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Player Name: Oni_Link87

Character Info:








When flying, the Sky Ki is enabled, giving him white hair, white eyes, white clothes. When Ice Ki is enabled, light blue hair, chrome eyes, white skin, black clothes.


Dark (technically—he kills people for their lives to sustain his own)




Ice Powers (take any Pokèmon Ice move, and he has it ^_~) Sky powers (namely, Flight)

Extreme physical fitness, excellent at hand-to-hand combat.


Sunlight (it acts like kryptonite).


Short Version:

He knows all about Avarikh (sp). "Inhabited" by a Blessing named Thawt that gives him his Ice and Sky Powers, in addition to advanced strength and stamina when Sky Ki is enabled. That "wave of knowledge" was his resuming full consciousness and control / understanding of his powers.

Long Version:

Two-hundred years ago…

Taden was a messenger of Termina. Though he was only fourteen, he had a reputation as respectable as any other full-grown postman. So devoted was he to his line of work, and more specifically its considerable profits, that he had been promoted to the position of delivering articles to the foreign lands scattered about Termina. This occupation had given Taden strong legs, a vast knowledge of his motherland, and friends of all shapes and sizes.

One cold day, Taden was walking about the newly acquired recreational area christened with the uncreative "North Clock Town". A man in long black robes approached Taden swiftly, and in a hoarse, ominous voice asked him to deliver a small satchel to Snowhead. Taden agreed, and was happy to overcharge the desperate man, justifying it with the reason that going to Snowhead in the middle of winter constituted higher wages.

He made a detour to his West Clock Town home where he acquired the cold-weather wears of his father. Thick, mud-colored boots hid their rims under a thick, gray long-underwear suit that was about four measures to large for Taden. He pulled on an equally ill-fitting black tunic that draped his shoulders and knees, fitting the cloaked man’s parcel in the fat belt. Just as he reached the door with a grin of celebration (he had avoided what was soon to pass), his mother popped out of the kitchen. She insisted upon the addition of forearm-warmers, calf-warmers, and a tophalf-warmer, all of which were the result of her latest sewing mishaps. The first two garments were simple enough, four hollow cylinders of wool that kept the calves and forearms warm. The tophalf-warmer was a wide, gray-brown circle with a hole in the center for the head. It being designed, like the rest of Taden’s attire, for his father, the rag draped over his shoulders and collar, ending under his ribs and biceps.

"Let the Giants bless your heart and soul!" His mother cried as he made his way out the door. He waved quickly and was off without another word.

Taden had been marching into Snowhead for a few hours when a fierce blizzard struck. He found refuge in a small cave under a frozen waterfall, the waterfall aiding in blocking the snow. He sat back against a wall and let a drop of blue fire out of its bottle. Taden’s robes were more than enough to shield the chill of the fire, so he was met only with the soft light.

Suddenly, a thunderous rumble was heard through the rock. A Goron was rolling around the mountain, with absolutely no regard for the risk of an avalanche. Taden jumped out of the cave and around the little waterfall just as it was swallowed up in a torrent of snow and ice. Taden was in quite a predicament. The light was gone and he couldn’t read his map.

"Hello?" He shouted over the winds. But he could hardly hear himself, much less a response. Gorons didn’t have much for ears anyway.

And so, Taden began to walk. After falling for about the ninth time, he wanted to fall asleep. But Taden had been trained to know that that meant death, o he kept on walking. He couldn’t see much through the darkness, and couldn’t hear much over the wind. He couldn’t feel much over the cold, and sat down to tie a roll of cloth from his nose to his neck. He tied the rest into makeshift gloves, and then stood back up to trudge on.

That’s when he hit the ice. Taden crashed through a sheet of ice that had smothered a freezing lake. It was sudden and frightening at first, but as he drifted into the thick darkness he felt a miserable numbing that made his sense terribly slow. Taden was falling slowly, his eyes…he thought they might be starting to die. He couldn’t feel them, but the rest of his body was temporarily maintained by his thick clothing and hair.

Taden was suddenly still. Taden could feel his eyes, despite the absence of their sight, begin to close. His fists that had never even tried to swim begin to open. He was breathing again, ignoring the fact that he was underwater. Taden could feel the water seeming to press in on him, and he knew it was freezing. He just didn’t have enough brain left to feel his bones crushing, his muscles dying, his eyes solidifying.

