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last updated: March 28th, 2001

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Nesbitt Drawing Board

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Mr.Wonderful is often asked, usually during autograph sessions, "Did your nephew actually design this car?" My answer? "Yes, and with major input from me . . . as a matter of fact, it was originally named the MW Cruiser."
Geri, MW's Able Assistant

MW's Helper

Mr.Wonderful discovered Geri at the Scottsdale Nordstrom's, posing as a human mannequin. I offered her gainful employment as my confidential assistant. She accepted. Whenever Mrs.Wonderful is around, Geri becomes, once again, the human mannequin. So far, it has worked out pretty well. Yessss!
See Geri Again Here
Maize Growing From Pine Needles

Corn Growing On MW's Roof !

Camelback Mtn. 6 Miles Distant

Camelback Mountain From MW's Rooftop

Outside of Planet Earth Theatre Building

Planet Earth Theatre sans 'The Homeless'

This is where Mr.Wonderful, last performed the play Approximating Mother. Prior to showtime, he swept the parking lot as the 'homeless' watched through the bottom of their one liter malt liquor jugs. As of October 2000, the theater is scheduled to be demolished.

Arizona Sunset

Ordinary Arizona Sunset

The EPA doesn't understand that these sunsets are caused by the rays of the setting sun reflecting off dust particles in the Arizona atmosphere. These Washington based morons (is that redundant?) can't understand why a city in the middle of the Sonoran Desert has so much dust and such striking sunsets!
(Photo by Mrs.Wonderful)
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