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(Photos taken with cheap camera)
Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Yes, Alice Cooper and I attended Cortez High School together during the 1960s. I didn't realize how famous he was until I watched 'Behind the Music' the other day. Alice was a senior, as was my brother, and I was a mere freshman.


Here's a photo of Mr.Wonderful when I was a mere 22 years old. Note the handsome beret I sported, the longish hair I sprouted and the clerical collar on my t-shirt.
Hell's Angel Member

Hell's Angels in Phoenix

Okay, okay the photo isn't clear at all. I had my flash turned on by accident and my windshield ruined the photo. However the actual Hell's Angel member did see the flash and turned around to see who was snapping photos!
Mr.Wonderful & Backpack

Motorcycle Camp Out

Here I am on my Yamaha 250cc motocross motorcycle. The huge backpack contains our tent. And possibly a twelve pack of 'Original Coors.' This was back when a case of Coors on the East Coast would fetch three times what you paid for it in Arizona. But since we weren't planning to ride all the way to New England, the price difference didn't matter.
Paul Logan

Mountain Man Paul Logan

Back in 1973, Paul Logan, a best friend and MW went on a motorcycle ride out by Lake Pleasant. Paul is sitting on my Ossa motorcycle with the faded glory of the Castle Hot Springs Resort behind him.
Dead Gopher

Dead Gopher

Somehow this poor bastard ended up in the front yard of Mr.Wonderful. I say 'poor bastard' because as I was growing up many of my summer mornings were spent with my older brother Pat setting gopher traps in and around the canals where we lived. Why did we trap gophers? Hey, I don't know. We didn't have any bears?

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