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A Nice Boy Like Me (NSYNC/BSB) - What's a nice boy like Justin doing in a place like this? (Slash)

A Part Of Yesterday (NKOTB) - Lara had one magic summer with Jordan Knight when she was 17...nine years later she has nothing to show for it but his twin son and daughter. When he dances back into her life, will she take him back with open arms, or is it one of his bandmates that she is meant to be with?

A Perfect View (NSYNC) - Justin sees a new side of Chris. (Slash)

Action (NSYNC) - This is for the love lists challenge. I took #8, " Germany, Chris and Lance "perform" for Joey's camera." (Slash)

Again (NSYNC) - Julie and Chris broke up...but she still loves him.

All I Want For Christmas Is You (NSYNC) - JC finds his Christmas gift in a stranger.

All In The Family (BSB/Aaron Carter) - Nick and Lara have been growing further apart with every passing day. Sparks fly between Lara and Nick's eighteen-year-old brother, Aaron, who is just back from two years in Europe. Can the marriage be saved?

Alone Again (BSB) - His fiancée is away and all his friends have someone. Brian's lonely. He goes to bed alone...but when he wakes up he's not.

An Idea (NSYNC) - Young Justin and Young Lance have no idea where their friendship is headed... (Slash)

And It Started Again(BSB) - Lara is back in Nick's life. Can he forgive all the lies and the pain she caused him?

And The Winner Is(NSYNC) - JC is the real winner at the VMAs (Slash)

Any Time, Any Place (NSYNC) - It doesn't matter who's watching...Lara and JC want each other.

Anywhere But Here (NSYNC) - When Cate catches Justin cheating on her, she wants to get as far away as possible. Where will that lead her?

Aquaman (BSB) - Kelley opens her door to find a stranger in need of all the assistance she can give him...and she gives it to him.

As Sure As I’m Standing Here (NSYNC) - Lance has always looked out for Justin, and that hasn't changed. (Slash)

Attitude Adjustment (BSB) - AJ's been playing around with the mind of Nick's girlfriend. How does Nick get his revenge? (Slash)

Baby It’s Cold Outside (BSB) - Lisa and Lara have a special birthday party for AJ. As the snow falls, so do his inhibitions...

Band Of Brother (BSB) - One by one the Backstreet Boys are dying. Is it accidental, or is someone killing them off?

Banter (NSYNC) - What started out as a survey ends up a challenge.

Because Of Love (NSYNC) - A chance meeting in a supermarket gives Michelle more than she could have dreamed of.

Because … Yes (NSYNC) - Yes - Chris tells exactly why he loves JC. (Slash)

Believe (NSYNC) - Based on the Dixie Chicks song "I Believe in Love."

Being Neighborly (NSYNC) - It's a hot day in Florida, and Amanda has a run in with her new neighbor...suddenly the temperature gets steamy and it has nothing to do with the weather...

Best Friends (BSB) - Brian approaches Lara about a threesome with her husband, Nick. Nick says he's not really interested, but a single night can change someone's mind...

Between A Rock And A Hard Place (BSB) - Four girls spend their vacation in a luxurious suite at the Hotel Hershey. A mishap on a stairwell leads to a vacation none of them will ever forget.

Birthday Dreams (Aaron Carter) - It's Aaron's birthday...will his dream come true?

Black #1 (BSB) - Dreams of faceless monsters...midnight trysts with a vampire...daytime love with a Backstreet Boy...which life will Lara choose?

Blue Christmas (NSYNC) - JC hates everything about Christmas, until he gets the best gift of all. (Slash)

Branded By Ambition (NSYNC) - Justin notices nothing but himself, until an angelic voice catches his attention (Slash)

Break (BSB) - Kevin's at the breaking point

Brotherly Love (BSB/NSYNC) - This story is set in an all-gay fraternity house. (Slash/AU)

Burning Both Ends Of The Night (Aaron Carter) - Aaron goes away to work for the summer and ends up learning more from his employer then he ever dreamed.

Camp Somewhere (NSYNC) - 14 year old Lance and 17 year old JC meet at summer camp. Do sparks fly, or are they too different? (Slash)

Change (BSB) - Howie wonders if he's worth all the adoration.

Change Partners (NSYNC) - Chris is ready to break in on the dance.

Child (NSYNC) - Justin takes care of Chris the way Chris has always taken care of him. (Slash)

Christmas Cheer (NSYNC) - Tammi feels like a third wheel on a Christmas trip to NYC.

