Part 8


1.     big noise 重要的新闻

2.     big talk 吹牛

3.     big-time spender 出手很阔的人

4.     be big with… 深受……的喜爱

5.     go on a binge 狂欢

6.     be bird-brained 愚蠢的

7.     bite someone’s head off 对某人大发雷霆

8.     be bits and pieces 心烦意乱

9.     bleed someone white 榨干血汗

10. blind date 男女间的初次约会



1. have something to do with… 与……有关

2. front-page news 头版头条新闻

3. take great pride in… 对……感到骄傲

4. aim at… 目的在于

5. be cut out for… 天生适合……

6. make big bucks 赚大钱

7. make big noise 报导重大新闻

8. a fat cat 大款,很有钱的人

9. splash one’s money about 挥霍钱

10.            pinch pennies 节俭

11.            get pleasure in… 从……得到快乐

12.            a white-haired boy 受宠的人

13.            to a certain degree 从某种程度讲

14.            can’t agree more 再同意不过

15.            social celebrities 社会名人

16.            feel like a million dollar 特别开心

17.            splurge 挥霍

18.            cost an arm and a leg 宰人(价格)

19.            chicken out 因害怕而打退堂鼓

20.            let one’s money go down the drain 把钱白白浪费

21.            a miser 吝啬

22.            a chicken guy 胆小鬼

23.            class-A 一流的

24.            have a big time 玩得很高兴

25.            give someone a good piece of one’s mind 好好教训某人一顿

26.            have had one too many 喝多了

27.            put down one’s foot 坚决反对

28.            insist on… 坚持……

29.            a stick in the mud 老古董

30.            generation gap 代沟

31.            give in 屈服

32.            thin edge 开头事小,后果严重

33.            not have the heart to… 不忍心

34.            be in a placid mood 心平气和

35.            see eye to eye 看法一致

36.            old-fashioned 过时的

37.            modern way 现代方式

38.            object to… 反对……

39.            not give someone a tumble 不理睬某人

40.            fall for… 爱上……


Dialogue for Practice

A=Mark             B=Lucy

A: I don’t know why Yelsin makes much big noise in major English newspapers and magazines.

B: That has something to do with(与……有关)reporters who crave to make big noise.

A: He appears in most newspapers in recent years. And news about him always seems to be front-page news(头版头条).

B: Reporters take great pride in(感到骄傲)their news coverage, and front-page news is the only thing they seem to aim at(最终目标).

A: Talking about reporters, it always seems that they tend to exaggerate things: they make small things appear big.

B: Big talk(吹牛), I’d say. They are cut out for(天生适合)talking big.

A: They should be faithful in reporting things.

B: That’s their job to make big noise, or they may lose news coverage.  I know a reporter. His name is Frank. He makes big bucks(赚大钱)by making big noise(报导重大新闻)for several major newspapers.

A: I’ve heard about him. A friend of mine told me that he himself is big noise. Many people call him “a fat cat”(大款).

B: He is a fat cat. And he’s a big-time spender, too(出手很阔的人). He splashes his money about(挥霍钱)like anything.

A: But many rich people don’t behave that way. They are pinching pennies(节俭).

B: But Frank is different. He gets a lot of pleasure in spending(从……中得到很大的乐趣)money. Frank is not only a big-time spender, but also big with most notables in Chicago. He is a white-haired boy(受宠的人)among them.

A: Nothing to be surprised about that. He helps them a lot in increasing their popularity. Social celebrities(社会名人) depend their popularity on reporters, to a certain degree(从某种意义程度说).

B: I can’t agree more(再同意不过). It’s reporters who help make them know.

A: Let’s stop talking about social celebrities(社会名人). I want to be a big-time spender(出手阔的人)today.

B: Yeah. Let’s go on a binge. I feel like a million dollars(特别开心)today.

A: Right. Let’s go and splurge(挥霍). But where shall we go?

B: Let’s go to Hilton. I have never been able to be in there.

A: What? Going to Hilton? That will cost us an arm and a leg(宰人的价格).

B: You want to chicken out on(打退堂鼓)that?

A: Better somewhere else. I don’t want to let my money go down the drain(把钱白白浪费)in Hilton.

B: You are simply a miser(吝啬鬼). Didn’t you suggest we splurge(挥霍一下)?

A: Yea, I did. But I don’t see a point in splurging in a place like Hilton. Don’t be bird-brained and let our money go down the drain(把钱白白浪费)like that.

B: I’m disappointed. I didn’t know you are a chicken guy(胆小鬼).

A: Listen! We can go to the Grand Hotel. And there is a number of A-class(一流的)night clubs around the place.

B: All right. I’ll follow yours.


A: It was really great fun. I haven’t had such a big time(玩得很开心)before.

B: But I didn’t enjoy for long. When I got home, my father bit my head off and was giving me a good piece of his mind(教训).

A: What for? Was it because you late again?

B: Not really. I had had one too many(喝多了)and he put down his foot(坚决反对)and insisted on(坚持)my not going out again. He doesn’t allow me to drink.

A: He must be a stick in the mud(老古董). He should know that we are not in his generation.

B: There is a generation gap(代沟). They can’t seem to understand us.

A: You shouldn’t give in(屈服). That’ll be the thin edges(开头事小,后果严重).

B: Well, he was bits and pieces. I didn’t have the heart(不忍心)to get on his nerves and drive him mad.

A: I know. I know. But you should bet him know that we are…

B: I’ll have a talk with him in a placid mood(心平气和). I might be able to convince him of what I think. But it takes time for him to see eye to eye(看法一致)with us young people. But one thing my father will never agree with us.

A: Something about modern things?

B: No. About the way we splash our money about(挥霍钱). He even thinks that eating out will bleed us white(榨干血汗).

A: He’s old-fashioned(过时的). He doesn’t have a sense of modern way(现代方式)of consumption.

B: We can’t force old people to accept what we enjoy doing, of course.

A: May I ask you a question?

B: Sure. Go ahead.

A: Does your father object to(反对)your dating different men?

B: How can I know? I’ve never done that.

A: But I still remember your telling me something about your blind date(男女的初次约会). You said that you didn’t give the man a tumble(不理睬)on your blind date, didn’t you?

B: But that doesn’t have anything to do with(与……有关)dating different men.

A: I’m sorry. What I mean is…

B: Is what?

A: Well, I mean do you like dating?

B: Yes, I do. I like going out with the one whom I seem to fall for(爱上).


The End of Part 7

To be continue.............................