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Player Name: TheBladeRoden

Character Info:








6'1", 195 lbs, 26 years old. Wears a scientist's coat in Terminian form. Basically a Garo with a human-like figure in Garo form.




Wears a transformational Garo mask.


Speed, misdirection, defence, jumping, surprise. Magical abilities include teleportation, invisibility (Lens of Truth counters this), various fire spells.


Energy, attack recovery, gives up easily.


Kinslyth attended Termina University with Pamela's father (we'll call him Pete). They were both studying for a Ph.D. in paraphysiology. Unfortunately, in Zelda worlds only one person per occupation is allowed and Kinslyth didn't quite make the cut. Pete got his honorary doctorate while Kinslyth was stuck with a lousy degree in veterinary medicine. He became obsessed with revenge but Dr. Pete went to study abroad and Kinslyth knew not where.

One day he was giving illegal performance enhancers to the Gorman brothers' horses. He noticed a strange looking mask in the Gorman brothers' shack. It was the Garo's mask. They told him how useless it was except as cheap disguise, but they were passing it off as a powerful transformation mask that was rumoured to exist elsewhere. They planned on giving it as a prize to any poor sucker that challenged them to a race.

Kinslyth didn't like the scam they were planning to pull so one night he stole the mask and their best horse. They saw him and started to give chase. Trying to avoid them, he jumped over a fence that was too tall for he weaker horses. This path lead to Ikana Canyon. He finally managed to get his horse to stop by a stream. He fell asleep while still wearing the Garo's mask. That night he dreamt of voices from beyond the grave pleading for help.

The next day he walked along the stream and started to hear carousel music. In the distance he saw the music house. Out in front was none other than Dr. Pete and his daughter Pamela. Thoughts of revenge started to fill him again. He decided to put on the Garo's mask and scare him. After he put it on the dead voices filled his head again. A sudden urge came over him to do something even more evil.

He sabotaged Dr. Pete's experiment by setting the water wheel on the music house ablaze. It burned until it fell apart and fell into the stream. The music slowed down to a halt. After a couple of seconds Gibdos, Redeads, Stalfos, Bubbles, Poes, and Garos started to materialize out of nowhere. One Garo jumped in front of Kinslyth. The Garo told him how he ended the repulsive music that entrapped the spirits of the undead within the Stone Tower. Now, with no setbacks, the undead will once again occupy Ikana. As a reward, the Garo gave Kinslyth the legendary transformational Garo's mask, giving him all the skills of the Garo.

Since they have nothing better to do, the undead decided everything living should be undead, too. So Kinslyth started off and thus exacted even more revenge on Dr. Pete by tuning him into a Gibdo. Satisfied with the results they wanted to continue on to Clock Town and eventually Hyrule, with Kinslyth leading the way with his Teminian-Garo connections.