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May 2001 Phoenix Arizona gasoline per gallon prices (3.7854 liters)

May 2001 Gasoline Prices

A gas station on the corner of 32nd. Street & Cactus Road displays the per gallon (3.7854 liters) price of gasoline in Phoenix, Arizona. This price may be a few pennies lower than elsewhere because of an Arco (cash only) gas station nearby.
Suburban chats with Gem

Worst Milage vs. 'Best Milage' Vehicles

Speaking of gasoline, here you can see a Chevrolet Suburban 'SUV' which gets absolutely horrible mileage, next to a GEM brand electric car. Of course most people don't realize that the electrical power plant that generated the energy to charge the GEM car burnt many gallons of natural gas while doing so. I'm bracing myself for the first time a Suburban t-bones one of these flimsy electric cars.
1956 Packard

1956 Packard Front View

By Metro Center I caught this dilapidated 1957 Packard automobile. Majestic lines and unabashed use of chrome typified this vehicle.
1956 Packard

Rear View of 1956 Packard

Displaying the fins that adorned all circa 1956/1957 automobiles (even Mercedes Benz) this proud relic sits baking in the 110 degree Arizona sun. This model of Packard holds a special place in my heart, because in 1956, when my father's Studebaker was stolen, the insurance company rented one of these beasts for us to ride in. It was the first car I rode in that had air conditioning! Imagine this, all you weenies who have moved here since refrigeration has become the norm. Imagine from May to October every year, never being able to escape the brutal summer heat. You could not have made it. So quit calling yourselves natives because you've happened to have lived here more than ten years.
Arizona Sunset

Airline Cuts Through Sun Set's Clouds

As the sun sets on another Arizona monsoon season afternoon, a commercial airliner slices through the golden sky.
P.V. Stop Sign

Stop !

In the Town of Paradise Valley, on the corner of Northern Avenue and 68th Street, I spotted yet another one of these decals of this Elvis-looking dude. If any of my readers know what this is about, could you please email me?
Phoenix P.V.Village Sign

Phoenix Village Sign

Isn't this nice? More Utopian yellow water about how people should live and work within the same government decreed 'community.' Understand, that according to the city fathers, if one lives in the 'Paradise Valley Village' (not to be confused with the Town of Paradise Valley) one should also earn a living within the boundaries of the 'Paradise Valley Village.' This is the same poppycock puke that claims any person who helps assemble any product, from tennis shoes to 747 airliners, should also be able to afford to purchase that product. If this asinine village concept were enforced for the Paradise Valley Village, you'd have a hell of a lot of residents living in $500,000 homes while working for $7.00 an hour at Paradise Valley Mall!
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