Come Again (BSB) - A stranger helps AJ to help himself.

Comfortable (NSYNC) - JC misses his comfortable relationship with Justin. (Slash)

Coming Home (NSYNC) - Only one thing could bring Lance home from Russia...and it wasn't lack of funds. (Slash)

Clock Of The Heart (BSB) - Five girls agree to a scientific experiment. They are sent back in time and meet five handsome young men who bear a striking resemblance to a "boy band" of the present.

Conflict Of Interest (BSB) - AJ and Kevin find out something about Nick that changes the way they ALL feel about each will they work it out? (Slash)

Crazy For You (NSYNC) - Lance has to spend time in a hospital to deal with personal problems. Could he possibly find love there? (Slash)

Crossed Lines (NSYNC) - Lance meets a beautiful boy on the train and doesn't get his name or number. His friend JC meets a gorgeous boy on a college campus...what happens when they realize it's the same person? (Slash)

Crowded (NSYNC) - Lara meets JC Chasez at a club...can he make her forget the man she lost?

Dance Up On Me (NSYNC) - Lance gets instruction from Wade (Slash)

Dark (NSYNC) - Lance sacrifices himself for the one he loves best (Slash)

Desert Rose (NSYNC) - Lance gets a job as a handyman at a Nevada house of prostitution. When someone makes a special request of him, will he be able to deliver? (AU/Slash)

Direct Deposit (BSB) - Lisa makes the huge decision to use a sperm bank to get pregnant. When she meets one of the future donors, however, the bank is no longer necessary.

Dirrty (NSYNC) - Contribution to the October Chaotic Bliss Fan Fiction challenge!

Dizzy (NSYNC) - Sequel to Crazy For You (Slash)

Do Me Like That (NSYNC) - Chris decides to stop letting JC do him like that. (Slash)

Don’t Stand So Close To Me (Aaron Carter) - Kira's trying her best to ignore the attraction she feels to one of her students. What will she do when she runs into him and his attractive brother while on vacation?

Don’t Think I’m Not (NSYNC) - JC thinks Justin's safely at home while he's out playing...but he's wrong. (Slash)

Duet (NSYNC) - Chris wants Justin to break up with Britney, but it looks like someone else has a better plan to make Chris happy. (Slash)

Escape (BSB) - It's Brian's birthday and he's looking for something new. When he finds it, he's pleasantly surprised.

Everyday Life (NSYNC) - Justin finds out if he can live an everyday life.

Extra Extra (NSYNC) - Julie finds out that her boss Chris Kirkpatrick isn't the jerk she thinks he is.

Face The Music (BSB) - Nick happens upon a fanfiction page and finds out that his wife's stories aren't always about him.

Fade (BSB) - The dreams Brian has are fading away.

Father Time (NSYNC) - A young man enters Chris' deli one stormy night, and ends up changing his life. (Slash)

Feathers (BSB) - Brian shows AJ he's not the angel everyone thinks he is. (Slash)

Friendly Fire (BSB) - Nick and Kevin show Lara how much fun it can be to share with a friend.

Funky Big Band (NSYNC) - Two young singers try to make it big at the Bronx Lounge.

Gett Off (NSYNC) - Justin helps Lance get over his bad attitude.

Getting His Money’s Worth (NSYNC) - Chris birthday story. Chris sets out to seduce a bank teller, but he is the one who ends up getting played.

Going Down (BSB) - A meeting with the judge regarding a traffic accident turns interesting after Lara is stuck in the elevator with the man who hit her: AJ McLean

Gone (NSYNC) - Contribution to the January Chaotic Bliss Fan Fiction challenge!

Good Medicine (NSYNC) - JC was just being helpful in the kitchen.

Green (NSYNC) - The grass isn't always greener on the other careful what you wish for... (Slash … implied)

Happy Birthday Blonde (BSB) - Two girls are asked by four of the Backstreet Boys to be Nick's Special birthday surprise...what happens next?

Happy Birthday Blonde II (NSYNC) - It’s Lance’s birthday and Justin buys his a surprise, see what happens when Lance opens the door to find Lara.

Haunted (BSB) - Something happens to Nick and Kevin is the only one who can help him through the nightmare. (Slash)

Hello (BSB) - Kevin watches Corinne every day outside his apartment. When her daughter accidentally brings them together, will he have the nerve to tell her how he feels?

Holler (NSYNC) - Happy birthday JC!

