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When Everything Was Black & White


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Roswell New Mexico 12-25-47

Roswell, New Mexico

In the old days there were no U-Haul trailers or many motels and hotels were unaffordable. My mother took this picture in December of 1947 of my oldest brother and my father (note cool hat) outside of the trailer they lived in and moved in from Wisconsin while on their way to Arizona.
East Bellview Phoenix Arizona Home


The first memories of Mr.Wonderful were brewed within this modest home on East Belleview Street during the early 1950s in Phoenix, Arizona. Notice the four door Studebaker in the driveway. The carport shade was constructed by my father. My father installed a car burglar alarm, which he designed, in his next Studebaker. But because he forgot to turn it on one night, the car was stolen by a felon fleeing from the prison in Florence, Arizona and then driven back to my father's home state of Wisconsin.
1940s Kaiser Automobile

The Kaiser

My oldest brother leans on the hood of my father's Kaiser automobile. I'd guess this photo was taken in Goodyear, Arizona in 1949 (look closely at the license plate.)
Two Wheeling in the Arizona Desert

Two Wheeling !

One of my visitors told me this car is a Kaiser, so be it. My father loved the Arizona desert. At the time this photo was taken, 1947?, this area could have been anywhere north of Thomas Road in Phoenix, Arizona.
Two Sahuaro's, One Desoto.

Desert Kaiser

Another photo of my father's car shown, I'm sure, to demonstrate exactly how large the desert Saguaro cacti are. (From newspaper ads of the time, this car, as ugly as it is, cost only $900 to $1,100 new!)
Elaine & Sahuaro Cactus

Mommy & Mother of a Cactus

This is my mother, in a 1950 photo standing as near as she dare to a huge Sahuaro cactus that most likely first burst through the Sonoran Desert soil in the early 1800s!
Sedona Arizona 1962

Sedona, Arizona 1962

This photo from 1962 shows about the only buildings at that time in Sedona, Arizona. Sandra C., my third grade heart-throb and her family had moved to Sedona, Arizona and my father was nice enough to endure the three hour trek to visit them. A short time later, Sandra's father missed a turn in his two passenger car and perished. (Note that this photo was taken before, in an effort to draw more tourists, all the cliffs around Sedona were painted red.)

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