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Player Name: LittlHawk8

Character Info:








About 5 feet tall at the shoulder (but has a fairly long neck), 11 feet in length, 350 lbs (dragons have hollow, but very strong, bones). Kima is pure black, with wings wider than she is long covered in tough, black, feathers. She has a long neck and tail. Her eyes are amber colored, and she has two horns, one on either side of her head. She also has a small horn on the tip of her nose. She is warm-blooded (as all dragons are) and has opposable thumbs on her front feet. She is intelligent, and can speak Hylian.






Her scales are strong and deflect swords and daggers with ease, she can fly and swim (fairly well, but she doesn't like to).


Spears and arrows can pierce between her scales, she is also weak against magic (particularly magics not related to the Earth, such as Dark magics).


Kima is one of a dwindling population of dragons in Hyrule. Her father was killed by Hylian hunters when she was young, and her tribe gets smaller every year. She has decided to go out and try to save her family and race. Though dragons are as intelligent as Hylians, they have long been considered beasts. The Hylian government does not protect them, or even treat them like equals (as they do with the Zora and Goron peoples) and that is why Kima is not sure what side she is on yet. She is good-hearted, and is probably better suited to the Light Side (since she, like other dragons, does not like death and destruction) but if the Light side won't help her in protecting her race, then she will fight with the Dark Side. She is loyal, and a good friend. Sometimes, though, she can be stubborn and reclusive. In battle she can sometimes become worked up to the point that she loses rational thought. This could happen if, for example, she lost a friend in the battle. Usually she is cool-headed and friendly.