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Player Name: Wing_commander11

Character Info:








6'2" tall, 170lbs, 24 years old.




Short sword, iron shield, and a few vials of unknown substances.


He has a wide variety of spells and incantations, which, when performed correctly, can be extremely powerful. These range from a spell to turn any object to ice, to one that can make it pitch black, as if the sun has suddenly disappeared. He is quick and agile. He also has the ability to shapeshift into a dark, shadowy creature which, while much stronger physically, is usually just a last resort.


He is not very strong physically, which explains the lack of any real weapons. He also gets very emotional around old friends who don't recognize him due to his changed nature. This has been used against him in the past. Also, after shape shifting he is severely drained and must save his energy for many days.


Shrakon left on a journey to prove himself to his peers at the age of 18. No one is quite sure what he was trying to prove himself of, but this journey forever altered his life.
He was ambushed by thieves and severely injured on his journey and was taken in by an old magician who found him lying in the road. The magician taught Shrakon everything he knew; however he was soon enticed by the ultimate power of dark magic, and in a long battle ended up killing the magician. He never fully regained his strength after the injury so must virtually rely on magic alone to defend himself, but this is the way of the magician.
Shortly after killing the old man he returned to Hyrule, determined to gain ultimate power.