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wogz (Enna)


Player Name: BabyYoshi2k

Character Info:








185lbs, can change his height. Has wings.




Rope, staff, Holy Sabre.


Because of the time he had to perfect his Light techniques, he is especially adept at Holy magiks. His Light spells have double the strength against Dark. He is also stronger than most all mortals, and an average swordsman to boot. His Holy Cross technique is a lot like Gokuís Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z, because itís his signature move, and itís his strongest. He is known as the best healer in all of Hyrule because of the power and skill of his Heal technique. He can perform Holy Cross Spell, Force Bubble Spell, and Heal spell, and he can fly.


His only and main weakness is any dark blade (any blade wielded by Dark) will, with a scratch turn him evil. This is a good thing for Darkness, and serious disadvantage for Light. When he is dark, his wings steadily turn darker, and darker, and all the power of his Light spells, turn to dark spells, and his awesome heal turns to raise the dead. The only way to change him back is for a powerful Light healer (canít be neutral) to heal him.


He was created with the beginning of Dark and Light. He was Light, and his arch-rival/lover/troublemaker is Dark. The both love each other, but because they are on opposite sides, there are hilarious results. Leviar is known as a healer across the world and Realms, and a protector for all thatís good. There are many legends of him leading a fight against overwhelming evil. All good respect and hold him in honor. But his Dark side (when scratched by a Dark blade) is equally well known. Nicknamed "Lightís Bane" he charges with an army of Undead and Demons against all good. He is known as one of the most destructive forces in the Realms. Unfortunately when he changes back, he doesnít know what has happened, or what he's done. Yet, he does know about his weakness, so he always has powerful healers around when he fights.