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Squaw Mesa, north of Cavecreek/Carefree Arizona

Snow Covered Squaw Mesa

From the intersection of the Carefree Highway and Cavecreek Road, Squaw Mesa can be seen covered in a rare snow mantel. The word 'squaw' has gotten a bad rap lately from whacko Native-American's lately. I guess things are going so good out there in 'Indian Country' (the reservations) that words are their main concern now.

Camelback Mountain from Afar

On the enlarged photo you will see that this is a photograph of Camelback Mountain. The head of the camel is barely visible far to the right, shrouded by recent rain clouds. It was taken from Tatum Boulevard north of Pinnacle Peak Road.

Happy Cactus

Apparently someone spilled a few tablets of their Viagra prescription at the base of this Sahuaro cactus. Actually the horizontal limb of this water hoarding cactus was caused by freezing weather.

Tatum Boulevard Towers

For decades these towers supporting 280,000 volt electrical lines played their peculiar humming symphonies to the desert flora and fauna. Now, in year 2001, Tatum Boulevard passes underneath them on its winding way to a north Phoenix twenty seven miles from downtown.

Office Space?

To someone not familiar with the absolutely explosive growth Phoenix, Arizona is experiencing, this sign might produce a guffaw. To us Arizona-born natives of five decades ago, it causes a gasp, for by next year, this desert will be blanketed in asphalt pinned down by office buildings.

101 Bridge Construction

Heading south on Tatum Boulevard in the winter of 2001 we come across an unfinished Highway 101 bridge. When completed this 100 mile plus super-highway system will connect the far East Valley towns of Apache Junction and Gilbert with the far West Valley cities of Goodyear and Sun City West, Arizona.

Mayo Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

From new construction near Deer Valley Road and Tatum Boulevard the white tubular facades of the Mayo Hospital Phoenix can be discerned. A short three or four years ago the hospital stood alone in the northern Phoenix desert. This photo was taken from across the street from "Office Space" sign above.

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