Hoppy Birthday (NSYNC) - It's Lance's birthday and the guys take him out....

Hot Nights (BSB/NKOTB) - Calissandra's dreams are about to come true when Jordan Knight invites her up to his hotel. What she finds is something more then even her dreams could create.

How Did I Fall In Love With You? (BSB/NSYNC) - Nick and Justin find out that friendship can turn into so much more. (Slash)

I Do (NKOTB) - Katie has it bad for Jordan, and she'll do ANYTHING to get him to notice her. However, there's someone waiting in the shadows who desperately wants her. Can she realize who the real man for her is?

I Don’t Have To Wonder (NSYNC) - Contribution to the September Chaotic Bliss Fan Fiction challenge!

I Want To Be Your Underwear (NSYNC) - A set of 10 pairings based on the Bryan Adams song "I Just Wanna Be Your Underwear." (Slash)

If (NSYNC) - "If I was your girl, oh the things I'd do to you..."

If She Would’ve Been Faithful (NSYNC) - It's Chris' birthday and he's visiting the past. It's amazing how something can seem life-ending, but instead gives you something new to live for.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (NSYNC) - Justin finds a way home for Christmas. (Slash)

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (BSB) - Melissa lies awake at night...wondering about Brian. Does he remember her? Does he miss her? Does he ever think about her or their child?

Invisible Man (NSYNC) - I wish you'd look at me that way... (Slash)

It’s Been Awhile (BSB) - Nick finds a few hours of peace of mind at a roadside diner.

It’s Not The Girls (NSYNC) - Lance tries to prove to JC that it's not the girls that he wants. (Slash)

Just Another New Year’s Eve (NSYNC) - Someone shows Lance that the next year will be a good one.

Just Between Friends (BSB) - It's Nick's birthday and he goes out with the guys. He and Brian share some time afterwards that may ruin their friendship forever. (Slash)

Just Like Magic (NSYNC) - A blind date turns into more than Stef could have dreamed.

Knowing (NSYNC) - Contribution to the August Chaotic Bliss Fan Fiction challenge!

Last Stop (NSYNC) - Based on the Elton John song "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore"

Learning To Live Again (BSB) - Nick and Lara convince Kevin to go on a blind date with Lara's friend, Stef. Kevin's been burned recently...can he learn to live again?

LeHigh Hill (NSYNC) - A NYSNC version of “Notting Hill”. (AU/Slash)

Life’s Like This (NSYNC) - I see the way you’re acting like you’re somebody else, gets me frustrated…life’s like this…you fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into honesty…and promise me I’m never gonna find you fake it

Lisa’s Birthday (BSB) - It's Lisa's birthday and she is swept away for a romantic encounter in the woods. But does she really want to be seduced by the ones who have taken her?

Living In Sin (NSYNC) - Lara loves Lance. Lara lives with Lance. Ari loves Lance. Lance asks Ari to move in with him and Lara. Who ends up with whom?

Love For Sale (NSYNC) - Justin works at night...with a different customer every time. (Slash)

Love Lost (NSYNC) - Two lovers say goodbye as one of them gets married. (Slash)

Love To The Highest Bidder (98*/NSYNC) - A piece of Nick Lachey's clothing is on ebay, and he's shocked to find out who has won it... (Slash)

Lover’s Cross (NSYNC) - Lance's birthday turns sour.

Lucky (BSB) - She really is Lucky...she has everything...fortune, fame, and finally the man of her dreams...but can the new love they've found endure?

Making Waves (BSB) - Coral has everything she could possibly great boyfriend...why does a new blond friend keep catching her eye?

Marshmallow World (NSYNC) - JC and Lance find love in the snow. (Slash)

Masquerade (NSYNC) - Another challenge story, where Joey finds out who his secret admirer is. (Slash)

Master And Servant (NSYNC) - JC and Chris have an odd relationship...but who is the master and who is the servant? (Slash)

May The Best Man Win (NSYNC) - Justin and JC get into a battle over Lance. (Slash)

Me, Myself & I (BSB) - Howie's all alone on his birthday...what could he possibly do to make the memory a pleasant one?

Memories (BSB) - He's the man of her dreams...but a one night stand is enough to change her life.

