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last updated: October 23rd, 2000

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(Photos taken with throw-away camera)


Chrysler PT Cruiser

Mr.Wonderful is often asked, usually during autograph sessions, "Did your nephew really design this car?"
The answer? "Yes."

Classic Lincoln Continental

Ah, that's more like it! This could be the car Mr.Wonderful valet-parked at the exclusive 1965 party of Mr. Kraft, founder of Climate Control. I was the valet and I was fourteen ... oops!
(Quick, you public school brats! How old is Mr.Wonderful today?)
The Shadmeister

"Tile is Cool"

Shadrach the English Bulldog loves to hug
the cool tiles in the TV room.
Vegetables Await Consumption

Vegetables at Albertson's

Vegetables awaiting to be chewed on. For my comrades in Star City, Russia, this is what a real 'grocery store' looks like. The toy animals on the shelf above are 'pinata's' which are paper-mache creations that are hung on a string and busted open by illegal aliens. They are filled with things undocumented workers desire, like Social Security Numbers, Green Cards and Cervaca.


Star City denizens note. Typical grocery store liquor aisle in America, where we have every kind of vodka except potato vodka.

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