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(Photos taken with cheap camera)

Arizona Sunset

Another breathtaking Arizona sunset marks the end of another Fall day in the desert
Red Bull Car

Red Bull Mobile

Sighted outside the newest In & Out restaurant in northeast Scottsdale, I found this car that actually ran on Red Bull.
Scottsdale's first In&Out Restaurant

In & Out Scottsdale

The first In & Out restaurant to open in Scottsdale, Arizona. This photo was taken the second week it was open at around 8:00PM. Note the eager food fans lined up waiting to place their orders for bumper stickers, tee shirts and sometimes hamburgers.
The King?

Elvis Sighting !

At an exclusive party at an exclusive Biltmore address, your Mr. Wonderful snaps a shot of Elvis Presley, shortly before I was clubbed to the ground by his bodyguards.
Rep. John Shadegg with supporters.

John Shadegg

Lest you doubt the influence your Mr. Wonderful wields here is a picture of Arizona Representative John Shadegg in his hotel room on November 7th, 2000.
Shadegg & Cake

John Shadegg Cake

Here Mr.Wonderful was forced into taking a picture of a friggin' cake. You know cake and beer just don't mix.
Lyn Sue Shepard-Cooney

Lyn Sue Cooney

Here the exotic and lovely Lyn Sue Cooney (who married the boss's son) Valley news favorite, glares at Mr.Wonderful from inside one of the GOP celebration halls at the Embassy Suites, 44th Street. Ever since we broke up, she has treated me poorly.

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