Menagerie (NSYNC) - A silly game turns into real life for Justin. (Slash)

Merry Christmas Darling (NSYNC) - JC will move mountains to get to Lance for Christmas. (Slash)

My All (NSYNC/BSB) - This was written for the June challenge on my own list, ficwritersrus. The requirements were as follows...for the slash story, it had to refer to a phobia or fear, refer to an Olympic sport, use the phrase "Were you dropped on your head as a child?", and use lyrics from a song from either NSYNC's Celebrity, or BSB's Millennium CD. I used "Gone." Also, the lyrics are from Mariah Carey's "My All." (Slash)

My Way Or The Highway (BSB) - Warning!!! Gangbang Smut!!! (Slash)

Never Say Never (NSYNC) - Based on the song "That Girl Will Never Be Mine" (Slash)

No More Tears (BSB) - Nick and Mandy break up and he seems to swirl further and further into self-destruction. Can Lara and AJ save him from himself?

No Second Chances (BSB) - Lisa loves Kevin and sticks with him no matter what, even when his writing becomes more important in his life than she is. Will she stick it out through thick and thin?

Not Too Much Too Ask (NKOTB) - Lara is just coming out of an emotionally abusive relationship when she meets Jordan Knight. She falls hard for him, but can she deal with the fact that he will be away all the time? And what about her friend Kat and Joe McIntyre? When they come together it's like gasoline and a match...

#1 Crush (NSYNC) - Lance and Justin's side of the story...companion story to "Pretty Piece of Flesh" (Slash)

Oblivious (BSB) - Nick finds that love has been right in front of him all along.

On The Line (NSYNC) - Lance puts it all on the line for JC (Slash)

On The Table (NSYNC) - Justin and Lance put their relationship on the table when they involve someone else. (Slash)

One Last Fling (NSYNC) - The girls decide to have a little more fun before things start to turn serious.

One More Time (BSB) - Nick isn't the wonderful man everyone thinks he is...

Oops I Did It Again (BSB/NSYNC) - Lance is sweet and all, but Ari is looking for something new and exciting. AJ loves Lara, but needs something more than his naive girlfriend can give him.

Open Your Heart (NSYNC) - A horrible accident has made Lara want to hide from the world. Can Justin give her a reason to live again...and make her trust once more?

Out Of The Shadows (NSYNC) - Joey and Lance are in an accident. One of them dies, the other has amnesia. Justin loves the man he can't will they all survive? (Slash)

Outside (NSYNC) - JC finds a way to shut out the pain...even if it hurts someone else. (Slash)

Over The Hill (NSYNC) - Sequel to LeHigh Hill (AU/Slash)

Overprotected (NSYNC/BSB) - Nick and Justin both need to get away, but in finding themselves, they find each other. (Slash)

Paradise (BSB) - An onlooker in the bushes makes Nick's birthday unforgettable...

Passion (BSB) - "Music and passion were always the fashion..."

People Miss Planes (BSB) - Stef is fed up with the way her three year marriage is turning out and decides that now is a good time to leave, but can she go through with it?

Pining (NSYNC) - Lance and JC are together...but for one weekend they bring someone else into their relationship. (Slash)

Power Of Love (BSB) - Amanda, Ari, Kelley, Lara, and Shae have extraordinary powers that make them feel like outsiders. Brought together by Kayla, a mysterious stranger, they are trained for special assignments...unfortunately, five performers are brought together to thwart their every move. Unfortunately, the five girls and the five guys fall in love...which sends everyone's plans into a tailspin.

Pretty Piece Of Flesh (NSYNC) - JC is lonely...but he finds out that the love he's been searching for has been there all along. (Slash)

Private Dancer (NSYNC) - Lara is marrying Lance Bass and a surprise gift turns up at the bachelorette party. Who sent the exotic dancer...and who will give him the tip of his life?

Proper (NSYNC/BSB) - JC Chasez and AJ McLean meet at an event...and sparks fly between them in a way neither could have imagined. (Slash)

P.S. I Love You (NSYNC) - Cindy's husband and Lara's fiancé are off at war. Letters from home are the only way to keep in touch. Will Lance and Joshua make it home safe?

Pure Animal Sex (NSYNC/BSB) - Joey takes Chris up on a dare that turns into something more. (Slash)

Push (NSYNC) - Justin pushes JC too far. (Slash)

Rain Or Shine (NSYNC) - Sequel to Rainbow Beach (Slash/AU)

Rainbow Beach (NSYNC) - This is no ordinary day at the beach! (Slash/AU)

Reality (NSYNC) - Someone makes Joey face reality. (Slash)

Reunion (NSYNC) - The sequel to Overprotected (Slash)

Right As Rain (NSYNC) - Lance Bass/Brian from Queer as Folk Crossover story (Slash)

Room At The Top (NSYNC) - Lance needs help pleasing his boyfriend...but will turning to his best friend ruin it all? (Slash)

Room Service (BSB) - Lara sneaks into a hotel and poses as a room service attendant in order to get into Nick Carter's room...the service she receives from him is something she'll never forget!

