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Player Name: Luke_I_Am_Yo_Daddy

Character Info:








7'1", 250lbs (has 250lbs armour), appears to be 20 - 30 years old.




Able to use nearly any weapon skilfully, however his weapon of choice is the indestructible (although otherwise pretty basic) sword, Excalibur (6 ft. long, 10 in. wide). His armour, the SuperNova armour, is based on an Iron Knuckle's armour, and is very heavy. It is black/silver coloured most of the time, however in times of battle or periods of action, it transforms to become red/yellow. Also has a very strong Mirror Shield, which can reflect beam attacks.


Extremely strong physically, high defence against physical attacks, excellent in hand-to-hand or weaponry combat, highly intelligent, fanatically loyal.
Armor allows him to roll up in a Goron Wheel, useful for travelling long distances and retreating from battles. Wheeled form greatly enhances defence and when up to speed (turns gold, and takes quite a while to reach), can repel magic attacks. Does not require energy or magic to transform or use the wheel, and he is hard to stop due to his weight and momentum while rolling. He also knows some basic elemental spells he can use in conjunction with his sword.


Armor isn't particularly powerful, and gradually wears down his speed while fighting. He has limited magic abilities, and is susceptible to magic attacks. His loyalty to comrades will sometimes overrule his intelligence and send him into situations that he might have avoided otherwise.
Goron Wheel is not useful for fighting, getting up to speed takes a lot of time, and the wheel is ineffective in close combat to block magic as it takes too long to get up to speed. Has trouble slowing down or stopping quickly due to his weight and momentum while rolling.
He has difficulty swimming due to his heavy armour.


Sabre's past is a complete mystery. All anyone knows is that one day he appeared in Hyrule and went to the king to apply for a position in the Royal Guard. He quickly distinguished himself as the best swordsman in Hyrule, some say on a par with Link himself. Rising to the rank of the Captain of the Royal Guard, he was unable to stop Ganondorf’s storming of Hyrule Castle and his subsequent rise to power. However, Sabre continued to fight Ganondorf during the 7 Dark Years and led the Hyrulian Resistance, an underground faction of Hyrule’s best solders and fighters, which even included Impa and Sheik. They plagued Ganondorf while Link was in the Sacred Realm, draining the power of his army, protecting the citizens of Hyrule, and plundering Ganondorf’s treasure convoys to give to the poor, while waiting for Link to return.

He has been described as a tank on two feet, a juggernaut, and indeed he lives up to this reputation. It is rumoured that his armor is from the stars, and contains some of their essence. He is said to have quested for it for untold years, tracking it from location to location all around the world. There is some seeming truth to these rumours, as in battle, the armor seems to glow with the power of a supernova. The armor is one of a kind, and only he is able to wear it. Actually, he doesn’t seem so much as to wear it, as he is encased by it. Given some time, the armor will even repair itself, growing to fill in scars and lost pieces of itself. However the more damage there is the longer it takes. At minimum it takes 2 hours, so it is not particularly helpful during combat. His armor is known to slow his aging process, giving him a potential life span five times that of an average Hylian, thus although he only looks to be 20-30, he could be many times that. It also allows him to roll up in a Goron-like wheel and move extremely quickly, and when he gets up to his top speed of approximately 300 mph (as shown by it turning gold), the particles in the air are so polarised that they will turn away nearly any magic attack. He does not require energy or magic to transform or use the wheel. Although useful for travelling long distances, it is not practical for fighting. Even though when he is in the wheeled form, his defense is doubled, he cannot use any attack at all in this form, he does not grow the Goron spikes, so this form has no offensive capabilities. He could ram into an enemy, but it requires very precise manoeuvring, and the enemy could simply jump away once they saw him headed for them. Also it does not work well as a magic shield in close combat, as the time it takes to turn into the wheel and get up to speed would be too long, and the blast would hit. His armor appears to be a cross between an Iron Knuckle, and a version of Onox's armor, however for simplicity’s sake it is classed as Iron Knuckle super-heavy class armor. It is also extremely heavy, and can slow him down during combat. No one knows where he found his sword, Excaliber, but its power is said to rival that of even the Master Sword of the Hero of Time, and despite it’s sheer enormous size, he can wield it one-handedly extremely skilfully, leaving the other hand free for anything else. He also wields the awesome Mirror Shield; capable of reflecting or storing some magical attacks.

He is able to enhance his sword with certain simple elemental spells; fire, ice, lightning, and darkness. However, these can only enhance the weapon he is using, and cannot be projected by themselves, such as a fire wall or ice beam. As high as his strength and defence are against physical attacks, he is not a magician by trade, so he has low resistance to magical attacks, and must dodge, block, or reflect them to avoid damage. Also because of the weight of his armor in fighter mode, he will slow down over long battles, although he has average speed to start. In wheeled mode he never has to slow down.

Sabre hates Ganondorf almost as much as Link does, and will do anything to wipe him and his followers from Hyrule. He is completely loyal to whatever cause he commits himself to, and will never give up on a goal until either he is killed in battle, or it is accomplished. He is also a good leader, and incredibly intelligent, however at times he prefers to go lone wolf. This can cause conflicts with his team at times, as they can become frustrated with his methods. He will do anything to protect his people, and this has gotten him into more than one tricky situation.
Because he never takes off his helmet, no one has ever seen his face.