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(Photos 1,2,3,5 Taken From MW's Skyscraper Offices)
Old Spanish Church

Catholic Church

This is an old Catholic Church in downtown Phoenix. I'm working on getting the name of it. Notice the Spanish Architecture.
The Mercado

The Mercado, Governor Killer

The jigsaw shaped building with the towers on the left end in is The Mercado. The allegations of illegal financing of this project lost Arizona the finest governor we ever had. Rather than persecuting the Republican Fife Symington, the fiduciary of the union pension fund that invested $10 million in this one project should have been tried. The slanted building at the top right of the photo is the Arizona Science Museum.
South Side of Camelback Mountain

View Looking North From Downtown Phoenix

This is the world famous Camelback Mountain. Notice how the shape is similar to that of a camel? On the opposite side of the mountain is the actual Town of Paradise Valley where many winter homes of the 'Rich and Famous' are. ( In May of 2000 over 20 homes sold for $1 million or more. These same homes in California would cost a minimum of $2 to $5 million.) These millionaires, to prove they've always lived here, bask in our blazing sun resulting in skin the texture of mahogany parchment only to die later of skin cancer. Many of these transplants, lord over us natives using their well honed "better than thou Big-City" attitudes ... even though every home (except the ones in MW's former project) flushes its toilet into a septic tank.
McDonald Drive Entrance to PV

The Town of Paradise Valley

This sign announces your humble entrance into the Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona. Where, according to the June 2000 issue of Worth magazine, 12,990 citizens have their noses in the air because they live in a home which costs an average of $750,000. (And many of these addresses are second or third homes too.) A most cherished zip code that "85253" is! Many Phoenicians, usually Wal*Mart patrons, insist that they live in the area of the valley known as "Paradise Valley." This "area" has been known to stretch tens of miles from the actual Town of Paradise Valley.
Mockingbird Mitchum Estate

Former Mitchum Estate

This is the former Paradise Valley estate of the ex-wife of the son of the famous actor Robert Mitchum. Built in 1973 and covering over ten acres, this photo demonstrates that apparently, even in the 'old days,' Hollywood actors made plenty of money. (Of course, Mrs. Mitchum's & MW's offspring attended the same tony private school.) Dorothy sold this house in 1999 for $4 million ... paid in all cash, of course.
Phoenix Preparatory Academy

Phoenix Preparatory Academy

This is the huge public school mysteriously named the Phoenix Preparatory Academy located on 7th Street and Van Buren in downtown Phoenix. Several public grade schools dump into this million dollar monster equipped with bullet proof windows, and looking like something out of a peyote inspired dream of Battlestar Galactica. While my daughter performed on stage, your Mr.Wonderful, at 5'10" and 250 pounds was dwarfed by some members of this Middle School's student body. The principal of the school boasted of no gang activity (although I did see one or two uniformed Phoenix Police officers walking the mall.) My daughter later learned there were actually 113 different gangs active at the school.

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