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Player Name: utrecht21

Character Info:


General Bombchu






1kg in weight, 1/2 a foot tall, one foot long. 38 years old.


neutral (whatever suits the Bombchus best)


Fuse to detonate, hard shell to protect him from going off early.


Can easily break open walls, boulders, cracks and give a big bang to hurt those standing too close. Also has a very smooth body with fast speeds.


Tends to take a while to go off, or go off too early, if the fuse is the wrong length. Also has a mind of its own.


What are Bombchus? Those are the special little mice who have a cradle for gunpowder and are very slick and speedy. They were created by the Gorons, who thought that filling up a mouse with powder and then releasing it would make a big display. And indeed that's what happened. But something else happened as well...
Sometimes a Bombchu would get away.. sneak out and escape the fate that awaited them. They went out in the fields and mountains to search for protection. What they found to suit them best was the shells from hardhat beetles! Off course they made the shape a little bit slicker in their secret workshop..
In the years to follow, lots of them escaped the Gorons and found their way to the secret hideout, and with that the army rose. They needed a leader. And that leader is GENERAL BOMBCHU, the one who's the hardest, has the longest fuse, but can't run very fast anymore since the great mountain war of 1971. He lost one of his feet back then by standing too close to an explosion. But nevertheless he serves his Bombchus, guiding them with advice and tactics on how to handle things. The Bombchus only tend to do something if we get better of it. Now you're probably thinking, "What was that great war about then?" Well that was the Bombchus' retribution against the Gorons for all those years they were blown up without a cause. They won the battle, but with a great loss! Nowadays the Bombchus live in peace with the Gorons. They do stuff for them, like blasting new lavaways, and they create more Bombchus with improved kindness towards them. They also are the only people who know the location of the secret Bombchu workshop and hideout..

In this new story we will see what we are going to do? And if ya ever need us bring some powder and shells to the Goron elder and he'll contact us or even tell you the location of our hideout, that is if you bring enough powder and shells with ya!