Part 14


1.     coffee and cakes 微薄的收入

2.     give somebody the cold shoulder 冷落某人

3.     some apart at the seams 情绪失控 失态  

4.     cooked up 精心编造

5.     cook the books 做假账

6.     cool one’s heels 等候很长的时间

7.     cool someone out 抚慰某人;使某人消气

8.     nit-picking 找小错儿,挑剔的

9.     couch potatoes 总是呆在家里看电视的人

10. a country mile 一段很长的距离



1.      live high on the hog 生活富裕

2.      be on the gravy train 有赚大钱的好机会

3.      jump ship 换工作,跳槽

4.      a well-paid job 薪水高的工作

5.      a bigwig 大人物

6.      get on like a house on fire 关系打得火热

7.      a past story 过去的事

8.      break ties 断交

9.      somebody 大人物

10.  be head over heels in love with… 深深爱上

11.  be at loggerheads 顶牛,发生矛盾

12.  not see eye to eye 看法不一致

13.  jump down someone’s throat 粗暴地回答某人

14.  get someone’s goat 惹某人生气

15.  behave himself 不要胡来

16.  put up with… 容忍……

17.  someone’s fault 某人的过错

18.  be out of control 失控

19.  give someone the air 抛弃某人,甩掉某人

20.  mend fences 改善关系

21.  not give someone a tumble 不理睬某人

22.  pair oneself off with… 与……结成对

23.  fall for… 上了……的当

24.  give up hope 绝望

25.  wear out one’s welcome with… 失宠于……

26.  regret about… 后悔……

27.  It takes two to make a quarrel. 一个巴掌拍不响。

28.  blow hot and cold 朝三暮四,喜怒无常

29.  a good catch 很好的追求目标

30.  an inglorious history 一段不光彩的历史

31.  have someone’s number 知道某人的底细

32.  be dismissed 被解雇

33.  feel sick of… 讨厌……

34.  have a dirty hand 手脏

35.  attend to… 照料……

36.  in one’s position 在某人的地位上

37.  get someone’s goat 惹某人生气

38.  be too particular 太挑剔

39.  play the filed 感情不专一

40.  That sounds more like it. 这还差不多。

41.  pound the pavements 忙着找工作

42.  be content with… 满意……

43.  be cut out for… 天生适合做……

44.  one’s niche in life 一生中最好的职位

45.  stay idle 显得没事干

46.  twiddle one’s thumbs 闲得无聊

47.  keep one’s finger’s crossed 等待好消息

48.  No news is good news. 没有消息就是好消息。

49.  a job opening 职位空缺

50.  suit to a T 太适合了


Dialogue For Practice

A=Mark                 B=Lisa   

A: You seem to live high on the hog(生活富裕). You must be on the gravy train(有赚大钱的机会) these days.

B: On the gravy train? I’m working only for coffee and cakes. I’m thinking of jumping ship(跳槽)and working on a well-paid job(薪水高的工作).

A: Didn’t you say you liked working as a secretary?

B: Yes, I did. But ours is a small company. And my boss is not a bigwig(大人物). I want to work for a big boss.

A: Why don’t you go and ask Frank to help. I remember you used to get on with him like a house on fire(打的火热).

B: That was a past story(过去的事). I broke ties(断交)with him before he became somebody(成了大人物).

A: How come? He seemed to be head over heels in love with(深深爱上你)you. And you told me that he was a good guy.

B: He was a good guy by the time that we met. But soon we were at loggerheads(顶牛). We couldn’t see eye to eye(看法不一致)on many things.

A: So you give him a cold shoulder now?

B: He gives me a cold shoulder. He still remembers what I said.

A: For what reason did you jump down his throat(粗暴地回答 ? I mean what did he do wrong to get your goat(惹你生气)?

B: I knew he fell for me, but soon he came apart at the seams(情绪失控,失态). I told him to behave himself(不要胡来)and he got hurt. I couldn’t put up with(容忍)that, you know?

A: It was your fault(过错), I think. If I were you, I would…

B: I didn’t like that sort of thing. He was simply out of control(失控). I finally gave him the air (抛弃,甩掉).

A: But that shouldn’t be the reason for you to give him the air(抛弃). Did he try to mend fences(改善关系)?

B: He did, but I didn’t give him a tumble(不理睬). Besides, I gave him a cooked-up story(精心编造的故事)and told him that I had paired myself off(结成对)with someone else. He fell for(上当)that and he gave up hope(绝望).

A: It was a pity that he wore out his welcome(失宠)with you. He must regret about(后悔)losing your love.

B: It takes two to love, the same as it takes two to make a quarrel(无双不成爱,一个巴掌拍不响).

A: Love is indeed a complicated matter. People might blow hot and cold(朝三暮四)from time to time. But I still can’t seem to understand you. He is generally a good catch(很好的追求目标).

B: Well, he had an inglorious history(一段不光彩的历史), you know?

A: You had his number(知道他的底细)? What did he do wrong?

B: He was once dismissed(被解雇)from a large company for cooking the books(做假账). I don’t like dishonest people. And I feel sick of (讨厌)those who have a dirty hand(手脏).

A: But that shouldn’t be the reason you gave him the air(抛弃). Everyone makes mistakes.

B: There are of course other reasons.

A: What other faults have you found out of him?

B: He is not a punctual man. He often made me cool my heels(等候很长的时间)for an appointment. I didn’t like to be made a fool standing at the gate of his company and waiting for a guy that did not care for my standing there.

A: That was his fault(过错). Maybe he was too busy and had too many things to attend to(照料).

B: But that shouldn’t be the reason for making me cool my heels. I just couldn’t put up with(容忍)that.

A: If I were you, I would try to understand him in his position(站在他的立场上). And if I were him, I would be able to cool you out(抚慰你,使你消气).

B: But he didn’t. He didn’t even make a sincere apology(歉意)to me.

A: It takes two to make a quarrel and it takes two to mend fences(改善关系).

B: I was so angry that I could not keep cool. Maybe he was too cool.

A: He’s so manly(男子汉). But it is a pity he got your goat(惹你生气). To tell you the truth, I myself don’t like girls’ cotton-picking minds(挑剔的性格). Some of them are too particular(太挑剔)about things.

B: And I don’t like men who are playing the filed(感情不专一). Girls are more faithful than most men.

A: Let’s stop arguing. What I care now is how you can get the job you want.

B: That sounds more like it(这还差不多). Well, I may enjoy pounding the pavement(忙着找工作)and finding a job on my own.

A: You won’t be content with(满意)doing thing you are not cut out of(天生适合), will you?

B: No. But will do my best to find my niche in life(一生中最好的职位). I wouldn’t become a couch potato, anyway. I can’t stay idel(呆着没事干)and twiddle my thumbs(闲得无聊).

A: Of course not. But the trouble is that you are not working on a job of your fancy.

B: That doesn’t worry so much. I’ll just keep an ear open and keep my fingers crossed(等待好消息)for a better job.


A: I have a piece of news for you, Lisa.

B: No news is good news(没有消息便是好消息). What is it’?

A: I hear that there is an opening(职位空缺)in one big company. That job will suit you to a T(太适合你了).

B: Is the company close to(紧靠)the central city?

A: It is a country mile from the National Park. But it won’t be a problem since you drive.

B: The distance is not really a problem. The real problem is whether I can get hired.

A: Are you sure you do not care about the traveling? If so, I promise you will be most likely to be hired.

B: How can you be so sure(如此自信).?

A: A friend of my father is the general manager of that company. I’ve already asked my father to try and get you hired.


The End of Part 14

To be continue………………………