Part 33 


1.     be in the wrong 错误的,有错的

2.     iron out the kinks 解决问题,克服困难

3.     jack around 不干正经事,闲荡

4.     have a good jaw 好好聊聊

5.     jellybean 花哨、俗气的男人;傻瓜;笨蛋

6.     jinx 带来厄运的人或物;扫帚星

7.     have the jitters 神经紧张,非常不安

8.     jollies 快活、满足感;不体面的满足感

9.     juice up 使充满活力;激发兴趣, 使人起劲儿

10. keep tabs on 关注某事

11. jump salty 发脾气,发火

12. kick someone upstairs 使某人的地位明升暗降

13. get kickbacks 得到不合法或不道德的钱;收受贿赂

14. a knock-out 特别棒的人或物,特别漂亮的女子

15. know one’s way around 有经验的、干练的;很了解情况



1.      be at odds with… 与……不和

2.      big fat mouth 爱瞎说的;臭嘴

3.      not breathe a word 不吐露一个字

4.      give mouth to… 把……说出去

5.      have a loose mouth 嘴没有把门的

6.      be at loggerheads with… 与……顶牛

7.      take kindly to… 乐意接受

8.      insist on… 坚持

9.      be in the right frame of mind 心情好

10.  a hard nut to crack 难对付的人

11.  talk sense into… 开导……

12.  a halfwit 愚蠢的人

13.  from A to Z 完全地,彻底地

14.  a knowing card 机灵鬼

15.  fool around 鬼混

16.  keep someone’s company 和某人在一起

17.  keep someone at arm’s length 远离某人

18.  take a great pride in… 为……感到自豪

19.  pull one’s weight 卖力气

20.  blot one’s copybook 毁了自己的名声

21.  dance attendance on someone 向某人大献殷勤

22.  have a big drag with someone 在某人面前很吃得开

23.  at the expense of… 以……为代价

24.  a thin edge for a doom 毁灭的开端

25.  a trendy practice 时髦的做法

26.  come to someone hat in hand 在某人面前必恭必敬

27.  like a lamb 很乖

28.  give someone the gate 把某人赶走

29.  for sure 一定的

30.  a jail bait 祸水妞

31.  have another think coming 大错特错

32.  look up to someone 高看某人一眼

33.  be swell 很棒

34.  be after… 追求……


Dialogue For Practice

A=Tom               B=Sue

A: You seem to be at odds(不和) with Jane. Why do you always have a bone to pick with(有争端)her?

B: That’s because she is always in the wrong. I get sick of her big fat mouth(臭嘴).

A: What did she do to get your goat(惹怒)?

B: I told her she do not to breathe a word (不吐露一个字)to others about what I was doing. But she gave mouth to(说出去)it.

A: She has a loose mouth(嘴没有把门的). Maybe you can help her iron out the kinds instead of being at loggerheads with (顶牛)her.

B: She doesn’t seem to like to take kindly to(乐意接受)my advice. She insists on(坚持)acting the way she likes.

A: Maybe you can talk to her when she is in the right frame of mind(心情好). I don’t think she is a hard nut to crack(难对付的人).

B: I do not have the patience. And I don’t want to waste time on her. She has no sense, you know.

A: But you must be working with her. If I were you, you would have a good jaw with her and talk sense to(开导)her. She will appreciate that, I bet.

B: Maybe you don’t know her. She’s a halfwit(愚蠢的人). I know her from A to Z(十分了解).

A: She’s a halfwit? But she seems to be quite a knowing card(机灵鬼).

B: If she is a knowing card, she wouldn’t fool around(鬼混)with many jellybeans(花哨的男人). She’s always keeping their company(和他们在一起).

A: Some girls do like that. They enjoy being together with jellybeans.

B: Sometimes I just have a feeling. I feel she’s a jinx, a sort of. She brings bad luck.

A: Maybe she has been blowing things(把事搞坏). But I don’t think she intends to harm.

B: She causes a lot of trouble. She can’t keep anything from other people.

A: If you have got the jitters, try not to tell her anything important. You can keep her at arm’s length(远离).

B: As a matter of fact(事实上), most of us keep her at arm’s length. But sometimes I can’t avoid(避免不了)telling her something.

A: Does she know that you keep her at arm’s length?

B: She has no sense. She always seems to get the jollies.

A: Get the jollies of what? Of being kept alone?

B: No. She has the jollies of being with jellybeans. She takes a great pride(感到自豪)in going out with them.

A: Does she work hard in the office?

B: Nothing seems to be able to juice her up except being together with jellybeans. She seldom pulls her weight(卖力气)in work.

A: Does the boss know that?

B: Well, he hasn’t blotted her copybook(没有坏名声、印象)with him. And she knows how to dance attendance on(献殷勤)him. She has a big drag(吃得开)with him, actually.

A: The boss should keep tabs on those who do not contribute to the company.

B: Well, one or two such girls won’t do him any harm. Besides, he’s getting some sort of jollies(有得意感)from her.

A: It’s shame. I think he’s getting the jollies at the expense of(以此为代价)his business. If I were he, I wouldn’t allow such a growth. It’s a thin edge for a doom(毁灭的开端).

B: You can never be a boss, I would say. Many bosses keep one or two such girls with them. That’s a trendy practice(时髦的做法)nowadays.

A: It’s a shame. What if other employees at the same way she does?

B: He would jump salty on(对……发脾气)them. On anyone, I mean.

A: Not on his girl, I suppose.

B: Of course not. He comes to her a sort of hat in hand(在她面前必恭必敬地), just like a lamb(很乖).

A: If I were he, I would kick her up stairs. Or I’ll simply give her the gate(把她赶走).

B: Don’t boast. You may do the same if you were in his position.

A: Maybe you’re right, but one thing is for sure: I wouldn’t keep a jail bait(祸水妞).

B: He doesn’t think she is a jail bait. And she is getting a lot of kickbacks from him.

A: He will soon have another think coming(大错特错). And this is for sure(毫无疑问的).

B: I don’t know. Maybe that sort of girls do make him juice up(使起劲儿)in work. Nobody knows what kind of jollies he gets from her.

A: But as far as I can judge, she is not a real knock-out. How could he look up to(高看)her?

B: God knows. But he must think she is swell(很棒), or he wouldn’t treat her that way.

A: He doesn’t know his way around as a boss.

B: But he does know his way around as a guy to seduce girls. It’s said that he keeps other two girls with him.

A: They are all after(追求)his bucks, of course.


The End of Part 33 

To be continue……………………………………………………………