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(Photos taken with cheap camera)


June 2000: Here is a common Arizona dust-storm (a 'haboob') encroaching on Camelback Mountain. I was traveling on Tatum Boulevard heading south.
Black Helicopter Antenna

Cellular Antenna, Not!

What is ignored by the tens of thousands who drive past this monolith on Shea Boulevard in Phoenix is its strange configuration. While some say it is a cellular phone antenna, your Mr.Wonderful believes it to be a nuclear fueled 'Black Helicopter' homing device.
MW & The Gummer

'The Gummer' & Your M.W.

Here you see your own Mr.Wonderful, in his exclusive seats at the criminally financed Bank One Ballpark, seated next to The Gummer. We believe The Gummer to be the son of the world famous Lost Dutchman. However, since The Gummer has no teeth, no one can understand a thing he says to confirm or deny the story.
Bob View

The View From MW's BOB Seats

This is the wonderful view of the playing field of the criminally financed Bank One Ballpark, from the seats of Mr.& Mrs.Wonderful. From here, if I wished, I could conk Jerry Colangelo on the head with a d-cell battery, just as if I were at Shea Stadium.

"Monsoon" Clouds Approach

June "Monsoon" clouds are caught marching on the Valley of the Sun. This photo was snapped heading south on Tatum Boulevard just north of Bell Road in Phoenix.
Puffy Clouds

Puffy Clouds

Puffy clouds are seen hanging in the sky a precursor to a summer storm. Your Mr.Wonderful, as a child, growing up in Phoenix, hoping to actually touch one, sometimes used to chase these clouds on his bicycle. I am still chasing clouds folks.

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