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Player Name: VOLVAGIA

Character Info:




Hylian (former Demi-God)




5' 10", 184lb (though a medium build), looks like Adult Link, only evil. Has black eyes and dark grey skin. Wears a black tunic, black gloves, black boots, and black chain linked mail that covers all except his head and is worn under his tunic.


Dark (rogue)


Sword of Fate (looks like the Master Sword only black and crimson, is indestructible), Crimson Mist (allows him to disappear when he wishes to leave), Black Gauntlets (gives him higher strength to lift heavy objects), Black Chain Linked Mail (adds to his defense).


He is extremely powerful, very fast, and an all-around excellent physical fighter.


Is unable to use magic, is extremely arrogant, refuses to accept help from others as he thinks it to be a sign of weakness.


Vimaruc originated 4000 years ago in a war fought by the gods. His weapon, when forged, had the ability to kill a God. He was created from purest of evil and none that has been, is, or ever will be, can ever match his evil. He was originally used by the God of death to destroy the others, however he turned on his master, destroying him then running rampant through all lands until he was banished to a Nether-realm by a council of Gods. Most of his powers were stripped, most notably his ability to use magic. However he is still far more powerful than an average person.
2000 years later a high sorcerer known only as Moradok Rhíkhen discovered the texts concerning Vimaruc. Using his extensive knowledge of magic he prepared a spell that should bring Vimaruc back from the Nether-realm and do his bidding. Unfortunately, Moradok died before his work on the spell was finished. 400 years afterwards, explorers discovered Moradok's work, and they gave it to an experienced wizard known as Tahj Mdakk for experimentation. Tahj looked it over and managed to complete the spell, but his power was not great enough to summon Vimaruc forth at the time as he had become feeble in his old age. Therefore Tahj fired into a void created as his last spell. It would take the summon to a powerful magic user at an unknown time in an unknown place.