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accobra (Davis McCloud)
Aeron (Capernaum)
Anime_no_Freak (Shiro and Kuro)
BabyYoshi2k (Leviar)
blink182ska (Drake)
Chrono_Link (Koro)
Cream04849 (Chamdar)
cusideabelincoln (Lincoln Daruto)
Darklink486 (Dinael)
Death_Eater (Elvar)
DEC69 (Rael)
degenerationjay (Dajronon)
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GoldenShadow (RockBlazer)
JuanFF2000 (Hyena)
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MM2K (The Sage of Darkness)
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turquoisefox (Aylinn)
utrecht21 (General Bombchu)
VOLVAGIA (Vimaruc)
Wing_commander11 (Shrakon)
wogz (Enna)


Player Name: accobra

Character Info:


Davis McCloud (called 'The Stalker' by his enemies)


3/4 Boomerang guys from Zelda 2, 1/4 unknown.




5'7", 125lbs.


About 70% Dark, 30% Light, but his goodness is slowly growing.


Has a 4D bag that's small, but big enough to fit all his tools and such inside. His trusty boomerang, hand crafted of course, has blades on one end. He has a dagger possessed by the element fire, when stabbed you feel as if your body is on fire (this is a magical mind trick, weak victims might believe they're melting). Also has a cross with a little lens of truth in the middle of it. Has a stone he got from one of his victims that protects him from ice, cold, and such magic.


His strengths lie in speed, stealth ,and powerful throwing abilities. Knows a little magic, knows the basics and a few cool little tricks, but not really attacks. Enhanced senses, smart. Can withstand extreme heat.

Magic abilities include the ability to turn into a Shadow, and teleportation.


Not physically strong, vulnerable to magic attacks. When turned into a shadow, he is easy to spot in the open. Can only teleport about 2 miles at most, and teleportation is very tiring.


A very lonely guy, he has no friends, only business partners, and only a few at most. He's called The Stalker because he is known to stalk his enemies or victims to try to know more about them to learn about them and their ways before he kills them. It is said that none of his victims ever know he stalks them, always staying in the shadows until the last moment. Davis is known to do almost anything for a price. He doesn't really remember much of his past or early years. He also has a very loyal pet named bounce (who is on of those cat type thing that jump up and down in Zelda 2, you find them in grassy areas) who can jump very high, has a very acute sense of hearing, and can talk telepathically to Davis. Davis also knows a bit of magic, he knows a shadow spell that lets him hide in the shadows unseen, also knows a bit of fire based magic. Davis is known to be mostly in the desert south-west of the haunted wasteland, and is believed to live there.