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100s of years old Saguaro Cactus

Morning Stiffness

I spied this Saguaro Cactus, in an unguarded moment, in the AM hours, strutting its stuff on the streets of the Town of Paradise Valley.

Modern Art House

Here is a home which I'm sure was all the rage, in the 1960's, with it's really strange 'art-piece' out front and its unique porthole front door. I'm no architectural critic, but in my opinion the house still looks good. The massive structures on the mountain in the background are actually more than one half mile distant.
Harkin's casa

Movie Man

While out and about attempting to track down the home of that former Phoenix Suns wife-beater ("former Sun" but, probably still beats his deserving wife) and illiterate, Jason Kidd, I ran across the home of this far shorter and better behaved Valley celebrity.
PV residence under construction

Metal Studs

Continuing to track down the whereabouts of the French fry addicted Jason Kidd, I came across this residence under construction. What caught my jaundiced eye was the fact that when this home is completed, it will appear to be an old style adobe and lumber constructed structure, while in reality its construction encompasses the most modern building techniques known to undocumented Mexican National laborers.
Shad on couch


Shadrach still doesn't understand that since he literally ate the last couch, an $8,000 leather version, he is no longer allowed up on any couch. (I'll always remember the time I had to delicately pull a large guage upholstery thread out of his ass.) However, one evening I left the room only to return to find the seventy five pound Tyson-strong Bulldog staring defiantly at me. The unusual glowing you see in Shadrach's eyes are proof that he is possessed by some sort of 'Angel' or 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' type demon.
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