验

38.  cut in 插话

39.  be a brain 很有头脑

40.  watch out one’s steps 办事谨慎

41.  come down on someone like a ton of bricks 严厉斥责某人

42.  be in the mood for… 有干……的心情

43.  be opened to business 开业

44.  a sales gimmick 销售花招儿

45.  freeload 白吃白喝

46.  have no guts 没骨气

47.  sit pretty 享清福

48.  take pains 吃苦

49.  the lion’s share 绝大部分


Dialogue For Practice

A=Jackson                  B=Marie

A: What has made the teachers’ blood boil? I’ve never seen them raging(发怒)like that.

B: It was the college’s new policy that had enraged(惹火)the teachers. It was a red flag(激怒)to them.

A: What is it about? It must do great harm to the welfare of the teaching staff.

B: Exactly. The new policy is in favor of(有利于)the workers, putting all the teachers at a disadvantage(处于不利状态).

A: What exactly is the new policy? On salary raise(长工资), I suppose?

B: Not really. It was about the distribution of houses(分房). The workers are at an advantage(处于优势).

A: Why should the school authorities make light of the benefit of the teaching staff? They’re the prospects of the college, aren’t they?

B: Yea, they are. That’s why they were up in arms(奋起抵抗)against the new policy.

A: Do you think things are in the teachers’ favor?

B: It seems that they are going to make out like a bandit. Nothing seems to be able to prevent them from stopping.

A: It depends on the unison of hearts(齐心). They must pull together(团结一致).

B: No authorities that the new policy would make waves like anything.

A: They should have thought about that. Policy-makers(政策的制订者)can’t take side with (偏向)a particular community. They must consider the common good of the masses. And school authorities should pay enough attention to the benefit of the schoolteachers.

B: They did have reasons in making that policy. You see, they get some payoffs (得到好处)from some of the workers. No teacher will ever bribe them.

A: I think it was stupid of the policy-makers to take side with the workers. They should have married the benefit of the workers to that of the teachers.

B: They couldn’t make a balance (使平衡), and they didn’t want to make the balance. That’s why they were in for(招致)trouble. The teachers won’t let them get away with(不会放过)it.

A: What can they do? Most teachers do not have the gall(有胆量)to stand up against(站出来反对)the school authorities, do they?

B: Yes, they do. And some of the teachers are ready for protest.

A: Do you think they can succeed in getting the policy changed?

B: I think so. And they may get some money from home.

A: What is the money from home?

B: I have a hunch that the protest will thereafter make the school authorities change their attitude towards the teachers. They will no longer think light of(轻视)them. That can be a great achievement.

A: But they should have enough evidence to protest against the policy.

B: Some teachers who are in the know(知情的)are mouthing on the president. They have got the goods on (抓到把柄)him.

A: I think they should be nifty in the action, or they will blow the whole thing.

B: They are taking cautious steps(采取谨慎步骤). They know what they are doing.

A: You seem to be enthusiastic about(热衷于)the case. But do be cautious in what you do.

B: No worries. I won’t take a false step(闪失)in doing such an important thing. By the way, how are you getting along? Still working on the same job?

A: There’s nothing new for a nine-to-fiver(有固定工作的人). I’m just working around the mill(干老一套).

B: You feel content with your work?

A: Content is one form of happiness. I’m not toying with the idea of(没打算)getting something greater.

B: I still remember your telling me that you couldn’t get on with your boss.

A: I used to be sick of(讨厌)his nit-picking attitude towards us. But gradually I got used to that. We just turn a blind eye(装作没看见).

B: It’s not easy to turn a blind eye to things you are sick of. You must have been a nifty man.

A: I have to be skillful in handing the situation. He’s the boss.

B: So you are willing to give your head for the washing(忍辱)?

A: Not exactly. I’ve done nothing wrong, and he can’t find fault with(找……的岔子)me.

B: Well, I don’t want to nose around, but how do you get on with a boss like him?

A: He has his job and I have mine. I fulfill my quotas(完成定额)and I do not mind what he does unless he does me wrong(对我不公平).

B: Aren’t you aiming at(指望得到)a promotion in the factory?

A: Yes, I am. That’s why I try not to be at odds with(发生争执)the boss.

B: Do you think you can soon get promoted?

A: No sweat, I think. The boss speaks highly of(高度赞扬)my enthusiasm in work.

B: How can you be so sure of that? Besides, you used to hate his guts. He must bear you a grudge.

A: He’s not that narrow-minded. Besides, I haven’t done anything off base. I’m also observing disciplines

B: Doing a good job is one thing, and getting a promotion is another thing. You can’t count the chickens before they are hatched.

A: I understand what you mean, but I’ll get it off my plate even if he would pass me over for the promotion.

B: How can you be so tolerant? You sound to become another person.

A: This is the way of life. You’ll have to be tolerant(宽宏大量的)in many things.

B: I’m plain impressed. How did you become such an old hand in dealing with things?

A: Experience bought by suffering teaches wisdom(痛苦的经历可以使人增长智慧). You become wiser through your ups and downs in life(生活中的坎坷).

B: I know what you mean. You mean experience is the best teacher(经验是良师)?

A: You are right. Experience is the mother of wisdom(智慧源于经验).

B: There’s sort of private question I wonder if I may ask.

A: Go ahead and I’ll see if I can answer.

B: Has your wife realized that you’ve changed somewhat in your personality?

A: Yeah. My old lady got impressed, too. She said that I became another person.

B: What does she do? She must be a very aggressive lady.

A: She’s working as a department manager. But her personality is one for the book.

B: What do you mean? Is it good for the book or bad for the book?

A: Being aggressive for the book. She never gives me a chance to cut in (插话)when she’s talking. And she talks to me as a boss rather than a wife.

B: She must be on the ball, or a lady cannot usually head a department.

A: Yeah. She’s a brain(很有头脑). That’s one for the book, too.

B: So you have to be careful with her?

A: I must watch out my steps(办事谨慎). If she gets the goods on(抓到把柄)me, she will come down on me like a ton of bricks(严厉训斥).

B: Are you in the mood for(有心情)a drink today? A new restaurant is opened to business(开业)today. All the drinks are on the cuff.

A: All the drinks are on the cuff? That must be a sales gimmick(销售的花招儿)! Well, I don’t think I can go. If my old lady knows that, she will give me another talking-to. She doesn’t like me to freeload(白吃白喝).

B: You really have no guts(没骨气). You should have your own freedom.

A: I don’t need to worry about everything. She is the provider(养家糊口的人).

B: She must be on the gravy train. She can make you sit pretty(享清福).

A: I enjoy that. But she takes pains(吃苦)in her work. She often has to deal with several things at the same time.

B: So it is you who have to do much of the family work?

A: She does housework, too. But I have been doing the lion’s share(绝大部分).

B: It’s just the opposite case with many other families.


The End of Part 35

To be continue…………………………………………………………………