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Player Name: Darklink486

Character Info:




Sheikah or Hylian (not definite)




6'2", roughly 150-170lbs. Age is unknown, looks to be anywhere between 35-60. Hard to be more specific due to his ever cloaked body and face. Wears loose fitted pants that are the colour of the sky once the sun is gone, but before full blackness, with intricate designs running down the sides. Dark green shirt with long sleeves, and worn brown boots. If you were able to see the shirt and examine it closer, you would find that it has baggy sleeves, with cuffs that have a faint gold trim on them. He wears it tucked into his pants, with all tie/buttons open, revealing a black shirt, and a strange medallion. Most of this is hidden by his dark forest green hooded cloak, which shrouds his face in shadow.




Dagger with green gem in the hilt, twisted dirk (these are for melee combat). On his back is a magic staff. It is clearly a kind of wood adorned by crystals which are empty during the day, but fill with the light of the moon at night. He also carries a pouch of healing potions, poisons, smoke bombs, and an assortment of nasty things that he likes to use in combat. The medallion that is chained around his neck is worn close to his heart. No apparent uses for it (magic or otherwise).


Incredible speed and endurance. He is a traveller and will brave any terrain or climate for almost any time necessary. He is strong in most magic spells. He is very intelligent and will use tricks (mostly magical, although they are not limited to magic) often in battle or to get himself out of trouble. Good magic defence.


Low health. Weak physical attacks. No friends to back him up. Poor defence against physical attacks.


Dinael is in fact a Sheikah. He comes from a royal line of Sheikah who still treasure the Sheikah heritage before they were servants of the royal family. When he was young, his parents were murdered by fellow Sheikah because they had been planning a revolution of the more pure people of the shadow. Dinael received a scar running sideways just below his right eye, from a man who cut him to get him out of the way. Dinael was too young at this point to understand the motives behind their murder, all he understood was that the Sheikah hated his parents and took them away from him. Dinael ran away to the mountains, where he met a Sorcerer who lived with his daughter in isolation. The mother had apparently left or something. Dinael was taken in, and raised by the sorcerer alongside his daughter Shayenne. Dinael was taught combat, magic, woodlore, and other skills. Dinael grew quickly in magic power, while Shayenne was more of a sword fighter. One day, Shayenne decided she would have to go off and look for her mother. It would be an adventure. Dinael agreed to go along. Shayenne's father tried to stop them, but it was in vain. The only clue they had was that Shayenne's father had spent the years surrounding her birth in Hyrule Castle Town, and Kakariko doing odd jobs. The two journeyed long to Kakariko. On the way, they met a strange Hylian man who offered to guide them. He claimed to know all paths to anywhere. They agreed to his company somewhat reluctantly, and continued on. One night, Dinael awoke abrubtly, hearing a scream: Shayenne. The guide had her up against the edge of steep drop from the rocks above their camp site. Dinael drew a dagger, and threw it as fast as he could up at the guide. Too late. The man pushed Shayenne over the edge, and she fell to her death. The man ran off, and Dinael never saw him again. Dinael went to his friend's lifeless body and cried. He was only ten at this point. Dinael took her medallion, which she had worn since the day he had met her. Dinael did not continue to Kakariko, or go back to the sorcerors home. He went deeper into the woods. Deeper. He joined a band of forest gypsies. They seemed like Hylians, only they dressed like the Elves of the Kokiri forest. Dinael lived with them for some time, learning their craft, and practicing his own skills. These were people who rejected civilization and the kingdom of Hyrule. He was taught their values at the same time his own values began to take shape. He didn't hate Hyrule the way they did. He had a fear and distrust of civilisation and people who lived in it. Weren't the civilised ones those that killed his parents? Was the man who killed Shayenne not a civilised Hylian? He began to wear a green cloak with a hood that put most of his face in shadow. One day, he told his few friends that it was time he left. The gypsies gave him a new dark green shirt, and flowing dark blue pants with gold designs running down the side. He had no purpose. He simply wandered. He knew how to live off the land, so at most times he did just that. Sometimes he would hang out near villages. One night he saw a man sneak into a woman's house and try to rape her. When that wasn't going so well, the man made as if he was going to attack her. Dinael rushed into the house and killed the man. He loved it. He had fixed something, and showed this man who had the power. That became Dinael's occupation. He camped out near villages and killed any who tried to put force on others. It became an obsession. As he became more possessed with this, he felt more and more empty. People hated him. They were scared of him and his power. They didn't want him around unless they were actually in trouble. Dinael didn't realise until then that all along he really did want people to like him, but it seemed people and civilisation had hated him throughout his entire life. Everyone hated him. The Godesses hated him. During the imprisoning war, Dinael never joined huge battles, instead, he snuck into camps and killed individuals in one on one combat. It didn't matter which side he killed. He hated the military and it's people. He hated Ganondorf for wanting absolute power to control people and twist the land. He killed in rage, always feeling the medallion heavy at his heart. His soul was tortured and lost. He himself was lost. Any time he talked he oozed with hatred for himself. He was perfectly aware of how pathetic he was. Dinael wandered on...