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With the hiatus seeming to never end I have come up with a challenge.


Write a story, your fantasy if you will, of the end of the hiatus.  We all know what they have been doing.  What they are doing now, but what finally gets them back in the studio together?  Will it take until Brianha is in college? (I hope not!)  What’s the true story behind the hiatus?  Do we really know?


Rules are simple, either post the story to your own web site or I can host it here.  Just send it to me in word format.  Due date is October 24th.  Please email me if you are planning on participating so that I know that people are interested.


Also, format of the story does not matter. (i.e. slash or het.) It just has to be NSYNC based. Since the challenge is dealing with their hiatus.





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Updated 09.19.04