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Player Name: Link64Gogetta

Character Info:


Seishi Ma


Hylian (possibly part demon)




6' 3", 163 lbs (+ 100lbs armour), 27 years old. Wears golden, enchanted armour over a black fighting gi. Has brown hair that turns silver when casting spells.




Long sword (similar to the Master Sword except with a red hilt, the diamond is replaced by a silver triangle, and the engraving on the blade is the symbol of the light medal), Hylian shield. Sometimes uses a strange blade that absorbs health from wizards, but has little effect on others.

Note on armor: His armor mainly consists of a chest piece that extends to his shoulders, forearm and shin guards. Its total weight is about 100 lbs, but Piccaro got use to the extreme load by using his magic to fly during most fights. it has the ability to reflect magic, shooting back any spell that hits it back at the caster (his head, upper legs and arms are still vulnerable to pinpoint with aimed spells). Unfortunately it keeps allies from casting heal and power up spells on Seishi Ma unless he reverses the armor or the reflect wears off ( it lasts about 15 minutes and takes 10 to recharge itself).


High speed, strong, a good swordsman, an excellent fighter.

Can do sword beams, and low level magic, including some psychic abilities, enhancing his speed and jumping ability, as well as Nayru's Love and Farore's Wind. Is capable in multiple hand to hand fighting styles and techniques.

When in one of his dark rages, he can use various magic spells, such as lightning, fire, and ice attacks, Din's Fire, shield, life, and power up.


Poor aim at a long distance, is slowed down by his armour a bit. Is vulnerable to magic without his armour.

Although he can use more powerful magic when he is in a dark rage, he is unable to control it, making him potentially dangerous to allies.


Seishi Ma was found as a baby in front of the door of time. A young Hylian couple adopted him and raised him. His father taught him his warrior skills and his mother taught him of magic and the legends of the goddesses and the Triforce. The great war started when he was about 17, both he and his father went out to fight while his mother stayed home to watch his newborn brother. During a climatic battle, his father was mortally wounded. With his last breath he told his son the truth, that he was adopted, and that an evil energy that flows inside of him appears when he is enraged, and that he must learn to harness and control it. His father then died. Picking up his father's sword (the one that looks like the master sword), he flew into a tremendous rage, killing all he saw. During this time, his mind blacked out. After he awoke to find every one in the fight dead on all sides, the last thing he remembered was his father's words, and a feeling of extreme hatred (this was the first time he had found out about his dark powers). Returning home, he found both his mother and brother missing, he found only a note.

"To the reader of this letter, I have heard of the outcome of the battle ending the life of my husband and son. I have grown ill and have gathered my strength to bring my last son to a safe haven from the war. I will not survive. I write this because deep in my heart I feel Seishi Ma survived the fight, although it would mean he might unknowingly caused the death of the others"

His rage grew once again. He began to float, and he was about to lose control but calmed himself down.
He gathered his things, and some provisions. Then left Hyrule to learn new skills, improve his old ones, and control his darkness.

Ten years later he has returned home, only to find new greater evils to fight.

He usually fights alone, and doesn't get too close to anyone in fear that his rage may once again cost him everything.

Ever since he returned to Hyrule, he has searched for his younger brother. Unfortunately his only leads are that he is a 10 year old full blooded Hylian orphan.