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Player Name: freakM12

Character Info:




Somewhat of a mystery, but considered a Hylian




5'11", 130lbs, 17 years old. Skinny yet muscularly toned build, blonde hair, blue eyes. Standard Hylian clothes with a blue and red ring (red on left blue on right) on each hand.




Hylian sword, shield and bow.


Smart, understands how people think and can sort of predict their next move, good with a sword but not known to what extent yet, weaponry, knows a little magic.


Kinda likes to do his own thing sometimes, strong magic.


One day Phoenix came down from Death Mountain. He looked for a job so he could by a sword and shield. People asked what happened to his old sword and shield. He said it was his business. He found a job with Dampe digging graves, which he did for awhile. He bought his stuff and continued to work. One day on a royal tour of the cemetery an assassin tried to attack the royal family. Phoenix quickly struck him down. Since then he's been a guard/messenger for the royal family. He still has not stated anything of his past. No one's sure what he's capable of. After he got his sword, he fused a gold gem into it that used to be on a necklace. Its power is unknown.