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Player Name: JuanFF2000

Character Info:




Sheikah (adopted)




160 lb, 6'3", in his 20's in dog yearswink.gif. A bizarre amalgam between various feline creatures and canines, he mostly reflects a cross between a hyena and a man, wearing only leather-like black pants. Has clawed fists and feet, and a huge mane that stores extra items and weapons.




Endless Hookshot chain (Hookshot sans hook) used as a whip and to swing from.


Good at hand-to-hand fighting and close-range attacks, physically strong, but not dramatically so, has enhanced senses (like a cat or dog), can jump quite high.


Susceptible to long-range attacks. Has difficulty with any high-tech weaponry. Was a weakness for fried chicken.


Hyena's past is a mystery to even himself. He woke up one day in the hills near Death Mountain and wandered off, unsure of what to do but guided by innate animal instincts (redundant, eh?).

Eventually he wandered near Hyrule castle, where he was caught and escorted to the king as a dangerous threat. His natural innocence and charisma (animal magnetism?) won the king over, who offered to hire him as a secret bodyguard for the rest of the royal family besides the princess, who was already closely watched by Impa.

His closest friend and coworker is Impa, whose race of the Shiekah he has adopted as his own until he finds out where exactly he came from. He tries to be the noble one wherever he goes, but is sometimes overshadowed, which works since he's supposed to be as discreet as possible. He fits in easily on a team, but tends to be a loner more often.

The best lead he has for where he came from and where he fits in is an ancient Shiekah legend similar to the Hylian "Hero of Time". Every 500 years or so, according to the story, a wild-man comes out of the fields to protect the scattered races of Hyrule against the ills and evils of the world. If this wild-man's appearance overlaps with the latest Hero of Time's adventure, he's meant to aid him or her as much as he can.

Of course, none of the traditional stories and legends are backed up by evidence, though startling coincidences and events have begun to be set in motion...