Part 23


1.     get a kick out of… 从……得到乐趣

2.     get a rise out of… 得到……强烈的反应

3.     get away with… 逍遥法外

4.     get someone’s back up 惹人生气

5.     get one’s cheese 如愿以偿

6.     get one’s goat 惹某人生气

7.     get in someone’s hair 使人心烦

8.     get one’s lumps 挨训,挨罚

9.     get someone off the hook 使某人的摆脱责任

10. get on one’s high horse 态度傲慢,趾高气扬

11. get on someone’s nerves 搅得某人心烦意乱

12. get sidetracked 分心

13. get the air (尤指被女子抛弃)

14. get the boot 被解雇,被抛弃

15. get the goods on… 抓到某人的把柄



1.      get a big bang out of… 从……得到很大乐趣

2.      Evils bounce back. 恶有恶报。

3.      meet one’s Waterloo 遭到惨败;受到沉重的打击

4.      give someone enough rope to hang himself 让某人自取灭亡

5.      get away with 逍遥法外

6.      not let someone go Scot-free 不会轻饶了某人

7.      walk away with 顺手牵羊地拿走……

8.      turn a blind eye to…  装作没看见……

9.      get in someone’s bad book 上了某人的黑名单

10.  no indication 没有迹象

11.  Still waters run deep. 深水静流。

12.  see the writings on the wall 看到危险信号

13.  walk on airs 自鸣得意

14.  thank one’s lucky stars 感到万幸

15.  goof off 在工作中偷懒

16.  get one’s own medicine 得到报应

17.  should have it coming on someone 活该

18.  give someone the gate 开除某人

19.  get the goods on someone 抓到某人的把柄

20.  come down on someone like a ton of bricks 严厉斥责某人

21.  get the bag 被解雇

22.  be finished 完蛋

23.  give someone the air 甩掉某人

24.  walk out on someone 离开某人

25.  keep on doing… 不断地干……

26.  crack down on… 制裁……

27.  give someone a lesson 给某人个教训

28.  stand up firmly for… 挺身支持……

29.  sense of justice 正义感

30.  blind… 蒙蔽……

31.  Fault is thick where love is thin.一朝情谊淡,事事不顺眼。

32.  take someone under one’s wings 庇护某人

33.  pound the pavement 忙着找工作

34.  quit one’s job 辞掉某人的工作

35.  be quite a job to do… 干……不容易

36.  no prospects 没有前景

37.  make both ends meet 使收支平衡

38.  a better-paid job 薪金较高的工作

39.  keep an ear open 注意听着

40.  It takes two to make a happy marriage. 幸福的婚姻取决于两个人的努力。

41.  have no guts 没骨气

42.  give someone a good talking-to 严厉斥责某人,教训某人

43.  go against… 反对……


Dialogue For Practice 

A=Ted                B=Ann  

A: I don’t know why there’re always people who get a kick out of doing evil things.

B: People are different. Some guys get a big bang out of(从……中得到很大的乐趣)doing bad things.

A: Evil bounce back(恶有恶报). They will sooner or later meet their Waterloo (遭到惨败). But Joe’s wrong doing didn’t get a rise out of(得到……强烈的反应)the boss.

B: He’s giving him enough rope to hang himself(让他自取灭亡).

A: But I’m afraid that he will probably get away with it(逍遥法外).

B: No way. You bet the boss won’t let him go Scot-free(不会轻易饶了他).

A: Joe got away with it last time. The boss knew that he was walking away with (顺手牵羊地拿走) the office’s properties, but he seemed to have turned a blind eye to(装作没看见)that.

B: He got in his bad book, anyway(上了黑名单). You will soon see what happens to Joe. He won’t be lucky(没那么便宜)any longer.

A: There’s no indication(没有迹象)that the boss will punish him.

B: Still waters run deep(深水静流). Few could get his back up, but Joe did. He should have seen the writings on the wall(看到危险信号).

