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Insane Traffic Circle

Crop Circle in Ashpalt

Mr. Wonderful came upon this oddity while traveling the backroads of Northeast Phoenix, Arizona.
As of early March 2001, this atrocity has apparently been dismantled and returned to the City of Phoenix equipment yard.
Traffic Circle Sign

Traffic Circle Sign Hypnotizes

Look how the City of Phoenix has spent your tax dollars. Isn't this a beautiful waste of metal?
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How Citizen Socialists Live

I took this photo as an example of how Bill, Hillary, Gore and Nader would have us all live. Conserves space, building materials and any choice at all!
Explosive Gas Prices

Regular, Premium & Power Plus

Prices of gasoline outside 'Danny's Mexico' on Tatum Boulevard in April of 2000. Although these prices are still below (non-inflation adjusted) gasoline prices of the 1970's, many drivers still threatened a boycott.
An Arizona Church

The Neil Frisby Cathedral

In the 1960's, the Neil Frisby Cathedral (where Stargate producers conceived of their spaceship) stood alone in the desert, miles from anything. Today it is bounded by a Fred Myer's to the east and residential housing to the west. Mr. Wonderful was always amazed when after riding his off road motorcycle through the desert this site suddenly appeared.
Jared & MW T-Shirt

Jared the Hermit

Jared, a dear friend and hermit, is shown holding up a 1970's era t-shirt with the photo of your Mr. Wonderful on his racing motorcycle, a VR250 Montesa.
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