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last updated: April 15, 2000

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Fat Guy Remounts & Scoots

First Photo of Broken H.D.

I was out front of my house, supervising my squad of Japanese gardeners when I noted another broken-down Harley on the corner. By the time I retrieved my camera the rider had remounted and was puttering off.
Broken Down Harley

Harley on Sidewalk

Mr.Wonderful snapped this photo, the second in a series of broken-down Harley photos, as he was shooting the destruction of one of the last vacant lots in North East Phoenix. It is always scary taking photos of Harley drivers due to the fact that often they are escaped criminals. Note: Krispy Kreme sign in background ... yum !
Tweetie vs. Condor

Bird vs. Bird

Brave Tweetie bird attempts to drive curious hawk away from her nest. This photo was taken just north of Tatum and Shea.
Unlawful Merge of Birds

Tweetie Bird Pulling Feathers

The fiesty bird is now so close to the huge hawk that he appears as a glob on his wing.
Traffic Warning Sign

Useless Warning Sign

Isn't this great? Do you understand why government never collects 'enough' money in taxes? This is a miniature traffic advisory sign that, one day, will light up with such messages as, "Fasten Seat Belt," or "Traffic Signal Ahead." The government just spends and spends without a care. Mr.Mayor, Phoenix driver's don't pay attention to traffic signals so why waste money with crap like this? Notice the head of the Camelback Mountain in background.

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