Welcome to the basketball fiction zone. This joint's just the catchall for any fiction I wrote that was based in any way on the WNBA. General disclaimer: if I knew these people, I wouldn't be stupid enough to write about them; if I owned anything related to the WNBA, I wouldn't be relying on a free Angelfire site.


F/F- what you're probably here for
The Clubhouse- where everyone is happy and gay
OMGWTF boys!


Gen- It doesn't explicitly have homoerotic content, but that doesn't mean it's not there, just that it's not the thrust of the story.

Ticket to Heaven: Why would the best young player in the game wish for any other life?
Symbolism and Memory (four years gone): They won't forget. Not tonight.
Watch and Learn: Lessons taught to a point guard. Implied slash, but nothing happens onscreen.

Bizarro fic has moved to Shared Space, so if you're yearning for it, it's there.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Breakfast: In which the Liberty live together and attempt to enjoy breakfast.
A Sticky Situation: Becky chews gum and Crystal can be absentminded. This isn't going to end well.
Tough Cookie: It's not that Debbie hadn't heard the pun before…
Finding Cannoli: Diana’s got a craving. We all know how that ends up. You can probably guess who Anna's in bed with; you just don't want to.
The one where Lindsay is held hostage
The one where Swin threatens people with a shoe
The one where Crystal and Vickie have a secret
The Wizard of Storrs: UConn meets The Wizard of Oz. Pure insanity written for Rob and Crystal for Christmas. Various UConn pairings, but they're mostly beside the point.
A Day at the Beach: It starts with two blondes in bikinis and goes downhill from there. It also implies Sales/Battle, but that's all it does.
Preaching to the Choir: Theology, dirty minds, and in the end, a very good reason not to leave a Lady Vol in the same room with a Commodore.
When Fangirls Attack: Katie and Brooke discover that being just friends has its… disadvantages. Written for the wtf27 prompt "fuck or die".

WNBAIM: So one day I was reading the crazy boys at The Dugout, and it occurred to me that there were some very punnable names and easy jokes in the WNBA. WNBAIM was born.

God Finds Katie and Shanna: In which Katie Feenstra and Shanna Zolman hear the word of God. Er, sorta. Feenstra/Zolman.
Protected By The Lo-Jack Anti-Theft System: In which Yolanda Griffith attempts to repossess a car and Lauren Jackson objects.
Planets Too Close To the Sun: In which Cappie Pondexter, Penny Taylor, and Diana Taurasi must survive the perils of Planet Reed.
Evil Genie: In which Taj McWilliams-Franklin has to learn to be careful what she wishes for.
Lost In Lotto Dreams: In which the Phoenix Mercury win the 2007 draft lottery and Becky Hammon is not amused.
Transposition: In which Asjha Jones, Vickie Johnson, Becky Hammon, Cathrine Kraayeveld, Ticha Penicheiro, and Katie Gearlds vent some frustration.
LOLtrade: In which Bill Laimbeer attempts to get rid of Kara Braxton.
LOLeckspanshun: In which the Atlanta Dream are welcomed into the league.

Los Angeles Jackie: Jackie Stiles is a Los Angeles Spark. This results in strange things, told in brief drabbles. "Conversion" is definitely the first one, and "Sacrifice" the last one, but the others can be read in any order after that.

Conversion: In which Jackie arrives.
Astronomy Lesson: In which Jackie meets Lisa.
Hi: In which Jackie meets Latasha.
Wrangle: In which Jackie meets Nicky.
Fresh Air: In which Jackie sees an old friend.
Sacrifice: In which Jackie does something for the good of the team.

The Zombieverse: I get inspiration from all sorts of sources, even if I shouldn't. General series warning for language and gore. Lots of gore.

Dead City: Alana has work to do in Washington.
With Great Power: Catch can't take it anymore.
Shock: Physical health is not an indicator of mental health. Be warned: Pee-Wee has… trouble recognizing Katie's status among the undead and reacts accordingly.
What's In Your Head: If the Liberty had time to think about it, they'd be wondering why they didn't notice their coach was among the ranks of the undead earlier.

Go: Time to get out of town.
Doesn't Say: Amazing how much isn't said.
Little Death: Janel tries to work off some adrenaline with Cathrine. It… doesn't go well.
Stitches In Time: Time to gather together.
Atlantic Coast: When everything else is gone, the rivalry's the only thing to hold on to.
Blaze of G(l)ory: If Deanna's gonna go down, it's not gonna happen without a fight.
Mark The Place: In the aftermath, something needs to be done with the dead.
Between Seasons: New York City was never the proper place for a kid from the farm.
The End Is The Beginning: Erin and Shay have time to ponder. A good place to stop if you want to pretend this universe has a happy ending.
Wake: In the aftermath, players gather and tell stories, for good or for ill.

Just Wondering: A rather savage parody of the WNBA. Originally conceived as what would be the league after a strike, it's metamorposed into something strange and bizarre. Also rather alternate universe at the moment. The chapter order is random. Basically, they're listed in the order I thought of them, except for Houston. Houston needed to come at the end. It goes across: 1,2,3,4, then down to 5 and onward.

