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Eco-Terrorism Strikes PV?

Viewing the large photo of these Mark Moskowitz real estate sale signs stabbed into Mother Earth, note the sign further up the hill that has the phone number spray painted out. Eco-Terrorism?

Hotel Houses

Some of the new houses being built on the side of the same 'mountain.' These people have prospered in America, hopefully all the while abiding the law, and now are determined to look down on the rest of us.

Federal Grand Jury

This is a photo of the courtroom I spent eighteen months serving my duty as a federal grand jury member. The guy standing to the right we all called blue-head. This photo is from the old Phoenix Federal Courthouse on 1st. Avenue and Van Buren.

The Foreman

From among twenty two jurors a foreman was appointed by the feds. We addressed our foreman as 'Sitting Man with Giant Black Box on Shoulders.'

My Grand Jury Chair

Another juror snapped this photo of me sitting in the chair that I marked with my own urine. I needed an aisle seat so I could spread out the numerous books, magazines, newspapers and notepads I carried to court. The man below and to the right was known as Mr. Blur Face.
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