Part 11


1.     butt in 插嘴

2.     button one’s lip 闭嘴不言语

3.     button down 准备就绪

4.     buy a pig in a poke 草率同意或接收;隔山买老牛

5.     give someone a buzz 给某人挂个电话

6.     a buzz book 最畅销的书, 脍炙人口

7.     buzz word/buzz phrase 时髦的字眼

8.     by guess and by God 凭直觉,揣测

9.     call girl/call house 应招女郎

10. call someone on the carpet 谴责某人



1.   be wet behind the cars 太年轻, 太天真

2.   air one’s opinions 发表自己的意见

3.   have no say 没有发言权

4.   be in trouble 遇到麻烦

5.   run short of… 缺少……

6.   be bogged down in… 深深陷入

7.   where the shoe pinches 问题所在

8.   put someone in the picture 把真相告诉某人

9.   jump down someone’s throat 粗暴地回答某人

10.            a loan 一笔贷款

11.            simmer down 镇静下来

12.            Does that matter much? 那有关系吗?

13.            the recreational trade 娱乐业

14.            get… ready 把……准备好

15.            put out a feeler 试探某人的反应

16.            make sure that… 确保……

17.            an appointment 约会

18.            sell like hot cakes 畅销

19.            empty-handed 空手

20.            twist someone around one’s little fingers 随意摆弄某人

21.            generation gap 代沟

22.            not see eye to eye 观点不一致

23.            objection to… 反对……

24.            be good at… 擅长……

25.            make fun of… 拿……开玩笑

26.            a man of integrity 正直的人

27.            shady-looking girls 不三不四的女孩

28.            splash one’s money about 挥霍钱

29.            dig dirt about… 诽谤……

30.            call a spade a spade 有什么说什么

31.            give someone a good talking-to 严厉斥责某人,教训某人

32.            go back on one’s words 说话不算数,食盐

33.            keep up to … 高看……一眼

34.            keep bad company 与坏人来往

35.            zip one’s lips 闭嘴

36.            talk sense into… 开导……


Dialogue For Practice

A=John                 B=Tom     

A: Don’t butt in, Tom. You’re still wet behind the ears(太年轻). You know nothing about our business.

B: Why don’t you let me air my opinions(发表意见)? I have no say(没有发言权)in this house.

A: What do you know about our business? Your Mum and I have been in trouble(遇到麻烦).

B: That’s why I wanted to know what the trouble is. I might be of some help.

A: There’s nothing you can do. We are running short(缺少)of funds, you know?

B: I know when to button my lips, but at a time when you are bogged down in(深深陷入)trouble, I have the right to ask where the shoe pinches(问题所在).

A: I told you that we are running short of funds. That’s where the shoe pinches. But what can you do about it?

B: Put me in the picture and tell me how much you need. Let me know how much you need and what for. I may help you to sort things out.

A: We need fifty thousand dollars. That’s how much we need. What can you do?

B: Don’t jump down my throat(粗暴回答)like that! I might get you a loan(一笔贷款). My friend’s father is an important person in the bank. Maybe he can give you some help.

A: That’s the person we need. Go and have a talk with him.

B: Simmer down(镇静), please. I must button down on what you use the loan for.

A: For paying our debt and expanding the business. Dose that matter much(有关系吗)?

B: Of course it does. Banks don’t buy a pig in a poke. They must know what the loan is used for.

A: Tell them that I will use the money for an important investment(重要投资)in the recreational trade(娱乐业).

B: What about your document? Can I go and just tell them that you want to invest in the recreational trade?

A: I’ll get the document ready(准备好)in one or two days.


A: Will you give your friend a buzz and put out a feeler(试探反应)to see if they like to offer me a loan?

B: Give them a buzz? What can I say to them? Say that you want a loan?

A: I just want to make sure(确保)that there’s possibility of giving us a loan.

B: And they, too, want to make sure their loan is worthwhile.

A: Hay, Tom. What are you doing? Have you contacted your friend?

B: Yes, I have. We made an appointment(约会).

A: Thanks a lot, Tom.

B: Thank me what? I have contacted my friend and we agree to go to…

A: Go to the bank?

B: We go to a bookshop and buy a new book. It’s a buzz book that is selling like hot cakes (畅销).

A: What does that have anything to do with the loan?

B: Don’t ask me that until you get the documents ready. I can’t go and talk to them empty-handed(空手).

A: I gave up. I can’t let a small kid twist me around his little fingers(随意摆弄). This is the generation gap(代沟).

B: I like that buzz word ‘ generation gap’. There is a gap between you and me.

A: What do you mean?

B: I mean the generation gap. We can’t see eye to eye(观点不一致)on many things.

A: I understand you young people much better now. I thought you were wet behind the ears but now I will have to change my judgement.

B: What do you know about us? About your objection to (反对)your ways of doing things?

A: I now know you are good at(擅长)fooling us around. You simply make fun of (拿我开心)me.

B: How come you arrive at that conclusion?

A: By guess and by God. You told me that you would help me, but now you don’t seem to be enthusiastic about our concern. And your friend is not a man of integrity.

B: What do you mean that he’s not a man of integrity(正直的人)?

A: I now know that your friend keeps several shady-looking girls(不三不四的女孩子)around him.

B: This is our modern way of communication. That has nothing to do with integrity.

A: But he has something to do with call girls. He splashes his money about(挥霍钱)on them.

B: You are trying to dig dirt about him(诽谤他)?

A: No. I was only calling a spade to spade(有什么说什么).

B: Can you be more sensible? You used to like to call me on the carpet and give me a good talking-to(斥责)for something I did. But now you begin to degrade me.

A: It’s not me who degrades you. You degrade yourself. You often go back on your words(说话不算数)and try to fool us around. Do you think I can look up to(高看……一眼)someone who keep bad company(与坏人来往)and never tell us the truth?

B: What truth do you want to know?

A: You’d better zip your lips(闭嘴). I don’t want to talk sense into a senseless boy like you. You will know what I mean when you become a father having a son who is exactly the same as you.


The End of Part 11

To be continue................................