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Player Name: LinkReborn

Character Info:








6'7", 212lbs, 22 years old, dark black, spikey, long and thick, hair that turns golden-blonde when he changes into a Wizard. Very muscular, even/medium build. Wears a string to tie his hair into a pony tail, white longjohns, a green open vest (light cloth, form fitting), black, loosely fit pair of pants, and a black belt. Wears thick brown socks and Brown boots (much like Link), and green gloves without the fingers.




He wears an adult Goron bracelet on his right arm, a dagger at his left hip, and a brown magic satchel at his right hip, containing a magic clock/compass, a satchel of water, and some bombs.

He has a sword named Senept. When held straight up, a large bubble of energy swarms around it, and when called forth the energy ball explodes, damaging anyone within 5 ft (usually used for a getaway tactic). It can also can do Links beam and spin attack, but with greater difficulty.


Excellent swordsman, a fast fighter, although not very skilled. Physically strong. Has heightened senses, especially smell, and is an experienced tracker.

Can use a range of defensive magic spells, including fire/ice shield, regeneration, flight (to escape), . However, he needs to be in wizard form to use his powerful spells, and transforming makes him vulnerable for a while.


Using magic makes him weak for a period of time, and he has to transform to use his more powerful spells, which leaves him vulnerable for a while. When angered, he tends to lose control and fight less accurately. His Need for women sometimes out casts his will to fight. Sometimes blindly lets people go as he is very forgiving. While he is fast when fighting, his running speed is very slow. He has no real physical shield, and he is a poor swimmer.


Deep within Hyrule grew a child (Freal) with exceptional strength. Raised only by his uncle (Senept), he grew into a fine teenager. But this child needed protection, for Hyrule was not as safe as it used to be. Freal and his Uncle lived in the outskirts of Hyrule in a small village, too small to even be named properly. The villagers there just called it "Small Village". The Village was very poor because of the frequent relocating caused by Ganon's minions' constant attacks. It was not a peaceful time for most. So, considering the evil all around them, Freal's Uncle, Senept, worked tirelessly on weapons to protect his child that he considered like a son (after raising him from a mere 2 months old after Freal's parents died in one of the attacks upon Hyrule). From his work he had found a way to imitate the power of the Master Sword almost exactly, but due to his nephew's size and strength, Senept's sword would have to be much larger, thus the power within the sword would not be as easily brought out and used. Building into the swords silver/gold/steel handle a crystal-like Triforce, which was the source of the sword's power, Senept made the sword very strong, and to this day thought by Freal to be unbreakable. Once done, Senept put in the designs and was finally truly ready to give the weapon to Freal. But then another attack on the village left nearly the whole village dead or dying. Senept was one of those who perished, dying before Freal had come back from getting supplies in the woods with his best friend Seyink. Freal and Seyink walked into the village, stepping over the still bodies of their friends, and from what Freal could tell, obvious ploys as to whom did this. Looking at foot prints of Lizalfos, and Gerudo weapons. Freal knew it was a lie, as well did Seyink, for the Lizalfos tracks were out of the ordinary. When Freal went into the shack where is dead uncle lay, he picked up the newly made sword and swore upon the crystal Triforce in the sword's handle, that he would get revenge. A year later, after much training with the sword, and training with his friend Seyink (who is a magician), Freal began his search for the ones that did the evil deed to his uncle.

Seyink (pronounced sync) was not born in the same village as Freal. He was born in the land of Lizalfos, but raised by his Elvin father in "Small Village." You see, Seyink is not just an average Lizalfos, (although he appears to be one in form not in strength and mass) he is a cross breed between an Elf and a Lizalfos. One day A female Lizalfos, very sickly and fearing that her bloodline will not go on, was looking for a mate. She came across a male elf straying into the far woods (looking for some good wood to build toys for the children of his village) during the night and raped him. The elf raised the child by his lonesome (because the lizalfos died of a sudden health issue), teaching Seyink all the powers he knew. The elf was not accepted in the Elvin town he lived in because of his child, so he had moved to the Small town Freal had been raised in. Freal and Seyink grew up together, being the best of friends. They taught each other how to fight or the basics of magic, and grew up protecting the village. But after the Village was destroyed and most of the people killed, Seyink left his father to the care of the Lizalfos people, and went off to aid Freal to get revenge on those who killed his uncle.

The 2 trained together and started their search. They decided that though they did not believe a Lizalfos or Gerudo was behind these attacks, that they would follow the tracks given to them, and maybe lead to the truth by showing them the lies full on. Following them they were led to some ruins of a church for the Hylian cause. In the wreck of wood and dust Freal found a medallion. As he grasp it, his body vibrated for a second and he fell to the floor in pain. He looked at the Medallions inscription and it read "Those who may bear this Medallion, the Jule of Hero's Eye, may drain his foes and freeze their eyes." Freal immediately smiled and tied a string to it and put it around his neck. While leaving the ruins he found a recently killed guard, tears across his face with a bloody dagger to a note that read "I will get revenge those who killed my wife and child." The bloody finger of the guard spelled "I will never forget" on the floor near him. Freal took the dagger from the guard and vowed that he will fulfil the guard's desires, and would avenge him and his wife and child's deaths.

As Freal continued on to his journey, Seyink feared for his father's life. Seyink told Freal that he would check on his father, just to see how he was settling in, but in his heart he had not trusted the Lizalfos. Seyink vowed he would return to Freal's side once he had seen his father, meanwhile asking him to leave a trail. So the two parted ways, and Freal ventured into the unknown. Freal walked into a Goron village for food and supplies before continuing. A heart felt Goron approached him, sensing his anger for revenge, also admiring his sword. The Goron gave him his father's bracelet to help him. The bracelet adds 10% more strength to the arm it's on (for adults only). Freal thanked the kind-hearted Goron and told him about his sword. Once done gathering his things and saying his goodbyes Freal was on his way, leaving a trail of magical residue behind him for Seyink to follow.