Weirdness with teams
New York Charlotte Los Angeles Utah
Phoenix Miami Washington Minnesota
Cleveland Indiana Detroit Seattle
Sacramento Orlando Portland Houston


Weirdness with players
Tina and Lisa Adrienne Tari and Becky Ticha
Rushia Jackie Margo Murriel
Katie Dawn Chamique Sue and Pee-Wee
Lauren and Tammy Lisa The Fab Four Stacey


The Nameless AU: Who needs names when you have epithets? Though it contains homoerotic overtones, this AU is not explicitly slash.

Fantasy Tale for the Modern Reader: In a sunny, agricultural northern land, good must defeat evil.
From Fire, From Ashes: The sole survivor of a disastrous fall seeks a perilous path to the east, aided by uncanny allies.
The Hornet's Nest: Foul betrayal tests an ancient oath.
Into the West All things must come to an end.
Fire Rising: The time has come to throw the invading raiders out of the desert land.


Keep Trucking: To be honest, this is crack based on the disturbing resemblance between Teresa Weatherspoon and Loree Moore, and Glenn's continual references to Loree as Spoon's regeneration.


Slash: This is probably what you're here for. Please note that some of the more… ridiculously gay groupings have been spun off onto their own pages, which are linked below.


Four Ways Candace Parker Will Never Get Lucky And One That She Might: A "five things" set, but that's the only tie among the stories, which are listed in reverse order of the team's odds of winning the draft lottery. All contain sex, some more explicit than others; please note that this set served as a chance to experiment both with kinks and Parker characterization, so she might not seem consistent.
      Washington- Blaze: Parker/Beard; slight bondage
      Houston- Deuces Wild: Parker/Snow; hatesex
      Chicago- Two Of A Kind: Parker/Dupree
      Minnesota- Aces Over Threes: Harding/Parker/Augustus; voyeurism/exhibitionism
      Los Angeles- Big Dog: Thomas/Parker; public sex
Ruby Shoes: There's no place like home. A Janel/Lindsay. Early summer 2004.
A Small Difficulty: Janel suffers a back injury of a bizarre nature. Inspired by Slovydal of the Board Junkies.
untitled: Lindsay Whalen/Janel McCarville, September 2005; written for femslash100's socks prompt and remainder challenge; mild bondage
Tutorial: Young players always fuck it up. Anderson/Brunson, hopefully just a one-off.
Playing the Game: She sees all and hears all, but never tells. Anderson/Brunson, written for the sslyricwheel foreign challenge, only I kinda missed half the point, curse it.
Fair Shake: It's not easy getting out of Cleveland. Merlakia Jones/Michelle Edwards.
Tied Up in a Bow: Once again, Ticha walks in on something no woman should ever see. DeMya Walker/Lisa Leslie. Yes, as a matter of fact, this is crack.
The Ache: Shannon is stuck at the dentist's office. Sorta Pee-Wee Johnson/Katie Smith, futurefic. Emi's Fic-mas present.
Blue Skies: Brooke has separation anxiety. Stacey tries to help. Various and sundry pairings, spring 2006.
Spring Dreams: She slept, she dreams, she will regret. Douglas/Wyckoff, shameless pr0n.
Pole Dancing: The Sun get a bit drunk and a bit silly. Horrible punning ensues. Eventual, light Erin Phillips/Laura Summerton.
Uneasy Peace: Three short introspective pieces, each about an Erin. Phillips/Summerton, Derevjanik/Summerton; Thorn/Sharp, Thorn/Moore; Buescher/Christensen, Mann/Christensen.
Names the Point Guards Know: They're both Nikki, and neither of them is Nikki, and that's just the start of what binds them together. Blue/Teasley.
Mark: Lauren attempts to bag herself a Monarch. Jackson/Penicheiro, written for "LJ Does The WNBA", 2006. Smutty in bits.
Cheap Airplane Sex: Inspired by the second go-round of the 12 characters meme, so it is very much crack. Alana Beard/Lindsay Whalen. Rated R for language, attempted sex, and people in their underwear no one wants to see in their underwear.
ESPN Or Something: Diana thinks Sue doesn't see. Sue's going to make Diana notice. Taurasi/Beard, Bird/Whalen, implied Bird/Taurasi, implied Beard/Whalen.
Four Things That Might Happen To The Charlotte Sting (And One That Never Did): Written before the announcement of the Sting's dispersal, a look at four different scenarios and one past moment through a homoerotic lens. Helen Darling/Kelly Mazzante, Tamika Whitmore/Tangela Smith, Janel McCarville/Lindsay Whalen, Sheri Sam/Lauren Jackson, Lisa Leslie/Dawn Staley.
Roamer: It’s only perfect in one place. At its heart, this story is pretty damn smutty.
Net of Shadows: Only they understand. To reveal the pairing gives away part of the story, but let's just say Rob wanted Stanford v-ball slash.
Play Misty for Me: Kerri can’t find the words, so she uses someone else’s. May/Walsh.
The Game of Love: They don't know when it started. Swin Cash/Ruth Riley.
Permanent Mistake: Diana gets entangled with the brains of the Storm operation. Based off a sludge bunny from Keegan that, despite all efforts, wouldn't go away until written.
Lifestyle Choices: Diana and Katie Feenstra have a... spirited discussion. A slightly warped offshoot of Keegan's sludge bunny.
I'm sorry. I can't title this. It's a cute and fuzzy scene with a loving couple doing squee-worthy things on a Central Park bench in the dead of winter. The problem is that the loving couple is Lin Dunn and Margo Dydek. So if you want to go flame Board Junkie jammer, go right ahead.
All-Star Chaos: Having Swin do the planning and relying on gossip are bad ideas. Lots o' pairings abound.
Three Point Play: Diana gets surprised. Taurasi/Beard/Whalen. Shameless smut.
No Bad Blood: It's hard to keep up a relationship when you can't stand your lover. Sue/Diana, implied Strother/Wolff.
Things Change: Ann might be a rookie, but she's not a freshman anymore. Diana has missed the memo.
Tradition: Huskies don't forget. 2006, Bird/Turner, past Bird/Taurasi, past Battle/Turner.
Can't Stay/Can't Go: Diana wants Sue back. Sue's not as open to the suggestion.


