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Fog Over Stone Creek-tnfog2001sc.jpg

Stone Creek Fog

Here in late February, we see the reason so many Arizona cars and trucks sport fog lights.
Too bad the status driven dimwits can't use them on the fairways eh?
The Centre-tnfogcentre.jpg

The Centre

And you thought the television series The Pretender was make-believe.
No! For here is a photo of the nefarious 'Centre'.
2002 Escalade-tnesc02.jpg

2002 Cadillac Escalade

In an attempt to keep up with D.L., Mr. Wonderful went shopping for the newest S.U.V. in town.
Morristown's New School-tnmtschnew.jpg

New School for Morristown

Here's Morristown Arizona's newest school is being erected in February of 2001.
Morristown's Two Room School House-tnmtschold.jpg

Morristown's Two Room School

This is the two-room school house that Mrs. Wonderful received her primary education in. If facilities determine education outcomes, the students of the new Morristown School should be extremely educated. But you and I know that outcome is not based on the building, but on the teachers.
Construction Tatum South of Shea-tnconsttatum.jpg

Clinton Construction

Taken from north of the latest shopping center along Tatum Boulevard (on Clinton Avenue). If you look closely in the center right you can see the Albertson's store that Mr.Wonderful prefers. "It's my Albertson's" right!

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