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(Photos taken with cheap camera)
Phoenix Police Guns Drawn

Police Ambush!

On the corner of 16st Street and Washington, Mr.& Mrs.Wonderful witness Phoenix police confronting a dangerous suspect.
Police beckon to suspect

Police Beckon

When the light turned green, Mrs.Wonderful sped away as a police officer beckons to the suspect with one hand while the other grabs a Glock.
Sport & Red Head

Sport & Girl Friend

Sport has found a new girl friend since he dismantled, porkchop by porkchop, his porcine buddy.
Leda the English Bulldog

When Bulldykes Attack!

Leda the Bulldyke (God rest her soul) attacks an laughter-incapacitated, late 1970s, Mr. Wonderful.
Hose Monster

Hose Monster Devours Building

In a rare photo, Mr. Wonderful caught this huge hose monster sucking up a downtown Phoenix building.
Police Car vs. City Bus

Stalled Bus

A city bus stalls on Tatum Boulevard and Paradise Village Parkway North. So a Phoenix police car attempts to push it. But it cannot, because the car is powered not by a high torque push rod V8, but by a fuel sipping double overhead cam modular V8 engine.

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