Suddenly, Taden was alive again! The unbelievably tremendous pain was with him for a moment, but then disappeared as his entire form lit up. It was as if the cold and wind and pain had simply halted, leaving Taden suspended in darkness. He lifted his arm, and found that he couldn’t. So he hadn’t been taken from the ice, he had simply…what? Was he dead? Was death this painless and…conscious? Was he supposed to glow this brightly, or at all? Suddenly, his light focused into an orb. It was right over the creepy old man’s satchel, and it suddenly freed itself from that connection and floated in front of Taden’s possibly dead nose. It was a little ball of white light, with long, white, feathered wings, two long ones on the top, and two short ones on the bottom. Taden tried to speak, but his mouth was unwillingly frozen and numb. Despite this, the little ball of light answered his question.

"No, I am not a Fairy. I am a Blessing." She said. Then, answering his next unspoken question, she said, "I was once a Fairy, but began the metamorphosis when your mother blessed you. Then I was complete when you died." Taden was shocked to hear this, and in the past tense! "I am meant, as your mother’s blessing instructs, to protect your Heart and Soul. Such is how your body and consciousness have maintained their connection, despite your demise." Taden was surprised to find a feasible scientific explanation arise from such a crude religious nicety. "Now, young Taden, I come with bad news. I am to bless your Heart and Soul. You have died, and I have honored my calling by reviving your Heart and Soul. But I cannot restore the bond between the two, and you are to remain motionless until such time as you can establish the connection and extract yourself from this most unfortunate grave."

And with that, the little fairy entered Taden through the stomach, never to return.

Present Day…

A small dove lands on a plain of snow surrounded by short Snowhead Mountains on all sides. Suddenly, the bird was caught within the instant grasp of a thick hand. As its feathers exploded from its body, cracks radiated from the wrist of the deathtrap. These cracks echoed away from the hand until there was a perfect, jagged spider web across the plain of snow. It held this design for the slightest moment, and then erupted into a tornado of downward spiraling boulders of white. They tumbled down the vast column of emptiness, one of the chunks bearing the hand grasping the bird’s lifeless body.

Then, there was silence. A dark figure lifted out of the icy pit, dropping the dove out of its right hand. It floated over to the rim of the pit, and landed outside of it. It slowly, patiently walked away from Snowhead, leaving the dove’s body, but not its life, there. Taden stared at Termina Field through cold, black eyes. He stretched out his arm, and moved it to point the limp wrist at a lumbering Dodongo. Night was fast approaching, but Taden was upon the fat reptile before it could climb into its underground labyrinth. It tried to rotate and blast Taden with its flame, but Taden had blasted his own stiff hand into its hide before it had it the chance. The Dodongo fell lifeless, and Taden felt the smallest glimmer of strength flow through his awakening veins. He looked up to the sky, and for the first time consciously lifted himself into the air. He did not know where the ability to do this had arisen, and only knew that he had performed this task in his subconscious in order to exit the forsaken Snowhead. As he lifted into the twilight, he felt something like heat or pain as the sun beat its rays upon him. He stretched his hands out in front of him, and watched as a thick, cold cloud of fog emanated from the small ring of energy surrounding his hands. As the sun set, a wolf howled in the distance, and Taden dispelled the cloud he had created. He turned towards Clock Town, now considerably larger than the last time he had laid eyes upon, whenever that was, and was flying towards it suddenly. Taden realised the surprise of this speed, but did not feel it. He felt void of emotion. He looked down, and saw that, amazingly, Termina Field was covered in a frost in his wake! The trees were suddenly white with snow, and the ground a bluish gray with ice. He soared over the walls of Clock Town, and landed above the Clock Tower.

Taden could see but one figure hurrying about the South Clock Town streets, which should have been alive with activity this early in the night. He descended upon the figure, and somehow managed to recognise it as the old man who had given him the satchel that contained that Blessing.

"Thawt served her purpose, then. And so did your mother, judging by the Sky and Ice skills. Your Blessing of Heart and Soul became a Blessing of a more appropriate manner. Your Heart, more correctly your body, became the Ice of below you. Your Soul, more correctly your mind, became the Sky above you. It has been two centuries, Taden. All of Clock Town has been deserted for a recent incident in the Clock Tower, which I suggest you investigate." And with that, the cloaked, ancient figure was gone. Just as he disappeared, Taden felt a wave of knowledge strike him. Ganondorf…Link…Zelda…Triforce…Nayru…Hyrule…all of these terms suddenly made perfect sense to Taden. This man, it would seem, was preparing him for something. But what?

Taden took the advice, willfully or not, and entered the Clock Tower. As he entered, an odd feeling overcame him. It was not heat, but still some physical discomfort. Taden wondered if he would feel heat, if the Ice mastery the man had explained had relieved him of that worldly complication. He continued down the dank, green sewers of the Clock Tower until he came upon a large, twirling portal. He edged nearer to the portal, and was suddenly sucked in!

Taden woke up…in Hyrule Castle Town.