Part 16


1.     a date mate 作伴的人

2.     day-glo 华而不实的,花哨的

3.     a dead beat 经常借钱赖帐的人;寄生虫

4.     deadpan 面无表情的,一本正经的

5.     a dead ringer 一模一样的人和物

6.     deal someone a poor deck 不公正对待某人,使某人受委屈

7.     a Dear John letter 绝交信

8.     diddle with 干某事毛手毛脚,马马乎乎

9.     die for something 渴望得到某事

10. dig at doing something 下苦功夫干某事



1.      fall for… 爱上……

2.      have a face that would stop a clock 奇丑无比

3.      be in someone’s company 和某人在一起

4.      have a lot in common 有很多共同之处

5.      have a barrel of fun 很开心

6.      a date bait 讨人喜欢的漂亮姑娘

7.      jail bait 祸根

8.      be hunky-dory 挺不错的

9.      have a bone to pick 有意见

10.  poke one’s nose into… 乱打听……

11.  run into… 遇见……

12.  bleed someone white 榨干血汗

13.  be on the look out 警惕

14.  take someone to the cleaners 让某人把钱花光

15.  splash one’s money about 挥霍钱

16.  get a kick 得到很大的乐趣

17.  fools for women 色鬼

18.  a staggering sum 一大笔

19.  have something coming on 活该

20.  be known as… 被认为是……

21.  Barking dogs do not bite. 爱叫的狗不咬人。

22.  sleeping dogs 阴险的人

23.  Remind someone of… 使想起

24.  keep someone at arm’s length 远离某人

25.  at the first glance 第一眼

26.  have a hunch 有预感

27.  paint someone black 把某人看成是坏人

28.  the milk of human kindness 人情味

29.  the salt of the earth 心肠特别好

30.  a heart as good as gold 心眼特别好

31.  One good turn deserves another. 善有善报

32.  ex-girlfriend以前的女友

33.  get the air 被人甩掉

34.  smell a rat 察觉不对头

35.  the writings on the wall 危险信号

36.  play the field 感情不专一

37.  be all thumbs 笨手笨脚

38.  be eager to 渴望

39.  can’t help… 控制不住

40.  Opportunity knocks only once.机不可失

41.  kick off… 踢开

42.  get rid of 摆脱

43.  pains-taking efforts 苦功夫

44.  play a role 起某种作用


Dialogue for Practice

A=Joe           B=Sue  

A: It seems to me that you fall for(爱上)good-looking guys.

Yeah. They are fun to look at. Nobody likes to look at a man having a face that would stop a clock(奇丑无比).

B: Why don’t you date up a handsome guy and spend time together?

A: I’ve found myself a date mate. He likes to be in my company(和我在一起)and I like to be in his.

B: You must have a lot in common(有很多共同之处)and a barrel of fun(很开心).

A: A barrel of fun, sure. He often says that I’m a date bait(讨人喜欢的漂亮姑娘).

B: But I don’t fancy pretty girls. Some of them are jail bait(祸根), others are…

A: Prejudice! Girls are different. Some are very nice date baits.

B: I didn’t say every pretty girl is a jail bait(祸根). My date mate is hunky-dory(挺不错).

A: Do you have a bone to pick(有意见)with her?

B: Well, she tends to fall for(爱上)things that are day-glo(华而不实). But I don’t poke my nose into(乱打听)her choice.

A: Have you ever run into(遇见)a person who tries to bleed you white(榨干血汗)?

B: I’m always on the look out(警惕)for such girls. Some will take you to the cleaners(让某人把钱花光), you know?

A: I don’t know. I only hear that some guys splash all their money about(挥霍)on them. I don’t know whether they get a kick(得到很大的乐趣)out of being bled white.

B; There’re fools for women(色鬼). Mark is one of them. He has trouble with a girl who turned out to be a dead beat. She borrowed a staggering sum(一大笔)of money from Mark and there is no indication that she will return the money.

A: Mark should have that coming on(活该)him. Sow as you reap.

B: But I have seen the girl. She doesn’t look like that sort of girl. She keeps a stern face, sort of deadpan(面无表情,一本正经的).

A: You can’t judge a person solely by their looks. John is known as(被认为是)a rigid man. He is a classic deadpan. But he turned out to be a licentious and scandalous man.

B: Barking dogs do not bite(爱叫的狗不咬人). And sleeping dogs(阴险的人)are the most vicious and dangerous.

A: It reminds me of our boss. He is a dead ringer for John. But we all keep him at arm’s length(远离某人).

B: I met him once. You can’t believe he is a bad guy at the first glance(第一眼). But I had a hunch(预感到)that he’s a vicious man.

A: There’re such girls, too. They may look pleasant and cheerful at the first sight.

B: That’s why many men are very careful about their involvement with these girls.

A: You can’t deal all girls a poor deck, can you?

B: Of course not. I’ve never painted all of them black(把某人看成是坏人). Some girls do have the milk of human kindness(人情味儿).

A: That’s right. In fact, many girls are the salt of the earth(心肠好的人). They seldom mean harm.

B: My date mate is one of them. She has a heart as good as gold(心眼特别好). I never deal her a poor deck. One good turn deserves another(善有善报),you know?

A: But I hear that your ex-girlfriend(以前的女朋友)had given you a Dear John letter. You got the air(被甩掉)from her.

B: I couldn’t believe she would give me the air. I didn’t smell rat(察觉不对头)until I got the letter. That came to me quite as a surprise.

A: Nothing smelled a rat?(没有发觉不对头吗?)

B: No, I didn’t notice the writings on the wall(危险信号). I fully trusted her. But she was only playing the field(感情不专一).

A: There must be other reasons why she broke ties with(失去联系)you.

B: Of course. She said she didn’t like my diddling with things. Maybe I was too careless.

A: Most girls do not fall for(爱上)a careless man.

B: I know girls are good at details. They are quick at even a slight hint.

A: You’re right. I often blow things. In fact, I had blown(毁坏)several dates.

B: You must learn to be careful.

A: I know. I’m actually dying for a change. I’m eager to(渴望)become a careful man. But sometimes I just can’t help(控制不住)diddling with things.

B: It takes time, of course. Try to remind yourself of(提醒自己)the weakness and you will certainly do better.

A: I can’t agree more. I don’t want to bow thing(把事情搞糟). I must make use of every opportunity I get.

B: That’s the spirit! Opportunity knocks only once(机不可失,时不再来).

A: It’s difficult to kick off (踢开)a bad habit, actually.

B: You must dig at getting rid of(摆脱)your bad habits. It requites pains-taking efforts(苦工夫).

A: Yeah. But I have the determination to change.

B: Consistence and persistence all play a role(起某种作用).

A: I know. Persistence accounts(起作用)significantly for success.


The End of Part 16

To be continue…………………………………………