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William Shatner

Slummin' William Shatner

At an auto show in Phoenix, Arizona in the 1980s, between the Star Trek series and Star Trek the movies, Captain Kirk would do anything to keep gas in the old Winnebago.

Scary Couple

A while back, my daughter gave me a roll of film to develop and being the loving father I am, I got duplicates. When I asked my child if these were friends of her she replied that this scary couple insisted she take their photo.
Bear Creatures

Bear Creatures

A rare photo of Tibetan 'Bear-Creatures' not to be confused with their close relatives the Yeti.
(Or, these could be my brother's two daughters.)
Friendly Cowboys

Friendly Cowboys

People like Arizona because, well, we're friendly.
Here, a real live cowboy dances with his incapacitated pardner.
Civil War Era Thunderbird

The Fabled Thunderbird ?

I've deviated from my usual tradition here by posting a photo not mine. I found this photo, folded in half, in an old Civil War era book. I've had it authenticated by both Art Bell and Miss Cleo.
MW Senior & some family members

MW Senior & Family

This 1950s photo shows my pappy (center, back row) with his parents (center, front) and most of his thirteen brothers and sisters. Good Germans all, you can tell by the lack of smiles. Most of my aunts and uncles are now long dead.
My Mommy Elaine

Mrs. MW Senior

Understand how a person makes a photo much more interesting? This photo of my (Wonderful) Finnish mother, with her carefully braided sixteen year old hair, would hold no interest for you if it weren't for the pristine 'antique' auto in the background. Because, I'd bet, this photo is actually of the car, not my mother. Even as an adult, I thought my parents would live forever . . . they didn't.

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