Attack of the Puckish Plot Bunny: Sherri and Stacey take in a hockey game. Or at least Stacey does.
untitled: Helen Darling/Kelly Mazzante, 2006
untitled: Shannon Johnson/Vickie Johnson, 2006
untitled: Elaine Powell/Deanna Nolan, July 2006
untitled: Ticha Penicheiro/Yolanda Griffith, 2006
untitled: Alana Beard/Crystal Robinson, Beard/Diana Taurasi implied, June 2006
LJ Does the WNBA, New York: Becky Hammon/Lauren Jackson, July 2006; written for "LJ Does the WNBA"
untitled: Laurie Koehn/Megan Mahoney, 2006 playoffs; written for femslash100's homesickness prompt and remainder challenge; also posted to drabble tag for sexonastick
Beige: Kristin Haynie/Kara Lawson, early 2006
Telling the Beads: Sue Bird/Diana Taurasi, fall 2006; written for femslash100's faith prompt
untitled: Tamika Williams/Asjha Jones, October 2006; written for femslash100's costume prompt and remainder challenge
untitled: Alana Beard/Nikki Blue, fall 2006; written for femslash100's blue prompt and remainder challenge
untitled: K.B. Sharp/Erin Thorn, June 2006; written for femslash100's blue prompt and remainder challenge
untitled: Sue Bird/Diana Taurasi, 2004; written for femslash100's greed prompt and remainder challenge
untitled: Swin Cash/Ruth Riley, 2005; written for femslash100's envy prompt and remainder challenge
untitled: Rebecca Lobo/Sue Wicks, 2003; written for femslash100's sloth prompt and remainder challenge
untitled: pretty much all pairings UConn, looking back over the last fifteen years; written for femslash100's boys and pride prompts and remainder challenge
untitled: Brooke Wyckoff/Jen Derevjanik, 2006 playoffs; written for femslash100's touch prompt and remainder challenge
untitled: Ashley Battle/Barbara Turner, 2006; written for femslash100's mirror prompt


Clubhouse of Horrors: Very bad things happen at Lefty's Clubhouse, with a cast of guest stars Sportscenter could only hope for. Only the first chapter is linked on this main page.

Clicky me!

Ladies' Night Out: The girls take over the Clubhouse. Contains spoilers for Triangle.

Homecoming: Someone finally makes her way to the Clubhouse.
Shifting Sands: New Year's Eve at the Clubhouse. There are guys and girls in this one too.
Uncertain Times: New Year's Eve, 2003. Things are always changing when the year changes. Guys and girls both. Featured pairings: Aussie!Lurve, Roger Clemens/Andy Pettitte *hearts Jen*, Mia/Brandi; also much of the gen-ness.
Starting the Ending: New Year’s Eve, 2004, at the Hotel California in San Francisco. Some stories have come to an end. Some of them are just beginning. And some of them are the same stories. Boys and girls of basketball variety, plus girls of the soccer variety and boys of the hockey variety.
Tramps Like Us: New Year's Eve '05 at the Clubhouse. Things have changed for the Sacramento Monarchs- especially for their two franchise players. Griffith/Penicheiro. Meg's Fic-mas present.
Last Call: New Year's Eve 2006. At the Hotel California, Tom and Greg have a talk about this thing they have.


Stay In The Night: Jen learns to feel comfortable in the Clubhouse with women she has something in common with. Early 2007.


33-Off: Buddy glod forgive me...

Idiocy: Kenyon does something very stupid.

champagne inna face!: Xavier lets some things slip his mind. David Wright/Xavier Nady.
Defensive Alliance: Sometimes, well-placed gossip can be a baller's best friend. Chauncey Billups/Richard Hamilton, Swin Cash/Ruth Riley.


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