Rumble (BSB/NSYNC) - Lara falls for Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, but their romance is hindered by the fact that she's the sister of NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick.

Savior (NSYNC) - Lance loves Justin so much he'll do anything to take care of him. But who ends up saving who? (Slash)

Say Goodbye (NSYNC) - Joey and Lara are friends, but can they forget their friendship for one night?

Season’s Greetings (NSYNC) - Chris plays Santa for his friends. (Slash)

Sexetary Not Included (NSYNC) - JC finds someone who makes him realize that he's no longer the person he once was.

Shameless (NSYNC) - Lance has kept a secret that could ruin everything he has dreamed of. Now that the secret is out...can he ever earn back the love of the one he loves the most? (Slash)

She’s Gonna Make It (BSB) - Howie left Kelley for freedom. Why is that now that he's free, she's doing better than ever and he's only miserable?

Smiley Face (NSYNC) - Lance regrets a break up. (Slash)

Snowed In (NSYNC) - Joey finds a way to spend the time when he's snowed in.

Somewhere In The Night (NSYNC) - When Chris Kirkpatrick finds his long lost best friend on the streets of New York, he is ecstatic. But what will he do when she doesn't recognize him, and, worse yet, doesn't remember him?

Somewhere That's Green (NSYNC) - It’s Chris’ birthday and his wife has a present for him.

Sound Of Music (NSYNC) - It takes something big to bring Justin back to the man he used to be... (Slash)

Sound Of Silence(NSYNC) - Lance doesn't talk. Josh has a secret. Can they find safety and a voice with each other? (Slash)

Sound Off (BSB) - An internet conversation with Lara's boyfriend's best friend turns hot when the sound gets turned on.

Speechless (NSYNC) - When he's with JC, Justin is speechless. (Slash)

Split Personality (BSB) - One of the Boys isn't the person everyone thinks he is....

Standing Outside The Fire (NSYNC) - A dreadful accident makes Lara only want to die. Can a special angel she can't see make her come back to the land of the living?

State Of Shock(NSYNC) - Lance's welcome shocks Lara...and the friend he's enlisted to help her shocks her even more.

Statement Of Love(NSYNC) - Where a kiss is more than just a kiss... (Slash)

Stay The Night(NSYNC) - JC wants Lance to stay the night. (Slash)

Stereo (NSYNC) - JC's acting weird and Joey finds out why. (Slash)

Still (NSYNC) - "And world stood still...I couldn't move and all I could feel was this aching in my heart, saying I loved him still..."

Sugar (NSYNC) - JC's diary about the person he wants most. (Slash)

Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice (NSYNC/BSB) - Where Justin's the sugar, Nick is the spice and Lance is everything nice. (Slash)

10,000 Promises (BSB) - Silver Mulholland, a romance writer, is convinced by her manager to do a tell all trash book on the Backstreet Boys. The only problem is she begins to care for them all, and has to try to decide between her career and her heart.

Thankfully Yours(NSYNC) - Chris and JC have had a fight. Can they make up in time to give thanks for each other? (Slash)

That’s The Way Love Goes (NSYNC) - "Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire..." (Slash)

That’s What He Said (BSB) - There are people who say what they really mean, Nick said he’d always be there…he said he’d always care…but just when you think that you can trust that someone in love…

The Apartment (NSYNC) - College students JC and Justin need a place to live, and they find the answer to their problem in an ad Lance puts in the paper. (Slash)

The Body That Loves You (NSYNC) - It's JC's birthday, and Lance is determined to mend the rips in their relationship. (Slash)

The Call (BSB) - One of her friends found out that she wasn't my only one...

