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Player Name: Nogard3

Character Info:








4'2" tall, a black Tokay with red eyes that glow before he makes a kill.




Magic amulet, magic staff, sniper bow and slingshot, many hidden knives, dark camouflage cloak, dark map of Hyrule, mini-telescope, skeleton key, spell books of Black Magic and Invisibility, a hookshot, and a diamond container of Anju's soup.


Swift and agile, very quiet and stealthy, a good spy and thief. Strong magic user with high intelligence. Good eyesight.


Physically very weak, low armour. Very small.


Unlike most Tokay, Treglanor is not green, but black. While growing up, the Tokay were quite jealous of Treglanor's unique colour and excluded him. Since he had no friends, he spent all his time studying, which gave him a much higher intelligence than most Tokay. Treglanor became so smart that not even the Tokay elders understood him anymore. He decided that he was no longer needed on Crescent Island and left for Hyrule. There he met Avarikh, and became one of his followers. Avarikh taught Treglanor how to use magic, the dark kind. Treglanor excelled in this subject, and soon became a very powerful magic user. Avarikh was pleased by this, and Treglanor became very close to him. Due to his dark colour, small size and quickness, Avarikh decided he would also train him to become one of his spies. Treglanor was also very good at this, and became Avarikh's head spy. Apparently, Avarikh has just sent Treglanor on a very.. special mission.

Not much more is known about Treglanor, except some rumours.. he apparently has VERY strong ties with a necromancer, hiding in Death Mountain. There is also a rumour that he was behind the assassination of the Tokay Elder last year. Some even say that he's received training from Twinrova. He is rarely ever seen, but he's out there, hiding in the shadows..