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(Photos taken with cheap camera)
Very rare Crown Sahuaro Cactus

King of Saguaros

19th Street, south of Lincoln Drive I found this huge, rare and protected Crown Saguaro cactus. Mrs.Wonderful determined the waves on its surface indicated disease.
Mustard House

Paradise Valley Home

Apparently when one becomes rich, one sometimes loses the sense of color?
PV Home another angle

Paradise Valley Home

Do you think this could be a Heinz heir, reminding everyone
that mustard is also a popular condiment?
The Backyard Fort

Our Fabulous Backyard Fort

My brother and I pose in front of our backyard fort that he mostly built. Hey, those construction guys didn't need those odd lengths of lumber anyway. Life was simpler then. Note the matching flannel shirts we are sporting and the stylish five inch cuff on my brother's Levi's revealing his black leather dress shoes.
Washington Grade School, Phoenix, AZ

1960's Grade School

A photo of my fifth grade schoolmates at the now remodled Washington Grade School. With none of the learning luxuries students have today, your Mr.Wonderful amassed amazing skills at a school whose desks were so old that they still had inkwells! (Kid's ask your grandparents what those were.)
Yellow Bus

1960's School Bus

See MW's friends get off the bus. See Dick and Jane get off the bus. See Dick and Jane at age twelve have more on the ball than today's college freshman. This photo was obviously snapped in the winter months but I recall that the fifteen year old bus did not have any refrigeration for the summer months. Today 'no refrigeration' would be labeled 'child abuse.' Pansies!

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