The Great Outdoors (NSYNC) - It's Lance's birthday and everyone goes horseback riding & camping. Secrets come out in the Great Outdoors. (Slash)

The Hat (NSYNC) - It's amazing what effect one piece of clothing can have on your friends... (Slash)

The One (NSYNC) - Justin yearns to show Lance that HE'S the one who could love him best. (Slash)

The Penthouse (NSYNC) - The sequel to the Apartment. (Slash)

The Quest (NSYNC) - Justin wakes up to see JC in a whole different light Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings (Slash/AU)

The Secret Of Christmas (NSYNC) - Lance has to change his ways, or he'll lose what's most important to him. (Slash)

The Wind (BSB) - Howie and Kayla shared a night of passion years ago. Now he's back...should she tell him her secret?

This Ain’t Tennessee (NSYNC) - Justin has a girlfriend and a beautiful home in California...what keeps calling him back to Tennessee?

This Is Where The Party’s At (NSYNC) - Everyone deserts JC on his birthday. Then he gets into an accident. When he meets the girl behind the wheel, however, his terrible birthday suddenly takes a turn for the better.

This One’s For You (NSYNC) - The one song JC hates to sing is the one that brings his love back again. (Slash)

This Time (NSYNC) - Lara puts a stop to the way Justin's been treating her.

Throb (NSYNC) - It's been a long day at the Pop video shoot...Justin and Lance go back to the hotel to unwind. (Slash)

Ticket To Paradise (BSB) - All signs point to the fact that Howie is cheating on Kelley. Can he explain it...and can they make up?

Too Much Information (BSB/NSYNC) - Lara, her boyfriend Nick and her best friend Lance play a game of Too Much Information...the secrets they reveal create an afternoon they'll never forget.

TRL (BSB) - Lara has to sit in the hotel room and watch Nick on TRL. What happens when he gets back to the suite?

Triple Deuce(NSYNC) - Lance and Justin are blissfully happy together...but the thought of their bandmate sets sparks flying. (Slash)

True Love (NSYNC) - Loosely based on Moulin Rouge, but with a twist (Slash/AU)

Unashamed (NSYNC) - The sequel to Shameless (Slash)

Uninvited (NKOTB) - An uninvited guest sits in on every one of Andrea's practices. Why does he watch her?

Unreal (BSB) - An innocent email conversation with a friend finds AJ, Lara and her boyfriend Nick in a situation beyond their wildest dreams.

Up Up And Away (NSYNC) - Someone's unhappy about Lance's trip into space. (Slash)

Very Cool (NSYNC) - Chris convinces Lance to open his heart... (Slash)

Video Killed The Radio Star (BSB) - Kevin sees something in a dirty movie that changes all their lives...

Wading (NSYNC) - Chris thinks Wade sucks. (Slash)

Weekend In New England (NSYNC) - When will I hold you again?

Wet (BSB) - Kevin and Lisa celebrate in the shower

What Are Friends For? (NSYNC) - Justin asks JC and Chris to teach him...but THEY'RE the ones who aren't ready for it. (Slash)

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (NSYNC) - Chris tries to find the courage to ask Tammi what her plans are.

What I Can’t Say (NSYNC) - There's a lot JC can't say...until he finds someone to talk to. (Slash)

What Would Happen? (NSYNC) - Shelley finds herself drawn to Justin even as she is celebrating her engagement to Lance. What would happen if they...

What You Like (NSYNC/BSB) - This is for the little challenge at It has to be a crossover, and it has to involve summer somehow. (Slash)

What’ll I Do (NSYNC) - Joey gives Chris an the thought of life without the man he loves enough for Chris to tell the truth? (Slash)

Where Are You Now? (NSYNC) - Becky wonders where JC is...and if she'll ever get him back.

Which One Of Them? (BSB) - AJ's miserable since Lara broke up with him. He keeps trying to replace her...will he ever find someone to take her place in his heart?

Who Am I? (NSYNC) - A friendly game of questions and answers brings out Lance's true feelings for a bandmate. (Slash)

Why Don’t You See The Show Again? (BSB) - Brian, Howie, Kevin and Nick are on tour as the four remaining Backstreet Boys. Each of them is lonely...each is wishing for something more in their lives. Are the four women in the front row the answer to their prayers?

You Don’t Have To Be Alone (NSYNC) - JC and Lance realize that being alone is not the way to be at Christmas. (Slash)

You Made Me Love You (NSYNC) - It's Justin's birthday and he's fallen in love with his best friend, Lara. It's Justin's birthday, and Lara has fallen in love with him. How can they tell each other the truth without ruining their friendship?

You Want This (NSYNC) - "I know how bad you want this..."

Your Girlfriend’s Back (NSYNC) - Justin gets what he asks for from JC (Slash)

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