A: Maybe he’s still walking on airs(自鸣得意)and he may thank his lucky stars(感到万幸)for getting away with it.

B: Joe has been goofing off(在工作中偷懒)and walking away with(顺手牵羊地拿走)the company’s properties. He won’t get his cheese, you bet. He’ll soon get his own medicine(得到报应).

A: He should have it coming on him(活该). But if I were his boss, he would give him the gate(开除)right now.

B: Maybe the boss wants to get enough goods on (抓到把柄)him before kicking him out of the company.

A: Do you know that Joe had finally got the boss’s goat?

B: Yeah. He could no longer tolerate him. He came down on Joe like a ton of bricks(严厉斥责)yesterday. He has never been so angry.

A: He will get the bag(被解雇)this time.

B: That’s what he deserves. The boss finally decided to fire him.

A: He didn’t think that he would be finished(完蛋)so soon. His girlfriend will give him the air(甩掉), I suppose.

B: He certainly got in her hair. She was very angry when she learned what he had done.

A: If I were her, I would walk out on(离开)him at once. Few girls would love his sort.

B: You are right. Few girls love a man that keeps on(不断地)making trouble.

A: It is high time Joe got his lumps. Someone has to crack down on (制裁)him to give him a lesson(给他个教训).

B: His fate will carry out the job. Bad people can’t always be lucky.

A: But there are some girls who are trying to get their boyfriends off the hook. They stand up firmly for(挺身支持)them even if they know in their hearts that they were wrong.

B: They are not upright people. They have no sense of justice(正义感).

A: But life is just like that. Love might blind(蒙蔽)them to many things.

B: Yes. Love is indeed a mysterious thing. It blinds reason and many other things.

A: That reminds me of a very nice saying: Fault is thick where love is thin(一朝情谊淡,事事不顺眼).

B: That’s right. When there’s no love, fault finds its way into their minds.

A: But Joe won’t be able to get on his high horse even if his girlfriend will take him under her wings(庇护).

B: No. He has to pound the pavement(忙着找工作)and find a new job.


B: You seem to be upset today. What’s troubling you?

A: Someone is getting on my nerves. I feel troubled and don’t know what to do.

B: I may help you to get out of it if you tell me what the trouble is.

A: It’s all because of my wife. She is asking me to quit my job(辞了工作)and find a new one.

B: What does she want you to do? It’s quite a job(很不容易)to find a job nowadays.

A: That’s why I am upset. But she has never got on my nerves before.

B: Did you have a talk with her about why she wants you to quit the job?

A: Yes, I did. She says that my job has no prospects(没有前景)and the pay is not good enough to help us make both ends meet(收支平衡). She wants me to find a more promising and better-paid job(薪金较高的工作).

B: Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t get sidetracked for(分心)the time being. I would just concentrate on doing my job well while keeping an ear open(注意听着)for a better opportunity.

A: I can’t ignore her suggestion. In fact I always value her suggestions.

B: I know. Maybe she will give you the air if you go against her.

A: Well, it takes two to make a happy marriage(幸福的婚姻取决于两个人的努力).

B: And it takes two to make an agreement, too. You have no guts(没骨气), I’m afraid.

A: I won’t get sidetracked before I got a new job.

B: That’s right. It’s not pleasant to get the boot.

A: But I might get the boot either from the job or from my wife.

B: How can that be? Talk to your wife about that. I’m sure she can understand that.

A: It’s hard to make her change her mind once she has had an idea. I know her pretty well. She might give me a good talking-to(严厉斥责)if I object to her suggestion.

B: I feel sorry for you. I’m sure you never dare to go against(反对)her.

A: Why should I go against her? She always seems to have better ideas.

B: Have you ever got the goods on her for wrong doings?

A: Get the goods on her? She never allows me to go to her office. And, she is a good woman. She has been faithful all these years.

B: Well, it’s nice to have a husband like you. You will never get on the nerves of your woman.

A: In fact I don’t want to get on the nerves of anyone.


The End of Part 23 

To be continue………………………………………………………